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TrustedID offers identity protection, credit monitoring and privacy reputation management products that safeguard individuals, families and companies. Thier comprehensive suite of identity theft protection reviews and monitors members’ credit, gives alerts when their identity is at risk, offers security in their $1 million insurance, and they allow access to their protection specialists. They offer data breach response solutions for businesses, as well.

In 2013 TrustedID was acquired by Equifax and became part of Equifax Personal Solutions, the company’s direct-to-consumer business unit offering identity theft protection services.

What We Like Trusted ID positives

We like the flat-fee family plan that covers all members of a household including children and the elderly (who are a high risk for identity theft). If you have a large household, this is a great plan for you as many other identity theft protection services will charge an extra fee for each member added to your plan (if they let you add at all).

We also like two particular services that TrustedID provides:

  • With their reputation management services, TrustedID will alert members if content on the Internet could create negative consequences for them in the future.
  • With their opt out services, consumers can opt out of junk and direct mailers, while a 2011 mobile app makes it possible to opt out of advertising mail by taking a picture of the front of the mail, as well.

Their free service when partnered with companies like Dell comes bundled with certain sold computers. And those customers are able to upgrade if they want. Additionally TrustedID is a Suze Orman, celebrity financial advisor, trusted and promoted brand and has an exclusive relationship with AARP. And finally, we like that TrustedID acquired reputable companies Unsubscribe, Reppler and Catalog Choice in the last decade.

What We Don’t Like Trusted ID negatives

TrustedID, Inc is not BBB Accredited.

We aren’t thrilled with the online customer reviews, which are less than glowing as there are countless accounts of bad customer service and erroneous credit card charges.

While TrustedID tracks and monitors members’ personal information like name, social security and credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, they don’t monitor public and criminal records or look for unauthorized loans taken out in their customers’ names.

The Bottom Line

With an excellent family plan, Facebook privacy monitor, free 14-day trial and stellar business services, TrustedID seems to be a solid plan at a reasonable price. They check black market websites where people buy and trade people’s information. However, there are a few downsides. TrustedID doesn’t look for unauthorized loans taken out in your name, public records or criminal records and there are an uncomfortable amount of unhappy online customer reviews.

Click here to see TrustedID’s plans and pricing and to enroll.

How It Works

How TrustedID Works

TrustedID monitors credit, assesses identity theft risks and scans black market sites for stolen information. They offer a $1 million identity theft insurance and 3-bureau credit monitoring in order to help safeguard member identity.

If a member is notified of potential fraud, a live protection agent from TrustedID will help identify the issue and help resolve it.

Individual and Family Protection

  • Identity Threat Score: After scanning millions of public and private databases, TrustedID provides members with their Identity Threat Score, a personal measure which offers a way to gauge the risk of identity theft.
  • $1 Million ID Theft Insurance (underwritten by American International Group): TrustedID backs their service with a $1 million theft insurance to cover out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages and legal defense in the event of identity theft. See website for more information.

Business Protection

  • Data Breach Program: TrustedID offers defense protection services to companies, government agencies and any organization that needs assistance in protecting employees and customers in the event of a data breach. IDAssure is the data breach defense product.
  • Employee Benefit Program: TrustedID assists employees from becoming victims of identity theft by managing the restoration process. IDAssure can be offered as an employee benefit.
Plans & Pricing

TrustedID’s Plans & Pricing

IDEssentials Individual Plan:

  • Free 14-day trial
  • 3-Bureau Credit Report
  • 3-Bureau Credit Score
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Card Number Scanning
  • Social Security Number Scanning
  • Name and Address Scanning
  • Bank Account Number Scanning
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Medical Benefits Review
  • Junk Mail Reduction
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
  • Protection Specialists
  • Facebook Privacy Monitor
  • Annual Subscription $10.42/month, Monthly Subscription $14.99/month

IDEssentials Family Plan:

  • Annual Subscription $20/month, Monthly Subscription $27.99/month
  • Everything included in the Individual Plan
  • 3-Bureau Credit Report (limited to 2 adults)
  • 3-Bureau Credit Score (limited to 2 adults)
  • Plan includes yourself, spouse, parent, child, other relatives in the household

Additional TrustedID Products

ID Assure for Data Breach Defense:

  • Black Market Internet Scanning
  • Free Annual Credit Report
  • Fraud Alert Placement
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
  • Protection and Identity Restoration Specialists
  • Timely Notifications
  • Custom Client Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Notification Services
  • Call For Quote

IDAssure for Employee Benefits Program:

  • Complete IDAssure protection for employees
  • Benefits rollout support, including materials and detailed promotion plan
  • Dedicated account monitoring
  • Website customization for employees
  • Customer service with dedicated email and phone numbers
  • Call for Quote

Other Services Include:

  • Mail-List Removal: Name will be removed from mailing lists.
  • Child ID Protection
  • Early Warning Signs
  • Medical ID Theft Protection
  • Security Freeze
Member Services

TrustedID Customer Service

TrustedID offers 24/7 customer support from their expert Protection Specialists through phone, live chat, email and social media.

Learning Materials

TrustedID hosts a blog with relevant identity theft protection articles along with FAQs and a Knowledge Base of detailed help articles on their website

Cancellation Policy

No cancellation requests will be processed through e-mail. If canceling monthly subscription, the credit card will not be charged for following months (but no money for the current month will be refunded). If annual subscription is cancelled during first 180 days, 50 percent of payment will be refunded; after 180 days, no refund will be issued.

General Support: 1-888-548-7878

More Info

TrustedID History

The business was incorporated in December 2004 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. As of 2013, TrustedID, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Equifax, Inc.

Contact Information:

  • Principal: Scott Mitic (CEO)
  • Brian Minns (Dir. of Teleservices)
  • Lyn C. Oakes (CMO)

Investor Info

Investors:University Venture Funds, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Opus Capital, Brad Garlinghouse.

TrustedID Awards & Accolades

The IDEssentials Plan was awarded Best in Class in 2010 by Javelin Strategy & Research.

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  • 1

    Mik's review of TrustedID

    798 people found this review helpful!

    I have never had customer service like this. I received a text saying there was an alert on my account and that I had to call the number 1-888-548-7878 (“TrustedID detected activity needing your attention”).

    I called the number and was on hold for 8 minutes. I explained what happened and she said they had a team that specialized in these issues and forwarded me to that group. I waited 18 minutes and was told I needed to call TrustedID. When I explained several times that I had called TrustedID and after she insisted that I needed to call them, I asked for a manager (Jen JXC246). At each point in the conversation, I was asked for various things that would identify me like my SSN, address, etc. When I got to Jen, she was very impatient and clearly not a people person. She became frustrated and kept asking for my address, insisting that the address I haven’t lived in for over 5 years is my correct address.

    After all that, she tells me that the reason I received a credit alert was because I have a balance on my credit card. Why would that trigger an alert? She said, “because you have TrustedID” (and stopped there, as if that’s all she needed to say. WHY WOULD I GET AN ALERT FOR ONE OF MY CREDIT CARDS JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A BALANCE. She kept saying “Because you have TrustedID.” She also then said it was because I have a phone number on my account as if the reason I have an alert was because I was foolish enough to provide a phone number to my account. The phone number is the contact method NOT the reason the system sent out an alert. I still have no idea why I received an alert for one credit card that has a balance but none of the other ones, all of which are changing balances in the exact same way as the card she referenced. I don’t think this is what the alert was really about. I think she just found something that she thought would get me off the phone.

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  • 1

    Michael W.'s review of TrustedID

    761 people found this review helpful!

    I mistakenly signed up for Trusted ID. I do not have an account number, sign on or password. I am trying to cancel my protection plan because I wasn’t aware I was purchasing it. I have repeatedly tried to call them but put on hold for 45 minutes when I gave up. I am currently on hold again. I have emailed them on more than one occasion and all I got was a Case number. I tried Live Chat but again, never got through. How hard is it just to cancel a plan that I didn’t know I had. I wouldn’t use this company to protect my dog house let alone my personal information. You need to be able to communicate with the company you are doing business. Terrible way to do business.

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