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iSekurity Review

iSekurity states they have the large team of former Federal Agents who came together to apply advanced-grade security to everyday citizens. With identity theft victims being treated as guilty until they embark on an odyssey of contacting mulitple organizations and photocopying every document they’ve ever received, this company has aimed to a create a system that targets and resolves identity theft quickly.

What We Like iSekurity review positives

iSekurity has a 100% guaranteed promise, which is not often promised in this industry. There are so many possibilities and twists and turns with identity theft that it can feel impossible for companies to promise anything. We also like that they immediately address how horrible identity crime by offering limited power of attorney to those who need help with all the steps they’ll need to undertake for identity theft.

The company lists out what they include when they scan for your information, which is nice because so many identity theft companies make vague promises without many concrete examples. They also offer assistance to those who have already experienced a theft, though they do charge an additional fee for this. They’re committed to privacy protection, and iSekurity has their own system that claims to find wrongful activity in even the darkest corners of the internet and the world.

What We Don’t Like iSekurity review negatives

The overall transparency of the company needs some work. They make bold claims about protection, but a potential customer would have only find specifics of how they accomplish their goals on their Terms and Conditions page. Their customer service line has hours posted for Monday through Friday, though they seem to operate outside of these times based on independent research. The BBB claims this company is out of business, yet their site and phone lines are up and working. There is no avenue to take if you wish to sign up online, so they may currently only be providing services to members who have already signed up for their plan.

The Bottom Line

iSekurity definitely offers some real benefits to its members, and the plan does sound attractive to those who have already experienced identity theft, or to those who want protection against the possibility. However, with the amount of information that can’t be found, it may be better to avoid this company until it’s able to properly communicate with their potential customers.

How It Works

How iSekurity Works

The company lays out their plan in three steps to defend their customers from all sides.

Monitoring: iSekurity crawls through databases for anything that may have changed regarding your information. Any time a new account is made or your information appears on the web in places it shouldn’t, their system catches it and then begins the steps to resolve. They scan your name, date of birth, financial/credit information, home address and social security number.

iSekurity correctly states that people tend to dismiss minor inconsistencies in their reports as clerical errors, when its often more serious than that. You can request more details of you’re alerted of the problem via their Snapshot proprietary system. You’ll need to establish a profile with iSekurity first where they will then verify your identity.

Detection: Once a change is detected, you’ll receive an alert that allows you to either verify the information or let iSekurity know the report is false. Agents have limited power of attorney to work with the right agencies and organizations to get your information corrected. Once you’ve let the iSekurity team know they need to follow-up with the changes to your information, they will start to the resolution process.

Resolution: Whether the change was an honest mistake or indicative of a thief hiding in the background, iSekurity ID Rehab will ensure that it’s corrected. It’s equally important that genuine mistakes are addressed quickly too. It’s no secret that people with the common names are more likely to have some sort of processing mix-up, which can then lead to denied credit or employment later on. The correction process is not easy and often involves having to convince multiple people of your identity from scratch. Having someone on your side to go through the process is sometimes the only way the work will get done. You’ll work with a team of Identity Resolution Experts who can get everything straight again, and the best part is they actually guarantee the results.

Plans & Pricing

iSekurity Plans & Pricing

There is one suite of services available, though you have the option to buy for multiple people. A single plan is just you, while the double plan covers two people in the household (can be spouse or child) and the family plan covers two adults in the households and up to five other family members (usually dependent children under the age of 26.) There is no pricing available for their plans. This may be because they’re only servicing members who signed up before a certain point. Their services include the following benefits listed below.

  • Demographic Information Monitoring
  • Social Security Number Scans
  • 3 Bureau Credit Scores and Financial Theft Detection
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Identity Resolution Team During Business Hours
  • Lost Wallet Assistance
  • 100% Guarantee
Member Services

iSekurity Member Support

Times shown is the information they have available in Eastern Time, however customer service offers support outside of these hours (though the exact specifications are not defined by the company.)

General Support: 1-877-838-5734

Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Private Policy Questions and Concerns: 1-800-332-9957

More Info

iSekurity Additional Information

The company speaks little of their leadership and history (though the CEO is Matt Bittoni), and they seem to respect your privacy as well. Because information is not just bought and sold by criminals but by companies by the thousands, they make a clear promise to you that any information you provide will be well taken care of. The company leaders do seem genuinely interested in getting the word out to consumers about how they can save themselves from the perils of identity theft.

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