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Intelius IdentityProtect Review

Intelius is a company that specializes in providing background checks for consumers to find lost connections or confirm that their criminal backgrounds are accurate. Their services are not meant to determine employment. With all the information out there, it can be difficult to sort it out and actually provide accurate, up-to-date facts to those concerned. With all the ways information can be corrupted, Intelius offers identity protection powered by IDT911 to safeguard their customers from attack. IDT911 has been expanding rapidly and has an A+ rating with the BBB with 0 complaints. Through it, Intelius has access to a variety of research to keep up with current trends amongst hackers and other criminals. With instant credit reports, you can see who’s been watching your credit and you can track your score over time. They also offer insurance and 24/7 support as well as credit monitoring and alerts.

What We Like Intelius positives

There are a variety of people that trust Intelius to get the job done for finding people or performing background checks, and the range of requests forces them to excel at adapting in the business world. They state they have 50 million search records that help people reconnect with old friends which will no doubt be helpful for proactive monitoring of your information. Intelius’ $1 million dollar insurance policy and constant coverage at any hour of the day are both nice features to have for severe emergencies. Because credit monitoring is typically the first way many people spot an identity breach, it’s helpful to have constant access and tracking features. You can try this service for free for 7 days, and after that you have the option to cancel at any time. They actually allow you to cancel on their site, which is convenient since many companies like this will force you to call. Their monitoring of public documents is a valuable feature for those concerned about their identity.

What We Don’t Like Intelius negatives

There’s simply not enough information about Intelius on their website to feel confident about recommending their services. Consumer reviews about their background check procedure seem to indicate that they are prone to getting things wrong when it comes to pulling up the right people and timely demographic info. They do not go into detail about how they go about completing their services, and they’re not upfront about who they partner with. Because Intelius is not providing these services through their own staff and methods, you may have to go through several people and retell your story each time before you actually get anything accomplished. It’s also rather expensive for what the services they do offer, and they don’t appear to offer family protection either. The information listed even about the overall mission of Intelius is also spotty and disjointed. Yelp reviews for their research services are laden with accusations of unfair practice accusations and billing methods.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve already used Intelius, and found their services to be helpful then you could certainly consider signing up for their identity plan. You already understand how they work which can be invaluable should you encounter a question or problem. However, given the price and what the limited services they currently have listed, it doesn’t appear to be a smart decision to go through them for identity protection. The actual cost itself is not necessarily outrageous, but there are many plans out there that offer far more for far less. Many of their reviews raise red flags about how they operate and their honesty and communication.

How It Works

How Intelius IdentityProtect Works

Intelius has the following services listed on their website though, again, the information listed about each one is not very descriptive.

Credit Reports: They advertise this service to be instant, which is a convenient word to use considering how quickly criminals can move. However, it’s worth remembering that they’re only pulling this information, and it doesn’t appear they have close connections with the major bureaus. Assuming the information is accurate and fast, you can discover who has been looking at your credit report so you have the chance to identify problems faster. You can also see how your credit score is affected over the month, so you have an immediate benefit as soon as you sign up.

Recovery: Receive 24/7 access to fraud resolution experts, so regardless of where you are or what you’re doing you can find someone to help you get credit cards canceled and companies notified about fraudulent charges. You’ll also have $1 million dollar insurance against costs incurred by your identity theft, and a recovery kit to help you keep all of the steps straight.

Monitoring: Your information could be anywhere in public records, but unless you spend the time searching there’s really nothing you can do until you’re directly affected. Intelius goes through it all and recognizes changes to your credit report or public documents so there’s a better chance of rectifying a problem by getting the right people involved.

Plans & Pricing

Intelius Plans & Pricing

You can sign up for the following plan and receive a 7-day trial. After that, your credit card will be charged and they give you the billing code you’ll see on your credit card statement. They also allow you to cancel either by calling or going online.

  • Instant Credit Report
  • $1 Million Insurance Policy
  • Recovery Kit
  • 24/7 Service Assistance
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Credit Monitoring for Changes
  • Credit Score Tracking
  • Regular Price: $19.95/mo
Member Services

Intelius IdentityProtect Member Support

It’s unclear if this is the number that all members receive as their 24/7 support line, but they do have a Help phone number listed on their website.

Help: (877) 974-1563

More Info

Intelius  History & Additional Info

There is no About Us page on their website, and you have to click on their Member Support Page before you find it. Once you do, it directs you to a Page Not Found website, with a disclaimer that Intelius is not a Consumer Reporting Agency according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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    Wendy K P's review of Intelius

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    I did not get many information that I couldnt have found myself online. I wanted information on myself. Divorce paper information. I should have just gone to the court house. I ended up paying for a membership I did not want and got nothing but old addresses and phone numbers

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