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Identity Truth Review

Identity Truth’s motto is ‘Faster Than Fraud’ which is a bold statement, considering how crafty criminals can be. They offer credit monitoring through CSID’s services (learn more at our CSID Review). They offer a variety of features to different businesses, and allows companies to have the option of creating their own suite of features that will be unique to their brand. CSID has built their own tools with the latest technology available, and it’s given them an edge in the industry. They offer credit monitoring, fraud alerts and risk assessment. While they do offer protection to consumers directly, they have built out their platforms so other companies can easily take advantage of their customizable software. They state they service 80 percent of the retail identity protection industry. However, they’re still a work in progress as they struggle to catch up to their more well-known counterparts such as LifeLock and Identity Truth appears to have been absorbed by or otherwise discontinued their services.

What We Like Identity Truth positives

Identity Truth has tried to tailor their approach to different people, which is a sign of an efficient strategy. Different income levels, protection measures, lifestyles and locations can spell out very different identity theft risk from one person to the next. Why employ (and pay for) fancy features that you’re extraordinarily unlikely to need? Certainly it’s always better to be more prepared than less, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to do so.  Between credit monitoring, fraud alerts and reporting, it provides basic coverage for the average consumer.

What We Don’t Like Identity Truth negatives

It’s difficult to understand exactly what’s going on with this service. It appears that they are allowing people to sign up through the website with an Enroll Now button, but the link within the button only takes you to CSID’s website. If you visit a different website for Identity Truth, it redirects you to this page. Every link and page is slightly different, making it difficult to understand what’s really being offered. It does state on one of the websites that Identity Truth is now CSID, but doesn’t explain further or include any additional information. There were also complaints of this company providing very poor customer service with its staff unsure of exactly what the services were. The entire point of white labeling is to provide better support and more relevant plans to consumers they couldn’t find at the original company that made the products. Instead it looks like they just frustrated and exhausted their user base when they had questions or problems. There is no pricing information for Identity Truth’s services, only for the parent company and it seems unlikely they’ll ever bring back the services for new customers. Those signed up for it initially can still log in and access their reporting tools.

The Bottom Line

We cannot recommend Identity Truth based on the information provided, and we wouldn’t recommend going through their page to sign up for CSID either. There’s not enough information on either page. Should you choose CSID for your identity protection then contact them directly for best results and more in-depth explanations.

How It Works

How Identity Truth Works

Independent research has revealed that at one point, they offered the following options. You can also find the subsequent information for the CSID plan that you can find through their company website.

Preventative Fraud Alerts: This feature will sound the alarm when there’s a potential problem so you have the opportunity to look into the situation or fix any mistakes you may have made.

Identity Health Score: Gives you a number to go on based on your risk of identity theft so you can purchase different features based on your particular needs.

Consistent Monitoring: Any suspicious activity regarding your information will be investigated with technology that is able to infiltrate illegal sites the average consumer would never be able to access.

Personal Dashboard: Receive your own dashboard where you can monitor activity and see changes in real time. This is handy to have alongside the alerts if you enjoy being more in control over where your information is and how well it’s being updated.

Advice: Receive professional counseling so you can determine what your next best move is. From contacting retailers to shutting down credit cards, you have someone to call for assistance.

Tri-Bureau Protector Plan or Protector Plan

As the name implies, this would be a plan based on all three credit bureaus, but unfortunately there’s nothing else listed on the page. It does ask for your credit card number without telling you what you’re paying for. Even the additional links (Terms and Conditions, Experian Dispute Information, Privacy Policy) do not actually tell you what you’re paying for.

Plans & Pricing

Identity Truth Plans & Pricing

As mentioned, this was found due to independent research. It is not being offered anymore, but past customers still have access to their plan.

  • Protection Based in USA
  • Identity Risk Assessment
  • Potential Fraud Alerts
  • Professional Advice and Swift Resolution Policies
  • Personal Dashboard Information
  • Monitoring of Credit Activity and Credit Reporting
  • Monitoring of Both Legal Websites and the Dark Web or Black Market
  • Junk Mail Removal
  • Customer Support Helpline and Online FAQs
  • Monthly Price: $17.99
  • Annual Price: $179.95

The following is listed for CSID’s plans and pricing through Identity Truth’s website. There was no additional info found.

  • Tri-Bureau Protector
  • Monthly Price: $14.50
  • Annual Price: $149.95
  • CSID Protector
  • Monthly Price: $9.95
  • Yearly Price: $99.50
Member Services

Identity Truth Member Support

Identity Truth has the following number available with the following hours in Eastern Time, although it is unclear if it is only open during weekdays. This line is staffed with Fair Credit Act Reporting Experts, according to the website.

General Information: 1-800-684-1336

Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

More Info

Identity Truth Additional Information

You won’t find a History or About Us section on their website, and general information is not readily available about how the company started, what it’s mission was (besides general protection) or who was behind it.

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