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Expert Reviews

IDAvenger Review

IDAvenger offers protection against both known and unknown threats, and is meant to be a one-stop shop for all of your identity needs. They offer monitoring as a preventative measure and full service recovery as well. Their services are meant to be simple, and easy for the average person to utilize.

What We Like IDAvenger review positives

In the midst of companies trying to offer more and more services to top one another, it’s nice to see a company brand themselves as those who streamline their services so you can rest knowing that you’re in good hands. You won’t have to install software that you might not understand or take complicated tests to determine your fraud risk. These can be extremely important tools, but they can also make people intimidated by them too. They also offer 24/7 full-scale recovery and lost wallet assistance, making their help priceless when you’re in a crisis.

We also like their initial promises that they can’t stop identity theft completely, but they can make sure that they’re doing everything possible to make it less likely to happen to you. The more measures you have in place, the more likely a thief is to move onto the next person they have in mind. The company also offers identity theft solutions to businesses at bulk rates, due to the amount of time lost if and when an employee has to stop to get records photocopied and calls made about their lost credit cards.

What We Don’t Like IDAvenger review negatives

There’s little to be found in the way of unbiased information about them, but it should be noted that the few reviews about them aren’t all that bad. However, they offer an affiliate-sharing program which gives out money to people who promote their services. This isn’t the worst thing a company can do, especially considering they have to get their name out somewhere, but it often points to a company attempting to sign people up in a somewhat disingenuous way. Truly pleased customers don’t need an incentive to promote what they like.

They also don’t offer credit monitoring from the major bureaus, which is a large component of identity theft. It’s often the very first way people realize that their information has gotten into the hands of the wrong people. They have long explanations of why their service is much better than identity theft, but really it’s often the financial matters that trigger the alerts that happen.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing specifically that we can point to to say that this service isn’t worthwhile, but something seems to be incomplete about the company. Their information is certainly there, but the details seem lost in the promises. Perhaps they’re working on a different program, or are trying to increase their reach and publicity. It may be worthwhile to wait to see if they revamp, and then reassess.

How It Works

How IDAvenger Works

Monitoring and Surveillance: Provide your credit card information, bank account numbers, account logins, home address and other identifying information, and IDAvenger will go to work scouring the black markets (Dark Web), as well as chat rooms, bulletin boards and millions of legitimate sites too. Your information will be safe, and the advanced algorithms will isolate the activity and then alert you with the details.

$25,000 Insurance: Recuperate a variety of costs taken from you when you’re a victim of identity theft, including the cost of your time. Get your lost wages covered, the costs of notary services, reapplication fees and even long-distance calls or daycare costs. Upon approval of IDAvenger, you may also get attorney or legal fees paid as well.

Lost Wallet Service: Store the information in your wallet with IDAvenger, and receive assistance in getting everything replaced and canceled as soon as you’re made aware of the loss. IDAvenger doesn’t store your full information, only enough to ensure that everything can be taken care of and alerts can be given to each company.

Recovery Assistance: Choose between assisted resolution and full resolution if you are successfully breached by a criminal. Get a trained advocate who assumes limited power of attorney with the full resolution choice, and a full year of follow-ups after its restored. Or get a detailed manual that can help you take the right steps if you choose to complete the process on your own.

Plans & Pricing

IDAvenger Plans & Pricing

IDAvenger offers one plan with two payment options. The yearly plan saves you 30% in monthly fees. Cancelation is pro-rated for the annual plan, but not for the monthly option.

Standard Plan

  • Identity Monitoring with Internet Surveillance (Dark Web Included)
  • Stolen Card Assistance
  • $25,000 Insurance
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Recovery Assistance
  • Tips for Consumers
  • Internet Fraud Monitoring
  • 24/7 Support
  • Advice and Reports to Fight Medical Fraud
  • Regular Price: $14.95/mo
  • Annual Price: $125/yr
Member Services

IDAvenger Member Support

Their phone line is reportedly open at all hours of the day, every day of the year.

General Support: 1-855- 4AVENGER (428-3643) or info@idavenger.com


13900 Jog Rd. #203-132
Delray Beach, FL 33446

More Info

IDAvenger Additional Information

Started out of Florida to fight against the hackers and cybercriminals of the world, IDAvenger wants to protect people from the negative effects on identity theft. Too many people are breached without realizing it for quite some time, and then have to deal with the ramifications for years afterwards. Their commitment is based in customer service, and going the extra mile to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

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