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Identity Hawk Review

IdentityHawk offers tools and monitoring services to strengthen member’s reputation, security and prevention methods for avoiding identity theft. The company partners with certain banks, so you may be asked to sign up with them in order to get information necessary to complete a loan process. However, they are not accepting members currently through their website. By providing customers with online safety resources and all-around protection, their promise is to look at all parts of your identity as opposed to just your credit risk or social security number.

What We Like IdentityHawk review positives

Their system works to try to spread their resources out across every part of your life, which is certainly a formidable task. Their communication is succinct, and well organized, and they seem to know their statistics about identity theft. Numbers in a corner helps companies determine where their money and technology are best employed, which means a safer system for you.

They have a detailed FAQ section which actually addresses many of the common misconceptions you may have. We also like their emphasis on education and encryption. Educating yourself means you’ll be more confident about what you do and why, while their Norton secured website works to encrypt your information. Encryption is not an easy task, but it’s necessary to provide an extra layer of security to people’s transaction history.

What We Don’t Like IdentityHawk review negatives

The company simply doesn’t have the reputation behind it to give credence to their claims. Customers have complained the service provided by the company isn’t consistent and can be frustrating. There’s also nothing particularly unique about this plan, nor is there much information about the people who started it. Customers have reported that it’s difficult to get ahold of the team, which is simply not a luxury that those who experience breaches can afford.

Customers will not receive proactive restoration from their team, but rather guidance and a toolkit for additional help. Other companies offer assistance where a case specialist will actually make the calls and actions necessary to restore your identity.

The Bottom Line

While IdentityHawk may have started with good intentions, we cannot recommend this product for consumers. The company makes too many general statements, without having any type of real stats to back it up. While we appreciate their forward-thinking approach to technology and arming customers with tools to make themselves safer, there are too many other companies out there who have made the commitment to their customers to do more.

How It Works

How IdentityHawk Works

Identity theft protection requires constant monitoring at all times. Cyber criminals work at all hours of the day, and there are times of the day and year where your computer is more likely to be hacked. IdentityHawk offers the following services to decrease your odds, and they also offer restoration services if you are infiltrated.

Automatic Advisories: Get alerts by your mobile phone or email. Enjoy access to a dashboard where you can check up on the status of your account in real time. Technology and the smartphone may be ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean we all get our information the same way. Having different means to access your information makes it easy to have a more customized experience with IdentityHawk.

Financial Protection: Receive scores and monitoring from all three credit bureaus as well as financial breach tracking. Each credit bureau processes your information differently, which is why your score may vary by several points between each one. While there are free sites available that can tell you your score all year round, they often only feature two of the three bureaus. You need to keep up on all three in case one credit bureau reflects a hacking incident when the other two don’t.

Risk Detection: Receive your identity health score so you can see your chances of being hacked in real time. For example, if you start doing more online shopping instead of physical store shopping, you open yourself up to more chances of suffering a breach. Learn your number so if you need to make adjustments in your behavior, you can do it before you have your identity stolen. You’ll also get round-the-clock identity security scanning and social security number monitoring.

Identity Restoration: Receive up to $1 million theft insurance and get support from ID recovery experts. You’ll be able to tell them your story, and ask questions or receive guidance about what your next moves should be. You’ll also get an ID theft recovery toolkit for more information and the steps you need to take to get everything back together again.

Resources: Education and knowledge will actually go a long way to getting people prepared to protect their identity in the future. From fake IDs to ransoming a computer for its files, identity theft takes many forms. By learning about it all, you have a better chance of feeling you have the tools for it all.

Plans & Pricing

IdentityHawk Plans & Pricing

Plan includes the following services. The company does not have a sign-up sheet page on their website with pricing information, however at one point they did offer both single and family plans available.

  • Fraud Alerts and Personal Dashboard
  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • 3 Bureau Credit Scores and Financial Tracking
  • ID Recovery Experts
  • $1 Million Insurance
  • Identity Health Score
  • ID theft recovery toolkit
  • Norton-Secured Website
  • Educational Tools
Member Services

IdentityHawk  Member Support

Fair credit experts are available during the following hours.

General Support: 1-888-697-0720

Monday to Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. (ET)

Saturday to Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (ET)

More Info

IdentityHawk Additional Information

The company started to help keep their customers from losing their good names in the community, and emphasis is placed on using protective technology to fight against the many criminals out there. They use encryption to protect your information, and aim to give consumers back the power when it comes to completing any kind of transactions in the world (whether virtual, physical, financial or otherwise.)

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