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Expert Reviews

IdentitySweep Review

IdentitySweep offers standard data monitoring like public record searches and credit fraud alerts as well as more specific features like their Recovery Butler. An interesting analogy and easy to understand, the Butler service is meant to do the dirty work associated with clearing one’s reputation after a security breach.

What We Like IdentitySweep review positives

We appreciate anything that takes the burden off people, which is what the Recovery Butler was designed to do. When people face a crisis, it’s hard to determine how they will react. Often major disasters lead to unexpected consequences and mistakes that inevitably make the situation much worse. Having someone who knows what they’re doing can literally be a priceless benefit: there is no end to the value you get when you can rest easy knowing the details are being taken care of. Rather than listening to hold music and repeating your story six times in an hour, you can hand off the responsibility to someone who’s ready to take on the burden.

They also offer reimbursement for lost wages as part of their insurance policy, and an instant credit freeze so that no further damage can be done after the information has been breached. They also search illegal sites for up to 5 specific credit card numbers you provide for them, instead of only looking for your general information. They offer ways to remove your old information off of directories too if you’ve moved or changed phone numbers, which is excellent if people are acting on outdated information.

What We Don’t Like IdentitySweep review negatives

Their communication skills definitely need some work, and their prices are pretty high for what they offer. There are also complaints about their services being a scam, in that they post apartment listings and then get people to sign up for their paid services when they think they’re requesting a free copy of their credit report. When people call, they refuse to give their money back. There is also no contact information to call if you have questions about signing up, you can only email the company your information in order to get their services.

IdentitySweep has also posted that they’re been endorsed by such publications as the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, but those sources are unable to be confirmed. They allude to a partnership with ID Analytics but explain nothing about their affiliation. They mention a $1 million insurance policy, but other portions of their website state $25,000.

The Bottom Line

While their services do sound like they’d be worth paying for, there is no evidence to back up the fact that they can effectively perform what they’re promising. While they may not be a scam per se, they certainly sound like they’ve engaged in enough disingenuous behavior to raise major red flags. We could not recommend this company for the average consumer looking for a real support on their side if they are targeted for identity theft.

How It Works

How IdentitySweep Protection Works

Monitors: Your name, social security number, and up to 5 credit or debit cards will be monitored both on the Dark Web and legitimate sites. If anyone is using your information without being authorized to do so, you’ll receive an alert.

Recovery Butler: A licensed investigator will be available to you to start handling everything related to your identity breach. All communication, from paperwork to phone calls to digital notifications to affected companies and organizations, will be completed by your investigator. Receive guidance as well so you don’t feel lost or miss a step during this critical time.

Insurance: Lost wages, legal fees and even long-distance phone calls can all add up when your identity is stolen, and this no-deductible benefit can help you recover it all.

ID Analytics Fraud Scoring: Learn more about which of your daily activities put you at risk for fraud. Find out where you might be making mistakes in your day-to-day life, so you can fix them now and reduce your risk of attack.

Credit Monitoring: The company does not mention whether or not this if for all three bureaus or not, but they do provide alerts and an immediate credit freeze at your direction if you’re breached.

Plans & Pricing

IdentitySweep Plans & Pricing

Choose between two plans, with the premium option offering credit tracking and the standard offering basic demographic information monitoring.

Premier-Plus Plan

  • Monitors Name and SSN on Public Records
  • Monitors Illegal Chat Rooms for Up to 5 Credit or Debit Cards
  • Removes Addresses, Phone Numbers and Emails from Internet Directories at Your Request
  • Recovery Butler
  • Insurance
  • Identity Fraud Scoring
  • Regular Price: $14.95/mo

360-Plus Plan

  • Single Click Credit Freeze
  • Immediate Email Alerts for Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Report Available
  • Credit Score Tools
  • Regular Price: $29.95/mo
Member Services

IdentitySweep Member Support

IdentitySweep has a number to call, but only if you’re a current customer. There are no hours listed, but it doesn’t appear they offer 24/7 support. If you want to sign up for their plan, you’ll be taken to a form to fill out your basic information. They have offices in London, but we’re only including the US address here.

Current Customers: 1-800-511-9165

Physical Address:

901 Fort Meyer Dr.
Arlington, VA 22209

More Info

IdentitySweep History & Additional Info.

There is no history available for IdentitySweep, or any additional information about the founders of the company or what the current plans are for the company. They do offer a fairly standard Privacy Policy and general Terms of Service on their website.

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