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InfoArmor Review

InfoArmor is identity protection built primarily for businesses. While their services are mainly run for B2B purposes, they offer a good individual plan as well. InfoArmor business solutions battle emerging fraud, by offering businesses privacy protection, enterprise threat intelligence and employee identity protection. They provide companies solutions that fight data theft and digital fraud using big data analysis and actionable intelligence with a personalized service.

InfoArmor’s slogan: “Detection is the New Prevention.”

What We Like Info Armor positives

InfoArmor has been a BBB Accredited business since 2009 and currently holds an A+ rating.

The comprehensive identity theft protection plan is a complete, turnkey solution that includes proactive monitoring, full-service remediation, $25,000 insurance, threat assessment, alert management, social profile monitoring, an online secure wallet to store information, reduction of unwanted solicitations (a.k.a. junk mail, phone calls and pre-approved credit cards), and full-service identity restoration to victims of identity theft. Their intelligence monitors threats, risks, vulnerabilities, e-crime, security and malware.

InfoArmor’s website and blog offers good information about current events in the world of identity theft and defines threats and concerns while offering solutions at the same time.

We also like that they are continuously updating their products and acquiring some of the best names in the industry. InfoArmor recently acquired Austin-based PwnedList, who worked themselves into the inner circle of hackers to find compromised credentials from third-party vendors and designed a tool to allow businesses to monitor those third-party vendors in real-time safety reports. They also acquired IntelCrawler in 2015, which uses targeted intelligence to assist enterprise clients to uncover cyberthreats.

What We Don’t Like Info Armor negatives

Because their main focus is business-to-business, there are limitations on the only individual plan they offer. This limited B2C client base could expand with a broader range of plan prices and options.

There is no anti-virus protection offered.

InfoArmor uses only one-bureau (TransUnion) credit monitoring, while many other services offer all three. In addition, there is just one credit report offered annually. We’d like to see that report a little more often.

The Bottom Line

With eight years experience in the industry, InfoArmor has grown into a leading identity theft protection agency. They use advanced, patented technology to power their service and are constantly looking for ways to improve their service (and they are finding them). While their main focus is B2B, they do offer a comprehensive suite to consumers, as well. InfoArmor’s protection designed for businesses and their employees offers a well-rounded suite of credit and identity monitoring, Internet surveillance, fraud detection and complete resolution. The plan offered to individuals is not as comprehensive as that offered to businesses, but it’s a legitimate plan with the necessary elements needed for identity protection and resolution.

How It Works

How InfoArmor Works

InfoArmor is constantly on top of testing and evaluating its safety measures to build and maintain a secure network. They use their Advanced Encryption Standards to protect sensitive information and proactively manage systems and web applications for vulnerabilities. The security team monitors 24/7 for abnormal activity. Customers can fight 21st century crime with InfoArmor’s comprehensive, proactive theft defense.

High-Risk Transaction Alerts: Allows members to detect fraud sooner including unauthorized account access, password resets and fund transfers.

CreditArmor: Offers monthly credit scores, an annual credit report and TransUnion credit monitoring.

Internet Surveillance: InfoArmor scours the Internet for misused and compromised credentials.

WalletArmor: A credit card that protects the information in a client’s phone or wallet from being stolen. This mini computer that is synced with a person’s phone can be stowed in their wallet. If the two become separated, a GPS notification will be sent to the person’s phone through an app allowing them to locate the wallet. If it’s the phone that’s been stolen, it will lock when separated just 10 feet from the wallet so the thief can’t access its information.

SocialArmor: InfoArmor keeps tabs on members’ digital footprints as they monitor Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts and alert users of possible reputational damage.

Privacy Advocate Remediation: A dedicated case manager will act on behalf of a member if they fall victim to identity theft. This person is CITRMS Certified and an expert in identity restoration. They will work to resolve the issue from start to case completion.

$25,000 Identity Theft Insurance Policy (underwritten by AIG): Costs associated with identity theft resolution, legal defense expenses and lost wage in the amount of $25,000 could be issued to the InfoArmor subscriber.

Solicitation Reduction: Reduces junk mail, annoying phone calls and preapproved credit offers and offers guidance on how to limit further exposure.

Digital Identity Report: After a deep Internet search of a subscriber, this report summarizes the findings, issues a Privacy Grade and gives tops to better secure personal information.

Vendor Security Monitoring Tool: This web-based software allows businesses to monitor third-party vendors in real time. It gives businesses an historical look at vendors’ past data incidents.

IdentityMD: Provides interactive, step-by-step instructions enabling victims of identity theft to limit further damage, clean up their credit and dispute potentially fraudulent activity.

With all of these tools at their disposal to protect customer’s identities, it’s easy to see why InfoArmor is a leading AND growing competitor in the identity protection space. We like what their offering.

Plans & Pricing

Info Armor’s Plans & Pricing

InfoArmor Individual Plan:

  • Identity Monitoring
  • CreditArmor
  • WalletArmor
  • Digital Identity
  • Fully Managed Identity Restoration
  • Internet Surveillance
  • Reduction of Unwanted Solicitations
  • $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance
  • Regular Pricing: $14.95/mo

PrivacyArmor Business Service

Annual memberships run between $30K and $200K depending on the business’s size.

Digital Defense:

  • SocialArmor
  • Digital Identity Report
  • Internet Surveillance

Identity Defense:

  • Identity Monitoring and Alerts
  • High Risk Transactions
  • High Risk Applications
  • Telecom
  • Payday Loans
  • WalletArmor
  • Card Monitoring
  • Lost Wallet Assistance
  • Credit Report
  • Monthly Credit Scores
  • Credit Score Tracker
  • Fraud Alerts and Freezes

Privacy Protection:

  • Reduce Junk Mail
  • Stop Pre-Approved Credit Cards
  • End Telemarketing


  • Privacy Advocate Remediation


  • $25,000


  • Family Coverage
  • Child Eligibility
  • Preexisting Conditions
  • Portability


  • Pre-Enrollment
  • Post-Enrollment
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Web Portal
  • Monthly Email


  • Payroll Deduction
  • Monthly Prices (contact sales@infoarmor.com for a quote)
Member Services

InfoArmor Customer Service

With a responsive customer service center call floor, there is always a representative available to answer calls, questions and concerns.

General Support: 1-800-789-2720

Gain access to InfoArmor Identity Protection Portal here.


More Info

InfoArmor History

The corporation was incorporated in 2007 and became BBB Accredited in 2009. InfoArmor is headquartered in Paradise Valley. AZ.


  • Marcel Abarca, Director of Customer Service
  • Emily Snell, Secretary of Business Management


In 2013, InfoArmor acquired SQL Stream and PwnedList.

InfoArmor Awards & Accolades


U.S. Trade and Commerce Institute – Awarded 2013 Arizona Excellence Award

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  • 2

    Diana's review of InfoArmor

    772 people found this review helpful!

    I have had account with them for years; the problem was I purchased the family plan and listed both of my children ONLY THEY REFUSED TO DO CREDIT MONITORING OF ONE CHILD. While they were out of state doing schooling, but permanent address was mine. Plus the whole 2017 EQUIFAX debacle I should have been Notified by them and wasn’t. Oh and I concur the Customer Service Phone Number is a Round Rosey; gets you no where!

    Was this review helpful?

  • 10

    Brian's review of InfoArmor

    884 people found this review helpful!

    They helped tremendously when I had bank accounts being opened in my time. It was a completely nightmare situation for me and I hope no one ever has to deal with it. But they called all of the right people and did so many things for me. I would have had to pay someone to do all that because I have no idea where to begin. Thanks for always answering the phone and keeping me updated on the progress.

    Was this review helpful?

  • 1

    Dave's review of InfoArmor

    817 people found this review helpful!

    We got an alert on our account but no one will answer the phone listed to call to verify.!

    Was this review helpful?

  • 1

    James J.'s review of InfoArmor

    712 people found this review helpful!

    My company has contact with this company and I make a mistake go for it.
    In case something happened they will call me once and after that they start the game phone tag. No not really it just me call them so many time and they do not call back. So what the waste of contact for years.
    I will try to cancel my service.
    I really want to give them zero score if it is possible.

    Was this review helpful?

  • 2

    Carla M.'s review of InfoArmor

    812 people found this review helpful!

    This company forces you to call them to cancel. I did this in June 2019 and was still charged for 3 consecutive months. I had to call again for them to cancel billing and was told I’ll have to wait 4 weeks for a refund check to be mailed out. Not an efficient or honest company in my opinion.

    Was this review helpful?

  • 4

    Mac's review of InfoArmor

    896 people found this review helpful!

    Great service, until you want to cancel. I’ve called 3 times and each time they tell me it is cancelled, but I’m still getting billed $14.95.

    Was this review helpful?

  • 9

    John B.'s review of InfoArmor

    995 people found this review helpful!

    InfoArmor has been responsive and proactive with the B2C plan I have. I have been impressed with their service and follow up.

    Was this review helpful?

  • 10

    Pete's review of InfoArmor

    1267 people found this review helpful!

    Personal experience was easy set up, good customer service and love the email updates they send me about me and the family’s risk. I’d recommend InfoArmor.

    Was this review helpful?

  • 1

    Luke's review of InfoArmor

    891 people found this review helpful!

    Terrible customer support, they couldn’t recover my password for 2 weeks. Pretty lame service, don’t recommend.

    Was this review helpful?

  • 10

    Greg's review of InfoArmor

    1564 people found this review helpful!

    Great customer support and products. Love the protection I get!

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