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My IQ Report Review

My IQ Report is a company operated by IdentityIQ who offers white labeled services to other companies, as well as direct protection to consumers. Between the many ways that we share our information online, My IQ Report monitors and supplies its customers with credit reports from all 3 bureaus, provides insurance of up to $1 million should you suffer a breach and easy-to-access dispute assistance. They also provide a credit score simulator, lost wallet assistance and a restoration specialist for full recovery.

What We Like MYIQREPORT positives

Credit monitoring, alerts and reports plus the simulator are helpful for anyone looking to maintain their financial health. Even if a criminal never finds you in your lifetime, you can catch possible mistakes from companies and map out how you want to handle your credit for the foreseeable future. The simulator shows you what your credit would look like should you take certain actions (e.g., paying off one bill over another or decreasing your credit limit.) You’ll also receive a checking account report, so you can ensure everything is balanced and correct. Their dispute assistance implies that their customer service will be quick and painless which is always helpful when there’s a problem.

What We Don’t Like MYIQREPORT negatives

The actual website itself is not very descriptive, and you need to put your information in before My IQ Report gives their full range of services. Also, the pricing is confusing. The main page states $16.95 and gives a limited range of services, but when you click on the extended pages it gives several different versions. Further investigation shows a lot of attention is placed on their partner companies who white label their services. Reports from the people who contract with them are generally favorable, with easy-to-use interfaces and customizable features. Their main complaint does seem to be the price, especially when a company has special requests. It appears the dispute resolution will be split between actual direct customers and those who contracted through other companies, which could lead to some confusion when getting questions answered.

The Bottom Line

Given their emphasis on selling to businesses, it may be best to go with a more consumer-friendly company if you’re looking to buy for yourself and not to resell the services. They are appreciated by the people who use them and their credit focus is a smart strategy for today’s world. Criminals from all over the globe have more access to information than you may think, so it can be very helpful to have this support.

How It Works

How My IQ Report Works

Their site has broken it down a 3-step plan to cover all angles of identity theft.

Increasing Awareness: Information is useless unless you can actually interpret it. My IQ Report provides you with reports from the 3 major credit bureaus and discounted reports should you wish to purchase them. It should be noted that they don’t actually define why you might need these reports, but presumably it’s just for all-around protection and knowledge. They have an IQ Center which educates and informs through articles posted on a consistent basis. You can apply their analysis and updates to real-life situations. You’ll be paying for monitoring, reports, simulators, alerts and tracking.

Watch: The services that My IQ Report offers are really two-fold: they can not only assist you in spotting identity theft before it affects your life, but it can also help you see down the road when it comes to affording what you want. If you’re looking to buy a home or even just finance a vacation, these credit tools can make it easier to see exactly what you need to do to keep your head above water.

Plan: My IQ Report also gives you the tools you need for resolution and restoration should something happen to your identity. When you’re concerned about what needs to be done if there is some sort of mistake or criminal activity, My IQ Report is there to pick up the pieces and put them back together with personalized help. For everything you need to do, they can help you plan both in the moment and beyond.

Plans & Pricing

My IQ Report Plans and Pricing

As stated, the plans are a little difficult to understand, and there are a lot of them. The following plan is difficult to find but they do have the following offer below that is free with a promo code.

  • Automatic Alerts for Changes in Credit
  • Buy Credit Reports and Scores
  • Free With Promo Code or $4.99/mo Without

On their basic webpage you’ll find the following unnamed plan with the below features and pricing.

  • Credit Reports from All 3 Bureaus
  • Credit Fraud Alerts
  • Identity Theft and Monitoring Tools
  • Personalized Help With Fraud
  • Updated Report Every 30 Days
  • Regular Price: $16.95/mo

When you enter your information, you can find links to the following named plans and pricing which do appear to be marketed toward consumers.

Protect Plan

  • 1 Bureau Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts
  • Discounted Reports
  • Dispute Assistance in One Call
  • $25,000 Insurance
  • Credit Score Tracker
  • Restoration Specialist
  • Fraud Alert Assistance
  • Junk Mail Reduction and Do Not Call List
  • IQ Center
  • Regular Price: $6.99/mo

Protect Plus Plan

Each subsequent plan includes everything above plus the following additions, unless otherwise noted.

  • 1 Bureau Credit Report and Score (Monthly Basis)
  • Checking Account Report
  • Lost Wallet Assistance
  • Regular Price: $15.99/mo

Protect Pro Plan

  • 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring and Alerts
  • $1 Million Insurance
  • Credit Score Simulator
  • Regular Price: $19.99/mo

Protect Max Plan

  • 3 Bureau Credit Reports and Scores (Quarterly)
  • Regular Price: $29.99/mo
Member Services

My IQ Report Member Support

You can call the following number for support during business hours (in Central Time.) You may cancel at any time by calling the number below as well.

General Support: 1-877-875-IDIQ

Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

More Info

My IQ Report Additional Information

The About Us section does not give out any type of real information, besides just general warnings about identity theft and the way they want to help their customers. Again, their company seems more interested in doing business to business deals than business to consumer sales. What is encouraging is their request for feedback on their contact page. Companies don’t necessarily put that information front and center, so it does suggest they genuinely do care about how people are making do with what they have to offer. Given the mainly positive reviews for businesses white labeling their services, it seems to be working. There is plenty of information to be found on their website about becoming an independent seller of their services, which again seems like they’re more comfortable dealing with businesses than the everyday consumer concerned with identity theft.

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