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For 35 years, IdentityForce has provided individuals, businesses and government agencies with identity, privacy and credit protection. With an experienced team of professionals delivering personal security solutions, IdentityForce uses innovative technology to develop trusted solutions and deliver them to their members. Their comprehensive suite of proactive services provides affordable, scalable solutions that offer businesses and individuals valuable identity theft and privacy protection.

What We Like IdentityForce reviews positives

Our IdentityForce review revealed that it is a U.S General Services Administration (GSA) approved Federal Government contractor and has been contracted since 1995 to perform their credit monitoring, data breach analysis and risk analysis services. The GSA awarded IdentityForce tier one status for providing exploratory services to their federal employees.

IdentityForce has been a BBB Accredited business since 2007 and holds an A+ BBB rating. There have been only 7 complaints over the last 3 years that have all been resolved and closed. BBB customer reviews balance higher on the positive experience side.

We like that they offer their services to individuals as well as businesses, government agencies and affiliate partners. Their well-rounded approach works for anyone looking for identity monitoring, protection and resolution.

What We Don’t Like IdentityForce reviews negatives

During our review of IdentityForce we found that while customers can get instant alerts to their mobile phones, there is no mobile app, which is becoming a popular feature that has been added to many competing company’s services.

Prospective members don’t have many options as far as what plan they want. With only two options, the upgrade simply adding more credit information, it’s basically all or nothing. Some people aren’t interested in that level of protection and might just want a little help with monitoring.

The Bottom Line

IdentityForce’s review on ASR shows they have a full spectrum of monitoring services which help members to be proactive in preventing and avoiding identity theft. Their cutting-edge technology promptly alerts members to act on suspicious activity before any major damage is done. With 24/7 recovery assistance from Certified Protection Experts and a $1 million identity theft insurance policy, members can rest assure that they are being taken care of from beginning to end.

How It Works

How IdentityForce Works

Our review of IdentityForce protection services reveals three primary components to how they protect their members identities. More on those three elements below.

Monitor and Alert

  • Change of Address: IdentityForce will monitor and alert you if any activity on your address takes place and if mail has been redirected through USPS.
  • Credit Report: Each day, IdentityForce monitors your credit files to identity key changes that could be indications of fraud and alerts you if action needs to be taken.
  • Identity: IdentityForce’s advanced technology will monitor and alert you if there are signs of your personal information being used or sold online illegally.
  • Court Record: To make sure your identity is not being used without your authorization, IdentityForce will search millions of criminal, court and public records and alert you if there are signs of identity usage.
  • Payday Loan: IdentityForce will monitor for your social security number if used in a payday or quick cash loan and alert you if there is illegal activity.
  • Fraud: If your identity is being used for purchases like check reorders, car loan applications, new credit cards, etc., you will promptly be notified to help avoid serious damage.
  • Sex Offender: IdentityForce conducts in-depth searches of sex offender registries to see if your personal data is being used. You will also be alerted if a sex offender moves into your neighborhood.


  • Credit Reports and Scores: Get instant online access to your credit reports and scores.
  • Credit Score Tracker: Keep an eye on your credit score to make sure there are no sudden fluctuations.
  • Junk Mail Opt-Out: IdentityForce will remove your name from marketing databases and stop pre-approved credit card offers so you aren’t in danger of identity thieves targeting your junk mail.
  • DeleteNow: Know what personal information has been made public and take control of it by deleting information you didn’t put there.
  • Medical ID Fraud Protection: Be sure you and your family are the only ones using your medical benefits by reviewing your statements regularly.
  • Identity Health Score: Find how vulnerable you are to identity theft through a personal risk assessment and get an Identity Health Score.
  • Online Privacy Tools: Be sure you are protected while shopping, banking and sharing online with IdnetityForce’s anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software.


  • Identity Restoration Specialists: Get 24/7 comprehensive support from Certified Protection Experts if your personal information has been compromised. They will assist with paperwork, making calls and taking your through the process.
  • Identity Theft Insurance: Recover certain out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages in the event of identity theft with IdentityForce’s $1 million insurance policy.
  • Lost Wallet Assistance: If your wallet is lost or stolen, IdentityForce will help cancel and replace credit and debit cards and stop fraudulent charges.
Plans & Pricing

IdentityForce Plans & Pricing

IdentityForce offers two coverage options to individuals, their families and businesses.


  • Monitoring (Identity, Fraud, Court Records, Change of Address, Payday Loan, Sex Offender)
  • Instant Notifications and Alerts
  • Public Records Monitoring
  • Identity Score and Report
  • 24/7 Restoration Services
  • $1 Million Insurance Policy
  • Medical ID Protection
  • DeleteNow
  • Anti-Phishing, Anti-Keylogging Protection Tools
  • Lost Wallet
  • Identity Restoration Advisor
  • Junk Mail Opt-Out
  • Regular Price: $17.95/mo or $179.50/yr (with a 14-day free trial)


  • Everything Included in UltraSecure Plan
  • Fraud Resolution Specialist
  • Credit Score Simulator
  • Daily 3-bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Reports (3-Bureau)
  • Credit Scores (3-Bureau)
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracker
  • Regular Price: $23.95/mo or $239.50/yr

Additional Services


  • Identity Monitoring
  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Identity Restoration Specialist
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
  • Regular Price: $2.75/mo or $27.50/yr
Member Services

IdentityForce Customer Service

An experienced and professional team of customer service consultants are available to help assist members and non-members with any inquiries about identity protection or their personal account.

IdentityForce is available via email, live chat, phone and social media.

Corporate Support:1-877-IDForce
Member Services: 1-877-694-3367

More Info

IdentityForce History

IdentityForce opened its doors in 1978 and became BBB Accredited in 2007.

Executive Information:

CEO: Steven Bearak
President and Customer Contact: Judith Leary

Located at:

40 Speen St. Ste 403
Framingham, MA. 01701



Frequently Asked Questions

What will IdentityForce do for me?

This company is known for providing its customers with highly advanced technology and techniques to combat identity theft. Do not get this plan if you’re looking for a casual (cheaper) protection plan. Base plan includes public monitoring including medical documents, $1 million insurance policy and instant fraud alerts. You also get personal agents dedicated to restoring your identity. Upgraded plan includes credit monitoring from all 3 bureaus. One thing it won’t do for you is give you a mobile app to use.

How much will Identity Force cost me?

It’s $17.95 a month or $179.50 a year for the base plan with a free 14 day trial regardless with their base plan, the upgraded plan is $23.95 a month or $239.50 per year (no free trial.)

Will IdentityForce stop identity theft from happening to me?

They’re proactive, and they provide anti-phishing tools to ensure you stay on the right sites. The instant alerts when there’s a change or possible suspicious activity is helpful too, though they do not guarantee they can stop all identity theft.

Will Identity Force help me after identity theft happens to me?

Yes, even on the base plan, they offer dedicated people to keep you from having to deal with the many hassles and details involved in restoring your identity theft. This is a tremendously valuable benefit for busy people.

Is IdentityForce a scam?

No. They’ve been deemed worthy by government agencies, where standards have to be high. Their reputation with the BBB is also stellar.

Is Identity Force worth the cost of services?

This is a full-service organization, including credit monitoring, and it does appear to be worth it for the people who want protection from all angles.

How legitimate is IdentityForces’s service?

We give this company high marks for their legitimacy. They’ve been in business for almost 40 years, and customers report they get alerts quickly to their phones. Website is well designed, if lacking the mobile technology that we’ve come to expect from the bigger names.

Will using Identity Force affect my credit score?

No. The type of pull that identity theft companies do on your credit report does not affect your credit. The upgraded plan monitors your credit, meaning you’ll only have more insight into how to improve your score.

Is it safe to give IdentityForce my information & SSN?

Yes. The company is trusted with federal and consumer information alike, and their lips are sealed.

Can I cancel my Identity Force account anytime?

You can’t. The company doesn’t offer refunds on unused time. So if you’re not sure about the plan, definitely sign up for the month to month.

Can I cancel my IdentityForce account online?

No. You can only cancel by phone at (877) 694-3367 from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. ET, which is rather limiting.

Can I do what Identity Force provides myself?

Almost definitely not. Their computer systems are designed to scour countless data points on countless websites, and your computer likely doesn’t have that kind of power or the ability to send you instant alerts.

How does IdentityForce collect my credit score?

Identity Force has the means to work with the 3 credit bureaus, and they use your information and their connections to get the necessary scores and changes in a timely manner.

Does Identity Force offer family plan options?

Yes. It’s $2.75 additional a month for each child and includes the standard monitoring for SSN, medical fraud, etc.

How does IdentityForce protect my identity?

The company takes care to stay up to speed with new software, while at the same time providing dedicated personal service for those who are affected. Their strategies are based on setting up the best proactive and reactive measures to fight fraud.

How frequently does Identity Force update my credit score?

The monitoring itself is continuous so the updates are happening 24/7, and you’ll have full access to your online credit score whenever you want and a monthly score tracker as well.

Which credit bureau’s does IdentityForce use?

Identity Force uses Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

Where is Identity Force located?

The company operates out of Framingham in Massachusetts.

Identity Force Awards


Javelin Strategy & Research – Best in Prevention


Javelin Strategy & Research – Best in Resolution


Javelin Strategy & Research – Best in Resolution

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  • 2

    Ed's review of IdentityForce

    1051 people found this review helpful!

    Tried IdentityForce next after a poor experience with another provider. All seemed fine at first but found it impossible to contact IdentityForce over the phone and no response to requested call backs to ask about alerts, with 1 very important one being time sensitive with an unauthorized loan opened. I was not able to explore the details of the alert online, kept getting errors. Their online presence is extremely poor. Never was able to resolve my alert and never received a return phone call, canceled the service.

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  • 1

    Quinn's review of IdentityForce

    1023 people found this review helpful!

    Published 100 minutes ago

    Updated 19 minutes ago

    ~ Verified order

    Completely TERRIBLE service !!!

    Emailed questions to support on first day, took over 4 DAYS to get a reply !Offered a 30 day free trial, $199.50 annually thereafter. NO 30 day free trial as they bill you the entire amount immediately. Called customer service to question this and have been on hold for almost 4 HOURS !!! Then they simply disconnected the call !!!!
    NO OPTION TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP ONLINE !! and if you don’t get through within the “free trial period” THEY DO NOT REFUND ANYTHING

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