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Expert Reviews

IDShield Review

IDShield is a part of LegalShield which is meant to provide protection against a variety of situations. IDShield covers privacy and security monitoring and offers consultation services through its partner company Kroll Inc. Between the two of them, they take extra precautions so you don’t have to, and provide some of the best technology on the market to make it happen. From family monitoring to restoration, this is an affordable plan for those who want excellent protection. Consistently receiving good to excellent ratings by independent research reports, IDShield has an impressive array of features.

What We Like ID Shield positives

IDShield’s website is professionally designed and masterful in communicating their dedication in supplying their customers with the best identity theft protection available. They’ve clearly taken the time to research the many ways that identity theft can touch someone’s life and have a variety of ways to alert you if something goes wrong. For the consumer who also wants to understand more about safe practices and what they’re doing to protect themselves when they sign up with IDShield, their unlimited consultations answer and address the many questions and concerns you may have. Shop online with total confidence or save yourself from a panic if you misplace your wallet when you choose IDShield. LegalShield has been accredited by the BBB since 1995. In addition, this company provides $5 million in coverage should you be a target which definitely separates them for other identity theft services. Customers say they feel reassured by their experiences with customer service.

What We Don’t Like ID Shield negatives

They’re partnering with Kroll, so you subject yourself to a middle man when you choose this option. You also receive credit reports from TransUnion rather than all 3 bureaus. Considering they all monitor differently, they’re missing out 2 crucial services that may have caught fraud earlier. Their mobile site has been rated as needing work by independent reviewers. The majority of the complaints about them on the BBB are typically about the product or the billing policies. However, the percentage of people who complain is quite small, and IDShield does seem eager to respond to harmful comments about the way they handle their affairs. The negative comments are likely to decrease over time.

The Bottom Line

There are few companies out there who compare with IDShield, and their experience in the field and mission statement is a testament to the type of care you’ll be receiving should something go wrong. LifeLock, the industry leader, might be a good comparison to IDShield based on their features. Whether you’re a conscientious consumer who wants to fully comprehend the many ways criminals might get ahold of your information or you just want to be able to browse online without worrying, this is definitely a plan worth considering based on its price and level of protection.

How It Works

How IDShield Works

This company has broken it down by three categories, and each comes with a whole host of features and incentives. Their terms are easy to understand, the information is clear and the site is easy to navigate.

Consultation: Regardless of when you call, you can get help during an emergency. You also have access to a Kroll Licensed Private Investigator during regular business hours. They offer advice like how to spot scams, read a credit report, reduce junk mail and stop medical, minor, deceased and criminal fraud. Get more information about financial transactions both online and off, the best ways to use your social security number and the risks you taken when you communicate online. If your wallet is lost or stolen you’ll receive assistance. IDShield will also perform credit freezes and alerts to credit agencies. They’ll search for sex offenders in your area, and alert you if there’s any type of issue or data breach with your identity through any medium.

Credit Monitoring: IDShield will monitor your SSN, up to 10 credit cards and bank accounts as well as allow you to view your credit at any time without affecting your score. Get quarterly updates on your credit and track your score for valuable insight into increasing your credit strength. They’ll also monitor any type of payday loan establishments and more than 500 million criminal records for your information.

Privacy Monitoring: IDShield monitors your name, date of birth, driver’s license and passport information and up to 10 email addresses, phone numbers and medical ID numbers. They’re watching the black market sites, internet relay chat channels and peer-to-peer file sharing networks for anything that might cause alarm. Get personal alerts on your email, through MyIDShield and in-person support.

Restoration: To get you back on track should you become a victim, IDShield collaborates with credit card companies, financial institutions, creditors, collection agencies, law enforcement and property managers. If they have to, they’ll take your case to the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Reserve Bank, Department of Motor Vehicles, Comptroller of the Currency, the State Attorney, Social Security Administration and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, among others. They’ll search court and state databases, records, clearinghouses and logs for your information in order to entirely erase the effects of identity theft.

Plans & Pricing

IDShield Plans & Pricing

There are 2 plans, depending on whether you want individual or family protection that include:

  • Consultation Advice
  • Privacy Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • $5 Million Insurance Policy
  • 24/7 Restoration Assistance
  • Private Investigators During Business Hours
  • Alert Notifications for Suspicious Activity
  • Collaboration Between All Necessary Parties
  • Monitors Both Legal and Illegal Websites for Your Info
  • Offline Surveillance for Court Records, Phone and Medical ID Numbers
  • Regular Price: $9.95/mo (for Individual)

The family plan features the following additions to the above.

  • Minor Identity Protection
  • Covers Spouse and Up to 8 Minor Children
  • Regular Price: $19.95/mo (for Families)
Member Services

IDShield Member Support

There is no mailing address or hours listed, but there is a general customer support number.

General Support: 1-888-494-8519

More Info

IDShield  History & Additional Information

The story of founder Harland Stonecipher is proudly displayed on both LegalShield and IDShield’s company pages. The company started because he was involved in an accident that wasn’t his fault, and ended up losing his savings having to get lawyers involved. Frustrated with this idea that justice was only available to the rich, he started IDShield to ensure no one else ever had the same problems. IDShield states you can get the same services LifeLock offers for up to 67 percent less on their site. Their site and reviews indicate they’ve found a way to offer something of true value to their customers, and in 2015 they were recognized as one of the leaders of their field by Javelin Strategy & Research in the direct to consumer market.

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  • 1

    Mike T.'s review of IDShield

    1508 people found this review helpful!

    I had life lock since 2012 and it was excellent, then my wife go ID Shield through her job and put in as her spouse for ID protection, and everything went south my FICO scores went down as never happened to me in the past, their customer service sucks, they don’t give a monthly clear report like life lock, may be because your not the primary on the account I might switch back To life lock as primary on the account like in the past, but the new review of life lock doesn’t look good as well for the new incomers but still good for their old clients ?

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  • 1

    J.L.M.'s review of IDShield

    1106 people found this review helpful!

    I had never heard of this company until my bookkeeper brought to my attention a questionable charge from my bank account in the amount of $247.00. I called the number on the check and talked to someone at Global Service Group, who said they had quit doing buiness with IDShield 2 because of fraudulent or unusual activity, and gave me another phone # to call to reach ID Shield2. I called and left a message but no one ever returned my call.

    Since I had been out of the country for a few months, I didn’t catch this charge until much later. My bank could see that the charge to my account was fraudulent, and tried to refund the money to my checking account, but the higher-ups at the main bank charged me again because I hadn’t caught the fraud until more than 60 days after it had been perpetrated.

    So a company that is supposed to be collecting monthly fees to protect a customer from fraud perpetrates fraud itself, Lovely. My bank says my only recourse is to make out a police report. We’ll see how THAT goes, but in the meantime, I’m out $247.00. I wonder if this company ever actually reads its scam reviews.

    Was this review helpful?

  • 10

    Phillip's review of IDShield

    1056 people found this review helpful!

    Coming from a financial background I know and have seen it first-hand the results of having your date breached or stolen. I have been an IDShield member for more than 8 years now and would not go with any another company! Just having that peace of mind that I have a company like IDShield protecting my date helps me sleep better at night. IDShield protects my whole family for a low monthly cost. IDShield has helped me with a number of issues of things that have popped up in my reports.

    They are the only company I know that gives a 5 Million dollar service Guarantee, with in-house licensed investigators, and full comprehensive restoration! As a Millennial, their mobile app is second to none with easy access. They are always very respectful when I call and I am proud to be a valued member. I would recommend this service to anyone. I am surprised they are not rated higher.

    Was this review helpful?

  • 9

    James P.'s review of IDShield

    1070 people found this review helpful!

    Love the service for the price it is the best available

    Was this review helpful?

  • 10

    David S.'s review of IDShield

    1058 people found this review helpful!

    We’ve had IDShield family coverage for about 12 years. In that time they have continually upgraded their services to cover every type of Identity theft, including social media. I get regular monthly updates and a smartphone app with instant updates if needed & a direct line to 24/7 consulting with their Investigator/consultants. I’ve had 2 occasions to use them & they were instantly helpful & we cancelled my card & notified my bank who reimbursed me. If it is serious, their certified fraud investigators will restore my identity back to its original state no matter how long it takes & has a $5 Million guarantee. Since I also have their LegalShield family legal plan, I also have the legal muscle to go to court to correct financial identity issues should they arise. For less than $40/month my whole family gets all our legal or identity theft issues covered. Great company. 🙂

    Was this review helpful?

  • 1

    Vegas's review of IDShield

    1170 people found this review helpful!

    I had been with ID Shield for over 15 years when it was under another name through Pre-Paid Legal. We never had any issue until one day, a fraudulent withdrawal from my bank in the amount of $276 was taken from my account. This is the same account that I paid ID Shield monthly with. I saw a picture of the so called check from my account to “ID Shield 2” – the address was fake, and so was the city and state in California. The phone number on the fake check was fake and the bank verified the transaction was fraud and gave me back my money.

    But here is the point of contention. When I called ID Shield, representative was nonchalant. I asked if she wanted to record my name and phone number to know that my account was wrongly compromised, she simply said that it wasn’t their fault and to go to the bank. She did not care at all.

    This is the same company that is supposed to be protecting my identity, and yet my bank account information was compromised. I immediately terminated my coverage. I sent a tweet to ID Shield and never got a reply from those cowards.

    ID Shield does not value long time customer and does not accept accountability for their service. NOT RECOMMENDED.

    Was this review helpful?

  • 10

    Sean's review of IDShield

    1519 people found this review helpful!

    I have had Life Lock and a couple of other Id protection services, and what I like is there is one charge to cover my entire family. The coverage is completely comprehensive. I do agree the technology needs to be perfected a bit, but the people behind are very strong in their skill sets and have integrity. They also found things on the dark web and public records that I had not known previously existed. Bottom line I think they are the best in the business.

    Was this review helpful?