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Expert Reviews

Privacy Matters Review

Privacy Matters protects is members’ credit and safeguards their identity by allowing access to 3-bureau credit reports, TransUnion credit monitoring, identity theft restoration services, a comprehensive online learning center, and unlimited access to customer service. The credit-monitoring service also alerts members when changes occur on their credit report.

Privacy Matters is an identity theft protection service offered solely to current members. No new membership signup is not available at the current time.

What We Like My Privacy Matters positives

Current members can gain access to their credit reports from all three of the credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

Their resource center offers unlimited use of free, printable articles, news stories and other useful information on identity theft. The online learning center offers tips on how to take charge of your credit, how to protect your public personal information and how to assess your exposure to credit theft. Anyone can access these articles on the Privacy Matters website.

What We Don’t Like My Privacy Matters negatives

Privacy Matters is not a BBB accredited business. Furthermore, the Consumer Affairs website has too many low satisfaction ratings for our liking. Privacy Matters currently has a 1-Star rating and several unflattering reviews.

The fact that Privacy Matters is not open to new membership removes them from the playing field.

Current members miss out on both lost wallet protection and identity theft insurance coverage, which is a very popular and helpful feature that other identity theft companies are offering up to $1 million.

The Bottom Line

Privacy Matters is not an option if you are looking for new identity theft protection as they are not accepting new membership. Current members of the Privacy Matters 1-2-3 plan get general coverage for identity theft monitoring, protection and restoration. Current pricing is not available.

Members should keep an eye on their Privacy Matters account and credit card statements due to a history of class action lawsuits against Privacy Matters parent company, Vertrue.Visit the BBB for more information about Vertrue.

How It Works

How Privacy Matters Works

Current members can monitor their public and financial records, evaluate their risk of identity theft, reduce the chance of falling victim to fraud, and restore their credit if they are taken advantage of with total identity theft protection.


Privacy Matters allows members to see what sensitive personal, professional and financial information is accessible to potential online identity thieves.


Members have continual access to the three credit bureaus so they can monitor their private information and set up alerts that instantly inform them of suspicious activity on their accounts.


Privacy Matters works with licensed investigators to assist members with recovery assistance and restoring their identity effectively and efficiently if they fall victim to identity theft.

Alerts are activated when:

  • There is suspicious activity on credit reports.
  • There is activity that could hurt credit score.
  • There are new inquiries on credit report.
  • There are new accounts opened in a member’s name.
  • Late payments are made.
  • New addresses are reported.
Plans & Pricing

Privacy Matter’s Membership

Because they are not taking on any new members, pricing is not available.

Included in Privacy Matters 1-2-3 membership

  • Triple bureau credit scores (TransUnion, Equifax, Experian)
  • Email alerts
  • Unlimited access to customer service
  • Identity theft restoration services
  • Access to licensed investigators
  • Access to to annual Social Security Report
  • Savings on Internet security software
  • Family Organizer CD-Rom from Kiplinger
  • Access to Locksmith Rebate certificates and Lost Key Return service
  • Access to learning/resource center

Identity Theft Consultation

Kroll Inc. provides the Identity Theft Consultation service (which requires activation) to Privacy Matters members. This is a nice feature because it offers peace of mind that if a member does fall victim to identity theft, they are supported by Kroll’s team of licensed investigators. Some situations they will guide you through include:

  • Understanding of best practices
  • Lost or stolen wallet advice
  • How to respond to a security breach
  • Collection agency abuse
  • Help analyzing credit reports
  • Assistance with placing a credit freeze
  • Assistance with placing a fraud alert
Member Services

Privacy Matters Customer Service

Privacy Matters offers members 24/7 access to their customer service who are experienced identity theft protection specialists.

Members can access benefits by logging into their account at www.PrivacyMatters123.com.

email: membersavings@PrivacyMatters.com

Cancellation Policy

To cancel membership, submit an email, visit the Contact Us page or call 1-888-239-0316. Privacy Matters cannot separate out specific benefits to cancel as Privacy Matters 1-2-3 is a complete package of benefits designed to work together.

General Support: 1-800-436-0817

More Info

Privacy Matters History

The business was incorporated in 1998.

8770 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.
Ste. 1000
Chicago, IL 60631

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    Heath P.'s review of My Privacy Matters

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    My Privacy Matters is a service that I got for signing up through eliminate ID theft. The main reason I signed up for the service is to pull my credit report and that was not working. I have contacted their customer service over 6 times and only received a response that they would get back to me in 7-10 business days. No one has got back to me yet and now I am going on 32 days without being able to pull a credit report. I have now been charged for the second month of service and got nothing from it… that is after I sent them a message to cancel my subscription and refund me because no service has been rendered.

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