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Identity Protection Rating System

We take great care in reviewing, testing, and rating each and every company we have on our site to provide users with an objective and trustworthy review of any identity theft protection company you may be interested in. We also provide real user reviews and testimonials so you can find insights and personal experience of each company that adds an additional point of view on the service provider.

disclosure: is NOT compensated by any company to guarantee or alter their rating or ranking position. Our proprietary rating system’s are designed to generate objective, unbiased ratings based on the components and quality of each company’s services. In some cases, is compensated by companies reviewed but in no way to impact how ASR rates them.

  • Protection: 24%

    If you’re shopping for identity theft protection services then it’s safe to assume that you are looking first and foremost to be protected. We understand that the most important element of a provider’s service to its customers is the ability to protect their personal information. We’ve given the Protection score the most influence over a company’s overall rating.

  • Price: 15%

    Identity theft protection is not an electric bill, mortgage, car payment, or other expense that is a necessity for day-to-day living. However, it is a service that more and more Americans are realizing is very important due to the ever growing threats to their personal information and one that is worth spending their hard earned cash on. As a result, we’ve given Price a high wieght in our overall rating because it is an important factor that influencers buying decisions when choosing a provider.

  • Member Services: 11%

    The idea of having identity theft protection is to avoid ever having to deal with a situation where your identity is stolen. Unfortunately, it is impossible for any service to protect you from all threats across all networks. Therefore, it’s important that your service provider have highly accessible and effective member services to provide whatever help you may need. We’ve give Member Services a weight of 11% of our overall rating making it an important element but not a total deal breaker.

  • Recovery Guarantee: 9%

    A recovery guarantee is basically an agreement with your provider that in the event of fraud, they’ll help you resolve the problem with a set limit of assistance. It’s common for companies to provide $1 million in recovery services but there are some variations from company to company. We’ve given this factor a weight of 9% because it’s fairly standard across most major provides but important at the same time.

  • Additional Services: 3%

    Let’s face it, if you’re reading reviews on ITPB to find the right provider of identity theft protection it’s unlikely that you’re highly interested in knowing your credit score or having the ability to add on home security. That said, there are some “nice to have” additions to many of our reviewed company’s products and we’ve made those a 3% weighted criteria of our overall rating.

  • Awards & Accolades: 4%

    Achievements in the identity theft protection space are important because it is such a relatively new industry that these accolades help indicate what companies are paving the way in the space. At the same time, a company’s awards and accolades aren’t going to help protect your identity or help resolve your fraud situation if you become a victim, so we’ve given this category a 4% weight.

  • Customer Experience: 14%

    Peer reviews are one of the most influential components when a person is making a buying decision. What does everyone else think? At ITPB, we’re dedicated to compiling the most comprehensive and objectively moderated set of reviews for all of our providers so that you can use that information from other people who have actually purchased and used the products as part of your buying evaluation. We’ve incorporated our User Rating feedback as part of our ITPB rating as a large 14% weighted piece. If customers don’t approve of a provider and score it poorly, that low score will be reflected in their overall ITPB rating.

  • Expert Review: 20%

    We’ve been in the identity theft space for over 10 years and have tested and reviewed all of the companies on our site personally. Our expert review is a culmination of the entire product experience from protection to recovery and everything in-between which aggregates all of the factors into one rating and review. This element makes up 20% of a company’s overall rating.

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