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Mint Bills Credit Guard Review

Mint Bills is a service that keeps your bills in one place so you can easily track and pay for all of them. The Mint Bills Credit Guard is a service that offers the technology available at IdentityIQ to power its identity protection, which includes mobile tracking of your credit information in their mobile application and instant access to your credit reports and scores. You’ll also receive an insurance policy if you are affected by identity theft and assistance from Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) specialists who can help you fix any discrepancy on your report. IdentityIQ specializes in white labeling their services for other companies to imprint with their own branding.

What We Like Mint Bills positives

If you already use and like Mint Bills then this could be a an extremely easy add on to your current interactions with them. The information on their site is straight-forward, and doesn’t inundate you with information that you probably won’t read anyway. They break down their services on the front page, and then allow you to navigate to other pages should you want to learn more. Credit monitoring from every bureau is becoming more and more of a necessity when it comes to preventing identity theft, so we like that it’s their main focus.

We also love the mobile phone app, as most of us carry it with us at all hours of the day. Plus, we already check our emails, text messages and bank accounts from there anyway. Their plans have a variety of coverage, so it’s nice to have the options to customize based on need too. Their parent company Intuit, Inc has been accredited with the BBB since 2010 with an A+ rating.

What We Don’t Like Mint Bills negatives

The services don’t include any type of monitoring outside of credit. Considering medical benefits theft and social security fraud can go undetected for years before someone catches it, an everyday consumer should feel more protected if they went with a service that performed a number of checks on every data point of their information. Even though they are accredited, Intuit has 1,765 complaints over the past 3 years, mainly about the product, service or advertising techniques.

They also do not allow you to sign up through their website, instead having you download the app. This seems to be too much to ask, especially considering they won’t post the prices until you complete the download and navigate through their options. It also doesn’t offer 24/7 support, which seems necessary of such emergencies as identity theft and lost wallet assistance (which they offer.) Also, their contracting through IdentityIQ, which may mean that you’ll need to go through multiple departments before you get an answer.

The Bottom Line

This could be a good choice for basic prevention, especially if you’ve already used and enjoy Mint Bills payment features. Their technology can keep your credit and bills in one place, so you can manage it all without having to go through extra steps. However, if you want more comprehensive protection without having to download their software, then we encourage you to look elsewhere.

How It Works

How Mint Bills Credit Guard Works

There are a lot of features you have access to, but it should be noted their plans vary considerably from one to the next.

Credit Reports, Monitoring and Alerts: Not only can you see and access your reports from all 3 bureaus, but Mint Bills will also monitor the changes and send you alerts based on the information they’ve received from each company.

Fraud Assistance: Creditors and lenders will be alerted to confirm your identity before they make decisions to extend credit or additional loans to anyone. No one will be able to create new accounts once the alerts go out.

ID Theft Coverage: Receive help ranging from $25,000 to $1 million in insurance (based on your plan), so you can recoup stolen funds, legal expenses and any miscellaneous costs incurred such as lost wages. Policies are underwritten by a division of AIG, and feature no deductible costs to you. Certain exclusions may apply.

Restoration Specialist: Get advice and assistance from a specialist so you know you’re taking advantage of everything your plan offers and getting your due rights under the law. They aim to get your privacy, reputation and finances to where you were before the theft.

Lost Wallet Form and Assistance: Record the information of your accounts and cards so if your wallet is stolen, the process goes smoothly to cancel and replace everything that was taken. Your specialist will also help you with the forms as much as possible.

Opt-Out IQ: Don’t let junk mail and telemarketers fill up your day when you keep your personal information private.

Credit Score Simulator and Tracking: Determine what your credit will be if you paid off your car early or if you reduced your spending by 10% every month. A graph helps you track your credit and decide the next best steps.

Checking Account Report: See if you have anything amiss on your checking account such as unpaid debts or overdrawn funds using the Chex System. This is generally considered a good way to initially detect fraud.

Plans & Pricing

Mint Bill Credit Guard Plans and Pricing

There are 4 plans available, with all of them including the preceding benefits, unless otherwise noted. For pricing, you’ll need to download the app to see info on all plans.


  • Experian Credit Repot, Monitoring and Alerts
  • Equifax and Transunion Credit Report
  • Toll-Free Customer Service


  • Fraud Alert Assistance
  • $25,000 Insurance for Theft
  • Lost Wages and Legal Fee Coverage
  • Fraud Specialist Assistance
  • Opt-Out IQ
  • Credit Score Tracking

Protect Plus

  • Lost Wallet Form
  • Checking Account Report

Protect Max

  • Equifax and TransUnion Monitoring and Alerts
  • $1 Million Insurance
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Coverage
  • Credit Score Simulator
Member Services

Mint Bills Credit Guard Member Support

You can call customer service during business hours, in Central Time. You can also cancel your membership through this number as well.

Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

General Service: 1-800-606-2886

More Info

Mint Bills Credit Guard Additional Info

Mint Bills does have an About Us section, but it merely lists the information given about why you should care about identity theft. They do state they aim to educate both staff and customers and employ the best solutions available to do so. Through technology and a smart set of features, they want to eliminate the harmful effects of identity theft for those they protect. They do not extend this service to people in the state of New York.

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