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    $7.49 - $22.49
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      Sam’s Saving/Business Plan $7.99/mo

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      Sam’s Saving/Business Plan $15.99/mo

    • Ultimate Plus™

      Sam’s Saving/Business Plan $23.99/mo

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    ID Theft Coverage

    $1 Million
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Sam’s Club Identity Theft Protection Review

Sam’s Club offers identity theft protection services for those in the club, but it’s actually LifeLock’s program offered through them. Sam’s Club identity theft has identified a leader in the market, and the features have attracted many of their members to their low monthly rates. With the threat of identity theft looming large amongst those with means, Sam’s Club explains how monitoring more than just your credit card score is necessary to prevent the worst effects of theft.

What We Like Sam's Club identity theft protection review positives

This is an excellent program for those who want a secure service who will continually stay on top of innovations in their field. By skillfully incorporating the latest in technology, you’re relying on a trusted leader in the industry. The plans available include access to an extensive data analytic process that is used to assess risk and identify patterns of consumer behavior. When there are so many false alarms and often incorrect facts in keeping track of spending, this helps cut down on unnecessary alerts.

Ultimately Sam’s Club also has a reputation to maintain with its customers and identity theft protection, and they’ve already made it a point to align themselves with a leader in fraud detection 3 years running. All plans include identity restoration services, with reduced prices for Sam’s Plus members. Advanced plans monitor your 401k and investments as well as your credit spending and bank accounts.

What We Don’t Like Sam's Club identity theft protection review negatives

There aren’t a lot of terrible things to say about the prices, services or methods Sam’s Club is employing to provide protection. They don’t offer a family plan, which can be helpful for those with small children. The company doesn’t offer 24/7 support either, which is often necessary when it comes to resolving immediate dangers following a physical or virtual theft.

There is also something to be said about buying anything through a third party. It can often cause delays to get higher-level information. However, both companies have experience with operating business on a wide-scale, and their industry name makes us confident they’re working to get all communication measures up to par. Sam’s Club has also received prior complaints about customer service and a lack of transparency, though it should be noted they’ve made changes to its website to more accurately reflect what the plan covers and how much it will cost.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a customer of Sam’s Club already, we completely recommend using their identity protection services. The plans are cheaper than you’ll find directly through LifeLock, which will make up a lot of people’s minds pretty quickly though you should factor in the cost of a Sam’s Club membership when considering the overall cost of service. Between their three choices, you’re likely to find one that works for you. What’s especially encouraging about their philosophy is in understanding that different people need different layers of coverage, as opposed to treating everyone at the same risk level. Be prepared for excellent monitoring while you are under their protection, but also know that if you have a problem, it may be harder to resolve than if you purchased the plan directly through their partner LifeLock (see our LifeLock review).

See Sam’s Club competitor Costco’s identity theft protection service Complete ID and compare both companies.

How It Works

How Sam’s Club Identity Protection Works

Because lifestyle choices and behavior carry different risk factors, you can choose from three options. Those who lead a life mainly dependent on their credit cards and online transactions will need different services than those who mainly work with cash and stay offline.

Customer Service Based in US: Have access to a team to help you resolve your identity theft claims quickly.

Fraud Detection and Alerts: Enjoy a complex system monitoring a trillion data points across the virtual world (including file sharing) to identify where you’re most at risk, and receive alerts if your information is in danger so you can take action.

Social Security Scan: Everyone needs to keep an eye on how their social security number is being used, so this service scans to see if yours is being used in fraudulent activity.

Up to $1 Million Reimbursement: Up to a million in restoration funds, plus additional compensation covered for certain expenses.

Credit Report and Bank Activity: Receive your scores and information for bank account takeovers or new accounts opened with your information. You’ll also get information for your 401k or investment activity as well so you can review for accuracy.

Crime Monitoring: Receive reports of any crimes committed with your name.

Plans & Pricing

Sam’s Club ID Protection Plans & Pricing

Choose from any one of the following 3 plans, with increasing services from one level to the next. Names for plans below are listed on Sam’s Club website, and include different pricing for the two levels of Sam’s Club membership.


  • US-Based Support Team
  • Up to $1m in recovery fees
  • Reimbursement for certain claims based on location
  • Fraud Detection and Alerts via phone, email or text
  • Monitoring of Personal Info Sold on the Dark Web (Criminal Sites)
  • Sam’s Saving/Business Plan Regular Price: $7.99/mo
  • Sam’s Plus Regular Price: $7.49/mo


  • Social Security Scan
  • Online Credit Report and Scores
  • Crime Monitoring
  • Bank and Credit Card Activity Monitoring
  • Sam’s Saving/Business Plan Regular Price: $15.99/mo
  • Sam’s Plus Regular Price: $14.99/mo

Ultimate Plus™

  • Bank Account Takeover Alerts
  • Monitors New Accounts Opened in Your Name
  • Investment Activity
  • File Sharing Activity
  • 3-Bureau Monitoring
  • Sam’s Saving/Business Plan Regular Price: $23.99/mo
  • Sam’s Plus Regular Price: $22.49/mo
Member Services

Sam’s Club ID Theft Protection Support

There’s only one number listed for contact for any additional questions or concerns you may have about the plan itself. There are no hours listed for the below number.

General Support:1-800-789-5168

More Info

Sam’s Club ID Protection Addl. Information

Started in 1983, Sam’s Club has over 600 operating warehouses across the US and Puerto Rico. Founder Sam Walton also opened the first Wal-Mart, and his legacy remains committed to finding value whenever possible. By purchasing in bulk, he’s able to provide customers with a shopping experience that helps them stay within a budget. Sam’s Club partnered with LifeLock as of 2015 who has received numerous awards including 2015 Identity Protection Services Leader.

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