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Expert Reviews

Merchants Information Solutions Review

Based out of Arizona, Merchants Information Solutions, Inc. (MIS) prides itself on providing superior services to their members for over 100 years. They protect both consumers and businesses from identity theft, and tailor their approach based on the most common threats and statistics. They also offer complete advice and support to merchants from white papers to tenant screening, so everyone they work with feels more prepared about their decisions.

What We Like Merchants Information Solutions positives

Merchants Information Solutions has a lot to offer when it comes to comprehensive identity protection. While their site may not feature the most modern design, it’s easy to navigate and broken into intuitive sections depending on whether you’re a consumer or business. They’ve developed their own product to defend against identity theft called SmartIDentity, which other companies can choose to white label with their own branding. This shows their commitment as well as the industriousness in their field.

They’ve been featured in the news more than once for their accomplishments, and their resolution system has been honed over time to include full-scale assistance and restoration. They offer credit monitoring from all 3 bureaus and 100 percent recovery.

Because thieves are much more likely to target small businesses or the elderly, they’ve done everything they can to ensure total protection for those most at risk.

What We Don’t Like Merchants Information Solutions negatives

For all of the awareness given to the effects of identity theft, Merchants Information Solutions does not offer any type of anti-virus software on any of their packages. Also, their services are not necessarily well defined when you go to sign up for their plans. For example, you can’t find the promise that they’ll cover up to 5,000 consumers for a security breach directly before the sign-up form. While their complaints are few, there does seem to be some reiteration about a lack of transparency for billing and details regarding their services.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this seems to be a solid choice if you’re looking for a partner that offers comprehensive coverage. We especially recommend it if you are a small business, since the rules and regulations are not nearly as well known for them. This is based on continuous changes to law, so you need to be prepared. You may be subjected to fees you can’t afford to pay without some type of assistance. It is somewhat concerning though that the reviews indicate that customers feel duped by their information, especially considering that there’s quite a bit to be found on the website.

How It Works

How Merchant Information Solutions Works

There are several options you can choose from, and they have different services for businesses as opposed to consumers.

Business Plans

Assessment: Merchants Information Solutions will assess your risk and get you the tools that will be most helpful in fighting off criminals.

Business Credential Monitoring: Reputations are worth a lot, and the sooner anyone (be it individual or organization) knows what’s happening, the faster they can start performing damage control.

Information: Updates, newsletters, latest cyber threats, quarterly trainings: MIS gives you the resources you need to stay informed about what’s happening. Discover how the laws govern your business and how you’re affected by small changes in the legal world.

Response Planning: If you are a victim of a breach, MIS will go over your compliance with all laws to determine your liability then formulate a plan based on your situation. This plan includes a timeline and notice content, so you have an easy-to-follow set of steps to get back to your regularly scheduled business activities quickly.

Recovery: MIS will perform research, remediation and recovery for up to 5,000 breached consumers.

Scalable: Merchants Information Solutions understands that every business has their own way of doing things, so their services are flexible enough to fit any company’s needs.

Consumer Plans

Education: You’ll receive access to a website and a monthly newsletter to learn more about your identity theft risks.

Resolution: MIS will fully manage your resolution, including lost document rescue, a personal recovery advocate and expense reimbursement. The advocate has limited Power of Attorney, and will complete research and follow-up for all necessary entities and agencies.

Credit Monitoring: Receive all of your credit information from all 3 bureaus as well as monitoring with daily alerts.

Proactive Monitoring: MIS will comb through legal websites, the Dark Web, court records and public files/logs to see if your name is appearing where it shouldn’t or on compromised sites that are easily hacked.

Credential Vault: You can list your relevant information, like passport data, credit card numbers, retirement accounts, etc. in a secure place for safe keeping.

Child Identity Theft: Searches millions of database logs to find information about your child being used, traded or sold amongst criminals.

Plans & Pricing

Merchants Information Solutions Plans & Pricing

There are several options to choose from with the option to save money by signing up for the annual plan.


  • Credential Monitoring
  • Education and Training Opportunities
  • Risk Assessment
  • Immediate Threat Alerts
  • Advises Best Business Practices Based on Law
  • Perform Recovery for Up To 5,000 Breached Consumers
  • Annual Plan Price: $599.40
  • Monthly Plan Price: $49.95


There are 3 plans for personal plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum. All services are included as you move up the plans, unless otherwise noted.


  • Full Restoration Services
  • Education and Newsletters
  • Credit Reports, Scores and Monitoring
  • Reimbursement for Expenses Up to $25,000
  • Annual Individual Plan Price: $119.40
  • Monthly Individual Plan Price: $9.95
  • Annual Family Plan Price: $155.40
  • Monthly Family Plan Price: $12.95


  • Credential Vault
  • Lost Document Replacement
  • Expense Reimbursement Up to $25,000
  • Score Tracker to See Credit Over Time
  • Annual Individual Plan Price: $179.40
  • Monthly Individual Plan Price: $14.95
  • Annual Family Plan Price: $203.40
  • Monthly Family Plan Price: $16.95


  • 3 Bureau Credit Report, Score and Monitoring
  • Expense Reimbursement Up to $1 Million
  • Child Monitoring
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Annual Individual Plan Price: $239.40
  • Monthly Plan Price: $19.95
  • Annual Family Plan Price: $299.40
  • Monthly Family Plan Price: $24.95
Member Services

Merchants Information Solutions Member Support

There is no 24/7 support clause widely advertised on this site, however there are no hours listed for the general information line either. You can sign up for any of their plans online and call the number below for customer support.

General Information: 1-877-647-6225

More Info

Merchants Information Solutions Additional Info

This company goes out of its way to give you all kinds of information regarding their history, achievements and leadership team. You can find their news clippings and a timeline of how their company evolved. They also have a fact sheet that shows how their company went public and details their philosophy about the ways customers should be treated: by using integrity, quality and customer service to achieve the best results.

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