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ScoreSense Review

ScoreSense is owned by One Technologies L.P., and a credit-focused identity theft protection service that gives you access to your data from all 3 credit bureaus while alerting you to changes that deserve your attention. You’re able to contact a dispute center if you believe there’s suspicious activity happening on any of your accounts for resolution.

They also offer score tracking and simulating so you can understand more about how your credit works, and what all the numbers and grades mean exactly. Finally, they insure members up to $1 million should you have any type of identity theft, stolen funds or additional expenses incurred from fraudulent activity.

What We Like Score Sense positives

Changes to a credit report is the first way you’ll typically see the first-hand effects of identity theft, and most people don’t check their score on a regular basis. Alerts give you an opportunity to relax about the situation until you hear otherwise. We also like their information given on your current credit. Your credit is not only looked upon by lenders and creditors, but often employers and government agencies too. ScoreSense points out up to one in four credit reports can contain some type of error, and that 70 million Americans stated they had some type of stolen data in 2014.

Managing your finances isn’t easy today, so you could use all the help you can get. They also offer some public record and black market website monitoring and a 7 day trial, so you have the option to cancel before having to pay anything out of pocket.

What We Don’t Like Score Sense negatives

Their site is not necessarily consistent throughout the pages, with the Member Benefits being different than what’s listed on their Home Page. In addition, the price is too high for what you get. Many other identity theft companies can offer you score simulators and monitoring for less than half of what they’re charging.

They also have a number of complaints about their services, and the information on their website is not very forthcoming about exactly how they perform their checks. One Technologies also has hundreds of thousands worth of complaints on the BBB.

The Bottom Line

There are too many other services that are less expensive and provide better coverage than ScoreSense. Despite their claims of being proactive about saving your credit, there’s too little evidence that supports the efficacy of their methods. They also don’t appear to have good business strategies when it comes to selling their products to their consumers, and the amount of similar websites they owned by their parent company is alarming.

How It Works

How ScoreSense Identity Protection Works

ScoreSense offers information to you based on your credit reports. While their home page states they offer ScoreTracker, ScoreCast, an insurance policy and the dispute center to their members, it is not listed on their Member Benefits. We are including information regarding their benefits though, as it does seem to be a consistent features offered by sites owned by One Technologies.

Reports From All 3 Bureaus: Manage and review reports from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Ensure your payments are all being recorded and that your information is correctly updated on a daily basis.

Monitored Alerts: This service will keep you in the loop about anything that could put your financial health in jeopardy or signal your identity has been compromised. Alerts are necessary for those who do not wish to constantly check their scores on a regular basis.

Instant Scores: Some identity theft protection companies will only provide reports on a monthly or even yearly basis. ScoreSense allows access to all 3 scores, any time you wish.

Tracking and Forecasting: See how your credit score looks from month to month, and estimate what it will look like if you take out a loan or start sticking to your budget. It gives you more concrete insight into the numbers and tips about what you can do to get your financial health back where it belongs.

Insurance: AIG underwrites their policy of $1 million should you suffer from a breach. Insurance can cover expenses like lost wages, stolen funds and miscellaneous document fees, among other things.

Dispute Help: A dedicated department to helping you sort out any charges you feel are inaccurate — whether they’re made by you or a criminal.

Identity Report™: ScoreSense searches millions of sites across the world, both illegal and legitimate, to see if any of your information has been stolen or traded.

Additional Monitoring: Receive notification if an account is made in your name (e.g., payday loan stores) or if someone files a change of address for you without your knowledge. ScoreSense will also monitor criminal records as well.

Sex Offender Alerts and Neighborhood Reports: See who’s living near you, and what their criminal offenses are. Keep your family safe when you’re armed with the knowledge of what sex offenders look like, and exactly where they are.

Plans & Pricing

ScoreSense Plans and Pricing

Their form to fill out on the web is pretty basic, and seems standard across all the affiliated websites owned by their parent company.

  • Credit Reports and Scores for the 3 Major Bureaus
  • Monitoring and Alerts to Credit Reports
  • Monitoring and Alerts for Financial Accounts, Change of Address and Criminal Records
  • Monitoring of Dark Web
  • ScoreTracker™ and ScoreCast™
  • $1 Million Insurance Policy by AIG
  • Dispute Center
  • Neighborhood Report
  • Sex Offender Report
  • Regular Price: $39.95/mo
Member Services

ScoreSense Member Support

There is a number given for questions or to cancel, however there are no hours listed. You can also fill out a request form on their website for questions or help, with a 24 – 48 hour response-time promise. Or you can send mail to the address below.

General Support: 1-800-972-7204

Physical Address
4447 N. Central Expressway
Suite 110 PMB 406
Dallas, TX 75205

More Info

ScoreSense History & Additional Info

ScoreSense is owned by One Technologies, who also operate about a dozen sites that appear to offer similar services. While they promise a lot on their website, it’s faced strict criticism by both government officials and consumer groups alike. They’ve faced legal ramifications from the Federal Trade Commission, despite showing initial promise. Featured in lists like Inc. 5000, and Best Companies to Work for in Texas several years ago, it appears this company grew too big too quickly.

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    Julie Jordan's review of ScoreSense

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    My 77 yr old mother mistakenly had the service in 2016, and canceled as soon as possible. In 4/2021 the account became
    active again without authorization.
    As my mother has mental impairments she was unaware of the monthly charges. Upon reviewing her accounts we became
    aware, and promptly canceled, requesting a refund for the unauthorized charges from 4/2021 to 8/2022. Customer service
    even verified that the service had not been used at all.
    Only one charge was credited. This is clearly a situation of fraudulently taken advantage of a senior citizen.
    -written by customer’s daughter, Julie J

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