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Expert Reviews

Identity Lookout Review

Identity Lookout has chosen to extend Experian’s identity theft plan, ProtectMyID to their members. It offers Experian’s product on their website for members to peruse. They offer standard services to monitor credit and information on the internet for members, as well as an insurance policy and stolen wallet assistance. However, there is little information about the company and no contact information besides a standard web form where you give your information.

What We Like Identity Lookout review positives

Experian knows identity theft, so Identity Lookout certainly started off with a decent initial company maneuver. The credit bureau has personally been targeted a number of times by hackers, so their incentives to keep impeccable standards are really high. Credit monitoring and theft often go hand in hand, so it helps to take action the very minute there’s word of a problem with Experian being the keeper of the information, that word may come quicker when you have a more direct line to them through one of their affiliates like Identity Lookout.

They also offer 7 days worth of protection for a dollar. This is a marketing gimmick to get you to sign up and then forget to cancel, but if you want to legitimately try them out (or just get really cheap coverage by using different company’s sign up benefits) then it’s certainly an option. You’ll also have someone to call if your wallet is stolen, which is a nice feature when you’re feeling scared or lost in a strange area.

What We Don’t Like Identity Lookout review negatives

Not only are you not going directly through Experian, there’s practically no information about Identity Lookout as anything other than a company who saw white labeling as a means to financial gain. Experian makes their service available by white labeling their products in case employers want to offer it to their employees with customized features, or organizations like AAA want to provide discounts to their members by using their leverage in the industry. With no information about this company’s relationship with Experian, and little in the way of specifics on their website, there’s nothing here to indicate that this service is worth paying for. It’s also difficult to find customer reviews for them of any kind.

The Bottom Line

There isn’t enough here to recommend them, but it’s not necessarily because of anything to do with Experian. Their solution is actually a pretty decent service for most general consumers. However it doesn’t appear that Identity Lookout was able to add anything of value to the plan for their members. It’s not cheaper, flexible or more personable. If you do like the sound of this plan and their approach to protection, you’re better off signing up with another affiliate or directly through Experian’s website.

How It Works

How Identity Lookout Identity Protection Works

Identity Lookout operates with the following philosophy: detect, safeguard, resolve. We’ll show you what each one looks like in practice.

Detect: Identity Lookout has defined 50 indicators for identity theft, and set their parameters to ensure that each one is continuously checked for your maximum protection. From the legal to the not-so-legal sites, they’re keeping an eye out for any untoward behavior. Hackers buy and sell numbers and names like it’s their job (because it kind of is.) If your credit information is found exposed, it will be detected and you will be notified.

Safeguard: If you’ve lost your wallet, you’re going to need some help, so the thief is stopped in their tracks. Let the Identity Theft Resolution Agents make the calls and begin the process of replacing what has been taken from you. Insurance, identification and credit cards can all be handled by the trained people who are ready to start taking action.

Resolve: Enjoy $1 million in identity theft insurance, as well as useful information about how to keep both yourself and your family protected from wrongdoers everywhere. They also offer family monitoring, which is helpful since children have a tendency to be targets based on the lack of attention paid to their credit standing and social security numbers.

Credit Monitoring: Receive alerts for when there are major changes to your information or if there’s potential fraudulent activity occurring. It doesn’t state exclusively on the website that the credit monitoring is strictly for Experian, but that seems to be the case based on how their product and the industry works. You’ll also receive your credit report from Experian as well. You’re also meant to have credit and debit card protection as well, but it’s not clear exactly what that means unless it falls under the stolen wallet replacement service.

Plans & Pricing

Identity Lookout Plans & Pricing

There is one plan offered with the following services and price information, though they do state that child monitoring is available at an unknown additional fee.

  • $1 Million Insurance
  • Internet Scan for Credit Information (Including the Dark Web)
  • Fraud Resolution Assistance
  • Email Fraud Alerts
  • Credit, ATM, and Debit Card Protection
  • Daily Credit Monitoring
  • Experian Credit Report
  • Regular Price: $19.95/mo
Member Services

Identity Lookout Member Support

There is no contact information listed here, there is only a place to sign up on their website.

More Info

Identity Lookout  Additional Information

Besides the rather long Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy pages offering standard information, there’s little else about how this company functions in the consumer, legal or credit world. Outside sources do not turn up who started the company or what their overall mission is.

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