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Safe ID Trust Review

Safe ID Trust’s mission is to provide the highest quality of membership services at a price every family can take advantage of because identity theft is a real concern facing individuals of all ages. The company promotes a full “hands off” approach, meaning customers won’t have to raise a hand in returning to pre-theft status after becoming victims of identity theft. Safe ID Trust sells identity restoration through a multi-level marketing approach, and their main focus is identity recovery though they’ve added as of December 2015 additional monitoring and detection technology in Safe ID Detective.

What We Like SafeIDTrust review positives

Because the main focus of Safe ID Trust has historically been on identity recovery, they will assign a personal restoration advocate to do the legwork when a member becomes a victim of identity theft. This ID Coach provides assisted recovery and will guide the member through the recovery process from the initial filing of the police report to handling correspondence with financial institutions to educating the member on how to further protect himself in the future. We liked that this takes the guessing out of an already stressful situation during our review of Safe ID Trust.

We also like that Safe ID Trust’s Coaches have 100 percent success rate and that the $24 per month fee covers the entire family.

What We Don’t Like SafeIDTrust review negatives

While we really like that the recovery process is the core of Safe ID Trust, we wish they’d focus more on initial identity protection, ie. credit monitoring services, detection and fraud alerts. Even though they offer detection services in Safe ID Detective, we find the tech par at best in comparison with other providers. Additionally, we don’t like that the starting price is high at $24/mo without options to have the service at a lower price to protect less members. Family protection is good, but customers who need protection for just themselves should look elsewhere.

Lastly, the company has only three years under its belt and just recently entered into the world of network marketing. Safe ID Trust’s reviewis on the BBB states that they’re not an accredited business as of yet, and they have one recorded complaint with the BBB, however it was resolved to customer satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Safe ID Trust is mainly about recovery of a member’s stolen identity. The company has recently evolved into a network marketing business model so members can use it as an opportunity to make residual income by signing up new members or signing on new affiliates.

If you want credit monitoring and robust fraud detection like bank account monitoring, this isn’t the company for you; however if you want a personal restoration advocate to help your through the often difficult recovery process for you and your family, consider reviewing and considering Safe ID Trust.

How It Works

How Safe ID Trust Works

Members are given their own ID Coach to assist in the ID recovery process. This expert will determine whether you have become a victim of identity theft and to what extent. After you execute a Limited Power of Attorney, the ID Coach will work on your behalf to resolve any issues that have arisen. This person will instruct you how to file a police report, review your credit report and other important information relevant to the case, and will talk to banks, credit bureaus and law enforcement agencies.


In addition to the recovery service, Safe ID Trust has an exclusive partnership with Breach Detective to provide members with monthly breach notifications. Every 30 days, Breach Detective runs each members’ database and notifies Safe ID Trust if there is a match. They can detect social security, credit card, bank account, medical insurance and driver’s license numbers.

Safe ID Detective monitors numerous online databases including things like black market sites and social feeds for customers personal information.


The member ID Coach will then work on your behalf to explain the details of your identity theft and begin to negotiate and resolve fraudulent transactions. The Safe ID Trust website touts they have 100% success rate in restoring member to pre-identity theft status. Your counselor will then educate you on future plans to protect your identity.

Expertise & Knowledge Base

Safe ID Trust hires well-trained, experienced recovery agents who have proprietary training specifically designed b the company’s consultants. Their patent-pending recovery platform makes an otherwise difficult resolution process quick and accurate.

Plans & Pricing

Safe ID Trust Plans & Pricing

There is one exclusive plan for all members – $24 per month offers these benefits:

  • ‘Full Hands Off’ ID recovery plan for entire family
  • Access to a personal ID Coach
  • Lost/stolen wallet assistance
  • Safe ID Detective data monitoring
  • Advice on safe banking
  • $1 million identity theft insurance
  • Regular Price: $24 per month
Member Services

Safe ID Trust Member Services

As a member of Safe ID Trust, Breach Detective will run your database each month to monitor for any suspicious activity. If you become a victim of identity theft, you will be assigned an ID Coach to guide you through and handle the recovery process – from assessment and immediate actions to negotiations with institutions.

Customer Support

Contact Safe ID Trust for more information on how to get started.

General Support: 859-898-2455
Email: support@safeidtrust.com

More Info

Safe ID Trust LLC Network Marketing Info

This Kentucky-based company, which has almost 500,000 customers, was started by Brian McLane and has been in business for three years. The company most recently moved to a network marketing business model, which allows a member to become a free affiliate, get a replicated website and have the opportunity to earn retail commission on each annual membership. This platform starts with the Wholesale Product Package which costs $299 and comes with six prepaid memberships.

If customers would rather not become an affiliate, they can simply join with an affiliate for the $24 per month.

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