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Safe Identity Review

Safe Identity is a program offered by New Benefits as one of their discount medical plan member benefits. The plan protects members and their families from identity theft with an early detection system that scans and monitors thousands of credit and noncredit data sources like the three credit bureaus, banks, public records, etc. If the system detects suspicious attempts to steal members’ identity, members are alerted by phone.

In addition, Safe Identity offers free financial coaching to help dispute fraudulent information and theft insurance up to $1 million; and they can help resolve certain pre-existing identity theft occurrences, depending on the circumstances.

What We Like Safe Identity positives

We like the $1 million identity theft insurance policy with no deductible. This benefit offers peace of mind to members in the event of lost wages as result of time off work, expenses related to ID recovery, and pre-existing ID theft that had not been discovered prior to enrollment (this feature is not always offered with the ID theft insurance from other companies).

Also somewhat unique to Safe Identity is that they offer free legal council to help resolve preexisting ID theft that was not known before becoming a member (some exclusions apply).

Safe Identity also monitors for medical and employment fraud, financial fraud and false arrest, which are not always included in other credit monitoring services.

What We Don’t Like Safe Identity negatives

Safe Identity is only offered by employers who offer New Benefits programs to employees. Individuals cannot simply sign up for their services which limits the program. Costs and services can range from employer to employer so it’s hard to specify the details of the plan/s offered.

The Bottom Line

Safe Identity has a well-rounded suite of monitoring, detection and restoration to those that can get their hands on the services. They seem to have a personal touch and reach out to members by phone when fraudulent activity is detected and when a member’s identity needs to be restored.

New Benefits is a leader in non-insured health, personal security, and other benefits and is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. They have provided banks, credit unions, insurance companies, etc. services since 1990 and continue to expand their benefits packages. For more information visit the New Benefits website.

How It Works

How Safe Identity Works

Identity Risk Scoring

A real-time risk assessment will show members the likelihood they might become a victim of (or are in the beginning stages of having their identity stolen) identity theft by validating member information against millions of public records.

Identity Monitoring

With early detection and warning, the Safe Identity system scours the Internet’s thousands of data sources (3 credit bureaus, banks, property and insurance records, mobile one records, etc.) looking for fraudulent activity. If something out of place is suspected or found, members will receive a personal phone call from a Safe Identity coach.

Each month, members receive an email reinforcing that their identity is continually being monitored and protected.

Identity Restoration

Safe Identity’s identity restoration program completely takes over the restoration process by assigning a free certified financial counselor that will offer personal financial coaching and assistance with all things affected by identity theft. In addition, members receive one hour of free legal consultation with 25 percent off standard attorney fees for further consultation.

Safe Identity also provides a Lost Wallet Service where resolution specialists assist members with actions necessary in the event of a lost or stolen wallet. This includes reporting and canceling credit cards and bank accounts and placing fraud alerts with credit bureaus.

Identity Theft Insurance

Members can enjoy peace of mind with a personal ID coverage policy covering up to $1 million in lost wages and other expenses related to identity recovery with no deductible. Members coverage can include up to $500 a week for four weeks resulting from lost wages due to time off work related to ID theft, defense costs for some civil suits, notarizing documents, costs associated with loan applications, long distance calls, stamps, etc.

Plans & Pricing

Safe Identity Plans & Pricing

Please check with your employer to see if they offer the New Benefits Safe Identity program. Plans and pricing may vary.

Additional Safe Identity Products

Child Protect provides detection of a child’s Social Security Number if it is being used.

Member Services

Safe Identity Customer Service

If you can questions regarding Safe Identity, call their customer service at the number below. If you have questions about New Benefits call 1-800-800-8304.

Customer Service: 1-877-406-1017

More Info

Safe Identity History

New Benefits is headquartered in Dallas, TX and has been in business since 1990. The BBB Accredited Business has an A+ rating.

14240 Proton Rd.
Dallas, TX 75244

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