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IdentitySecure Review

IdentitySecure provides a comprehensive protection plan that guards against identity fraud with credit monitoring and management, personal data protection, identity theft protection, fraud assist tools, identity theft insurance and support services. IdentitySecure members gain access to their credit reports and scores from the three credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax) within minutes of signup and can securely view them side-by-side for comparison.

What We Like Identity Secure positives

IdentitySecure has a comprehensive suite of monitoring, protection and tools to assist in all areas of identity security. We like the $1 million insurance, fraud assist toolbox, daily monitoring of personal information, and the extras like Norton Internet Security, emergency cash and credit card registration (see below for details).

We also like that members gain immediate access to their triple-bureau credit report and score upon signing up.

What We Don’t Like Identity Secure negatives

Be advised that this company is an affiliate of Affinion Group, a large organization who has a history of negative reviews with the BBB in addition to a multistate settlement resolving allegations of deceptive practices. Just always be aware of what you are signing up for and keep a watchful eye on your billing statements when it comes to signing up for membership with any identity theft protection agency.

The Bottom Line

By merging credit and financial management services with data monitoring, members are able to manage and maintain control over their personal information. In the unlikely event of compromised data, IdentitySecure has the tools and assistance to help restore your identity quickly and somewhat painlessly.

How It Works

How IdentitySecure Works

IdentitySecure provides daily monitoring of public information and will notify you of any new inquiries, damaging information, account openings, public records mentions or change of address that appear on your credit reports. If no information has been added or changed, you will receive monthly all clear notifications that all is well and that your credit file is still being actively monitored.

In addition to personal information monitoring, IdentitySecure will monitor up to ten registered credit or debit cards. Other benefits include:

Benefits Overview

Credit Management: Stay on top of credit and keep up with changes to records. Receive up-to-date credit reports and scores from the three bureaus and compare them on a regular basis so you can identify suspicious activity and keep tabs on your overall credit. In addition, members can get peace of mind with daily credit monitoring of each of the national credit reporting agencies allowing for early detection of suspicious activity or errors in their credit report.

Personal Data Protection: IdentitySecure offers data monitoring and protection services including:

  • Public records monitoring: IdentitySecure will be on the lookout for changes in criminal records, bankruptcy filings and court judgements.
  • DataSweep: Get comprehensive monitoring of your physical addresses, emails and phone numbers on online directories and search engines so you know what information is public and on what sites. This allows for easy removal of information you don’t want displayed to the online community.
  • Credit/debit card and bank account monitoring and fraud watch: With real-time, web-crawling technology, IdentitySecure can monitor unscrupulous chat rooms, websites and blogs that identity thieves use to trade stolen data from your credit cards, debit cards and bank account information.
  • Social Security Number fraud watch and event tracker: With real-time, web-crawling technology, IdentitySecure can monitor web portals where identity thieves buy and sell compromised SSNs. A scan of public records and credit header data sources will locate records associated with your SSN allowing you to determine if the information is legit or if you may have been compromised.
  • Public Records Report: By collecting data from thousands of sources, members will get a single report listing everything available to the public.
  • Card Registration: Store your credit and debit card information online with IdentitySecure’s online location. This allows for easy access if cards are lost or stolen.
  • Identity Verification Monitoring: With real-time, web-crawling technology, IdentitySecure scans the Internet to see if your personal data is being used to confirm your identity or open a new account. This includes submitting a new application, applying for a credit card and requesting a password reset.

Services and Tools

  • Fraud Assist Toolbox: Get necessary resources that will help protect your identity and recover from identity fraud.
  • Identity theft insurance: Get up to $1 million money back if identity thieves steal from your bank accounts. Please read IdentitySecure’s insurance disclaimer here.
  • Identity fraud support: Members who fall victim to identity theft will be assigned a dedicated FCRA trained caseworker to assist with ID restoration.
  • Lost/stolen card assistance: IdentitySecure will notify credit card issuers and make any necessary cancellations if credit cards go missing.
  • Records center: Gain easy access to driver’s, medical and insurance records.
  • PC safety center: Get Norton Internet Security Online to protect against viruses, spyware, spam and phishing.
  • Emergency cash and airline tickets: Members may be eligible for $1,000 in emergency cash and/or a one-way ticket home in the event of credit card theft or loss. See website for details and disclaimers.
  • Neighborhood reports: Get an overview of any neighborhood in the country to see how it stacks up in home value, demographics, crime rates and pollution measurements.
Plans & Pricing

IdentitySecure’s Plans & Pricing

Try IdentitySecure for $1 for the first 30 days. Keep in mind, unless you call to cancel within the trial period, you will be billed $19.99 for each month thereafter.

There is only one plan available to IdentitySecure members. Price is $19.99/mo. It includes:

Identity Theft Protection

  • Application Monitoring
  • Credit/Debit Fraud Watch
  • SSN Fraud Watch
  • Bank Account Fraud Watch
  • DataSweep (Email Address, Home Address, Phone Numbers)
  • Norton Internet Online Security
  • Public Records Monitoring

Credit Management

  • 3-Bureau Daily Credit Monitoring
  • 3-Bureau Credit Report
  • 3-Bureau CreditXpert Credit Scores
  • Credit Info Hotline

Fraud Resolution

  • Up to $1 million in Identity Theft Insurance
  • Fraud Assist Toolbox
  • Identity Fraud Support
  • Lost Credit Card Assist

Services and Tools

  • Emergency Cash
  • Airline Tickets
  • Medical/Insurance Record Request Forms
  • Driver’s Record Reimbursement
  • Neighborhood Reports
  • Educational Resources and Assessments
Member Services

IdentitySecure Customer Service

In addition to standard customer service, IdentitySecure offers a toll-free Credit Information Hotline providing extra support. The website also provides a variety of support resources.

Cancellation Policy

If you sign up for the trial, you must cancel during the trial period if you don’t want to be billed the monthly $19.99 fee for membership. Call 1-866-990-7328 or email service@identitysecure.com to cancel any time and you will not be billed for additional months. The credit scores and reports are yours to keep.

General Support: 1-866-990-7328

More Info

IdentitySecure History

The business is a division of Affinion Group, a worldwide provider of data security solutions for over 35 years.


6 High Ridge Park
Stamford, CT 06905

Email: service@identitygsecure.com



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