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KeepMyID Review

KeepMyID blocks, covers and insures against identity theft, and restores more than just the straight financial loss. They work to protect benefits, reputation and personal, professional and business history. They work with a legal team and assign a lawyer to you who can manage your identity, before anything actually occurs. They do not appear to be taking new members at this time.

What We Like KeepMyID review positives

This is one proactive company if they’re assigning a lawyer to you right away, and that speaks well of the company’s intent. That kind of proactive features is a fairly special thing to offer in this industry. If you do happen to have some sort of breach, KeepMyID promises to have a designated expert making the calls, sitting on hold for you and ensuring that each and every negative effect has been taken care of so your good name is restored. With the average victim spending over 300 hours just on the phone trying to reach the right people, that’s a really priceless service. We applaud any company trying to keep people away from this hassle.

We also like that they call out just how little the normal $1 million insurance policy can often cover for people, and the assurance that their services do not fit the bill for minimal coverage. Started by a former prosecutor and including top law enforment support, they promise much more than that which is comforting for anyone considering signing up.

What We Don’t Like KeepMyID review negatives

They really slam LifeLock at KeepMyID, which makes sense because LifeLock has dominated identity protection since it essentially founded the market. However, it seems a little too much like they want to tear their competitors down rather than build themselves up. They also don’t offer credit monitoring (widely considered a good way to spot initial wrong-doings), only give you your reports once a year. Plus, there have been reports of customers having a hard time getting information about the company, a fact that seems somewhat confirmed by their choice not to share many specifics with outsiders.

When a company is first getting its feet on the ground, promises are really all they have to get people to trust them with their information, but it doesn’t seem like KeepMyID can actually hold up its end of the bargain. People have stated that the representatives are pushy and want to get personal information before disclosing more about what they do.

The Bottom Line

We love the private attorney feature, and they seem to understand how the industry works to entice people to sign up for identity theft services. However, there doesn’t seem to be enough follow through on the company to justify choosing them. Too many complaints from customers and a propensity to talk poorly about their competition┬ámakes them seem petty and unable to handle the immense pressure of keeping people’s identities safe.

How It Works

How KeepMyID Works

KeepMyID offers both preventative and proactive services for their customers.

Legal Aid: Receive the personal attention of a private attorney who will look over your information and then determine the best course of action from there. Generally it means implementing fraud alerts that are continuously run for accurate results, as well as junk mail/telemarketer reduction for the addresses and phone numbers you provide. Fraud alerts ensure that no one else can open accounts besides you, and they may also institute credit freeze when there’s a problem. They’ll also ensure you get your credit reports on time.

Credit Reports: Receive your free credit reports each year, and support if your information has been compromised.

Preventative Tips: Receive helpful information about the many ways you can reduce your risk of attack in everyday actions.

100% Recovery Services and Insurance: Your designated expert will make the calls and complete the steps necessary to sort out your identity theft. If you have any legal fees incurred or lost wages due to your identity theft, you will not be held responsible for them with their million dollar insurance policy.

24/7 Support: If your personal lawyer or specialist isn’t available, you have access to a team at all hours of the day for emergencies or general questions.

Plans & Pricing

KeepMyID Plans & Pricing

The company does not seem to be taking new members. There is an Enroll button available, but when pressed merely takes you to a page that declares the website unsafe.

  • Proactive Legal Protection
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Credit Freeze/Thaw
  • Telemarketer/Junk Mail Reduction
  • Recovery Services
  • $1 Million Insurance
  • Preventative and Proactive Resources
  • Scam Alerts
  • 3 Bureau Credit Reports a Year
  • Regular Price: $19.95/mo
Member Services

KeeMyID Member Support

The number listed on their page offers 24-hour support or you can email them at any time too. They do not offer partial refunds, but you can cancel at any time.

General Support: 1-800-664-5936 or support@keepmyid.org

Physical Address:

Identity Enterprises LLC
25 Highland Park Village #486, Ste #100
Dallas, TX 75205

More Info

KeepMyID Additional Information

Started by prosecutor Rick Jackson, the company was intended to fight the horrible effects of identity theft that the founder saw on a daily basis in his practice. With all of the information out there, he saw the necessity of a company to protect and fight for the everyday consumer. He put together a team of law enforcement and detectives with the experience to get more done and resolve identity theft in a way that had never been accomplished before.

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  • 10

    Sara D.'s review of KeepMyID

    665 people found this review helpful!

    I never had any issues with KeepMyID.Org. They were very helpful and I had full information. Right now I have ID Watchdog, (since it was offered by my employer) now that I’ve switched jobs…I’m going back to KeepMyID.org. Its cheaper and I had better customer service.

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  • 10

    Daniel's review of KeepMyID

    1106 people found this review helpful!

    I switched to this company on a recommendation and thank God I did. My identity was stolen to obtain an apartment in another city, and this caused havoc. The culprit left the apartment without paying and wrecked my ability to obtain a home. I called keep my id and they took care of the problem in one day. Keep my id obtained court documents and cleared my name. I’m not sure where the lack of follow through critique comes from, but for me they have been a God send and done more than they advertised they could do.

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