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IdentityProtection.com Review

IdentityProtection.com is powered through Equifax, one of the 3 major credit bureaus. There are 2 tabs on their website: Education and Resources. Their website is designed to inform you of the dangers of identity theft, and gives tips about monitoring your social security and credit card numbers and receiving custom fraud alerts to reduce your likelihood of having it happen to you. However,IdentityProtection.com does not provide these services for you, only gives you information based on the latest research and news. The website does have a member log-in which takes you to an Equifax page to input your information, so that appears to be the only way to purchase protection besides through the preventative measures listed on their website.

What We Like IdentityProtection.com positives

It’s likely that credit bureaus have had the most experience when it comes to identity theft. After all, it’s usually your money the criminals want. Equifax has taken their knowledge and turned it over to you, so you can do what you can to stay on top of new trends for hackers. You can take a risk assessment test on this website for free as well. They have articles, guides, tips and videos so you can start taking the control back into your own hands, a feeling that’s invaluable when you think of the many people throughout the world trying to take over your identity. The Equifax page offers your score from every bureau (available at any time). as well as alerts for anything suspicious that may have occurred with your accounts. You can subscribe to their site to receive monthly updates and communications about the latest news as well.

What We Don’t Like IdentityProtection.com negatives

At this point, you already know of the dangers of identity theft, so you may not need additional resources to stay on top of everything. The site could definitely have a better layout and mission to it all, as it’s basically an amalgamation of articles from different sources. It’s not necessarily easy to find information beyond the standard buzz words that could apply to practically any identity protection website. The navigational tools could use some work, and some of the links require several steps before you get where you want to go. Their blog does seem to have useful information, but it’s not condensed into a quick-reference guide. Also, the price seems high for the services offered on Equifax, and there are more than 800 negative comments about it on Consumer Affairs for their product.

The Bottom Line

Despite Equifax having more access to data, and the potential of being able to alert their customers sooner than other identity theft companies, this does not appear to be a very good plan to pay for. What you may want to do instead is sign up for another company that offers full-scale monitoring through both public and private records, and then use the website www.identityprotection.com as a supplementary resource for when you want to be informed of current news, basic information and tips from experts.

How It Works

How IdentityProtection.com Works

As stated, their site provides mainly education. We’ll also give you the basic details of the Equifax Complete™ Premier Plan, which is promoted through their page.

Get Informed: See what’s happening with protection laws, information sharing restrictions and hacking news. Even just glancing at the headlines can make you feel more prepared for what might lie ahead.

Personal Stories: If identity theft does happen to you, it can make you feel frustrated, violated and angry. Listen to other people recount their experiences with identity theft and learn how they were able to put it behind them so they could get on with their lives.

Identity Theft 101: Find tools that can help you lessen the odds of being a target. These tools change as technology and hackers adapt, so even if you feel like you already know what to do, chances are something has changed.

Stay In Control: Take a short risk assessment quiz that gets to know your habits, spending and online activities so you can determine whether or not you’re at a high risk of being hacked.

Common Questions: Get in-depth responses, so you can arm yourself with as much information as possible about the current climate in hacking and privacy.

Government Sites: Get a list of places to call should you need to update an office of your identity theft, file a complaint or receive further prevention information.

Credit Monitoring: Should you sign up for Equifax’s plan, you’ll receive credit monitoring and unlimited alerts for any unconfirmed transactions on your Equifax, Experian or TransUnion reports or through your bank accounts. The plan also allows you to track your score over time for additional insight into your financial situation.

Plans & Pricing

IdentityProtection.com Plans and Pricing

The website itself is free, with the option to subscribe for monthly updates. The Premier Plan you can find promoted through their page (on the Equifax website only) is as follows.

  • 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring Once a Year
  • Access to Equifax Score and Tracking Tools
  • Fraud Alerts for Credit Reports and Bank Accounts
  • Regular Price: $19.95/mo
Member Services

IdentityProtection.com Member Support

The site is available 24/7, however there does not appear to be any type of contact information besides the sign in sheets for either IdentityProtection.com or the Equifax plan. It does imply that once you become a member, you will receive access to the contact information for those who purchase the plans.

More Info

IdentityProtection.com Additional Information

Most of the additional links take you to Equifax websites, so there’s very little else to report about the history for this particular website. It is worth noting that Equifax started in 1899 and that it has the credit records for over 400 million people. Their ability to hold and track so much information points to their expertise in the field, and should qualify them to speak on the issues of credit identity theft and the ways to prevent it.

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