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Expert Reviews

Identity Safety Services Review

Identity Safety Services (ISS) offers its customers total protection by monitoring your financial accounts, mortgage data, loan information, change of address records, utility records and healthcare information. They also offer all kinds of computer protection software to save you from clever hackers. The site correctly points out that identity theft can happen for years before someone finds out, and at that point the damage becomes almost too damaging to thoroughly clean up. By taking precautions, they ensure your information will stay safe from a variety of criminals.

What We Like Identity Safety Services

Anytime a company goes above and beyond the way Identity Safety Services does, it’s a good sign they understand identity theft. While financial fraud is the most common, there are other routes criminals can use as a gateway to get what they want. By looking at the rest of the information, they provide you with your identity risk score and let you know of any questionable activity that may be going on. A minor inconvenience that requires you to check and verify a correct payment or action on your part is much better than ignoring an actual move by a criminal.

They also offer anti-virus software, firewall protection and digital file shredders so you can keep your information in a virtual vault with strong defenses and encryption software. Considering computer-savvy people from around the world have figured out ways to prey on innocent people with relatively easy-to-use machinery, you’re going to appreciate the extra steps being taken against Identity Safety Services.

What We Don’t Like Identity Safety Services negatives

For everything they do to build up your computer’s mechanisms to spot a virus or potential hack before it even has the opportunity to do damage, it’s a little unclear what they’re doing exactly with your credit. They do state they offer real-time monitoring of your credit card accounts, but when you go their services listed they don’t even mention credit. Considering this is generally the first place you’ll see a problem, there’s simply not enough being said about it on their website for us to endorse Identity Safety Services for being full upfront about their services. They also do not seem to offer 24/7 support, which is a really comforting service to have.

The Bottom Line

If you’re concerned your computer is vulnerable or if you’re not very careful about the sites you visit, then ISS might be a good bet for you. All of us can have a bad day or just be too tired to really realize what we’re clicking on, and thieves count on that to infiltrate your computer. What’s even more scary is that criminals operate from anywhere in the world, meaning you can’t turn to law enforcement for help. It’s not enough to trust the websites that pop up first on a search page, so having strong anti-virus software along with identity theft monitoring could make the ultimate difference. However, if you need more comprehensive protection, then we recommend going with a company that offers everything Identity Safety Services does in addition to more aggressive credit monitoring like our #1 rated provider, LifeLock.

How It Works

How Identity Safety Services Works

You might be impressed to see just how many benefits they have. Here is a general overview, but you should visit their site for the full list to learn more.

Monitoring: They state they use the country’s largest database to determine theft as soon as it happens. Using over 650 billion data points, they’ll give you a risk score so you understand your place in the grand scheme of the virtual world. Receive alerts if there are changes to any of your accounts, including medical or utilities.

Identity Score and Report: Receive a new score and report every month based on the activity on your accounts and data. This will show any fraud or questionable behavior that may have occurred (in addition to the alerts you’ll receive on an immediate basis) as well as general payments and regular events. ISS will show you where they received the information from and update your risk score accordingly.

Dashboard: Identity Safety Services describes their dashboard as intuitive and detailed. Looking at a sample, it does seem to be easy to read and understand. A dashboard is often much more useful than a report. It shows you at a quick glance how you can manage your information and get more information about any aspect of your own identity. It also provides general tips and warnings about risk and theft. See your score, report card, insurance and restoration benefits and instructions, computer protection status, software access, resource center and online profile.

Identity Theft Restoration: The steps taken by ISS are impressive and include a 10-point plan to get you back to where you were. They’ll file police reports, contact agencies and have Limited Power of Attorney privileges, among other benefits.

Insurance: Receive up to $25,000 in legal fees, lost wages and cost reimbursement. The policy is underwritten by Chartis Inc.

Computer Protection: Download antivirus and security software right from your dashboard to stop spies, spam and hackers of all kinds. You’ll get protection from fake websites and any vulnerability in your Wi-Fi connection. Their system tune-up will speed up your computer by ridding your system of unnecessary files. Lock your files and chats with encryption and delete your data for good through their shredder.

Plans & Pricing

Identity Safety Services Plans and Pricing

ISS seems to offer the Platinum plan only with the following break-down in services and prices for both individuals and families. Family plan includes up to 4 users.

  • Restoration
  • $25,000 Insurance
  • Resource Center
  • Monitoring Reports and Alerts
  • Risk Assessment Score
  • Restoration
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Software Firewall
  • Digital Vault/File Shredder
  • Individual Price: $9.99/mo
  • Individual Price: $99.99/yr
  • Family Price: $19.99/mo
  • Family Price: $199.99/yr
Member Services

Identity Safety Services Member Support

Identity Safety Services currently has the following means to get ahold of their services. It should be noted there are no hours listed on their website for their phone numbers, but their email address does state you can contact it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (which is true of any email address.) If you call the first number listed, you’re directed to a line with an automated message stating you’ve reached My Change Address. It does appear you’re rerouted after that to a specialist.

Email Address: iss.support@bridgevine.com

Service/Billing/Upgrades: 1-800-752-1013

Theft Problems/Technical Questions/Support: 1-888-391-7700

More Info

Identity Safety Services Additional Information

There is nothing about their history, and it appears they only started in 2012. They don’t have a file with the BBB as of yet. They do have general Terms and Conditions, a Privacy Policy and a Help Center that all gives general information about their services, standards and benefits.

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