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Expert Reviews

ID Worldwide Review

ID Worldwide provides data monitoring for everyone in your household, including up to ten children on your plan. With their system, they both carefully scour through records for your information, and they offer restoration tools and personal support to get your identity back if you do happen to be breached.

What We Like ID Worldwide review positives

We appreciate their emphasis on your family’s safety. Children don’t have an online presence the way adults do, but that doesn’t mean that their social security number is difficult to find. ID Worldwide also aims to protect you where it often counts the most: on your personal computer. We like the idea that they’ve put identity theft into very clear terms: you don’t simply rely on seatbelts, defensive driving techniques and air bags to keep you safe in a car, you also buy insurance too.

ID Worldwide offers 30 days of free protection, which is definitely a feature to get behind if you want to try out the service. They acknowledge how stressful identity theft can be, and offer people support to help them face what’s ahead of them in trying to restore their name.

What We Don’t Like ID Worldwide review negatives

They’re not established enough to recommend them as of yet, and their promises are for generic services that are offered for less money a month with other companies. Their is also a lack of specifics about exactly how they go about getting everything done. There is hardly any unbiased information available about the company and no mention of them on the BBB, which is not a good sign. Their ‘About Us’ page is void of specific information, like when the company started and who’s at the forefront of it all.

The Bottom Line

For 30 days of free protection, it would be hard to go wrong with trying out the service for some form of protection (as long as you can remember to cancel it.) However, if you’re really serious about finding the best identity theft company available, it’s recommended that you choose a company with a better reputation and track record of keeping its members safe. Check our top to bottom rankings to see how all providers stack up.

How It Works

How ID Worldwide Works

ID Worldwide offers you a variety of services, both as preventative and proactive measures for keeping the worst effects of identity theft at bay.

Identity Theft Support: Get personalized support if your identity is stolen, and receive a kit so you can start putting your affairs back in order.

Daily Credit Monitoring: Credit score changes have a tendency to be overlooked for too long, and every second a thief has your information is dangerous. Get alerts if there’s a problem in the form of CreditXpert® Scores™, a service provided by a partner company to help you make sense of your financial status.

Stolen Wallet Assistance: Call one number, verify your identity and then receive help in getting cards replaced or canceled.

$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance: Receive up to a million in insurance for helping with your expenses related to your identity theft.

Norton Internet Security: Receive protection software for one of the most dangerous ways of losing your identity: your personal computer. Get the defense you need against all kinds of malware that would compromise the security of your computer, and ultimately, your identity.

Credit Simulator: Check out how your potential financial decisions will affect your score with the simulator for better control on your credit score.

Social Security Monitoring: ID Worldwide double checks both legal and illegal communication tools, and you’ll receive an alert if your SSN is used in any way that puts you at risk.

Credit Card Monitoring and Information Hotline: Receive alerts if your card numbers are being used elsewhere, and have access to a call center which can take the mystery out of changes in your credit score — whether they’re legitimate or not.

Plans & Pricing

ID Worldwide Plans & Pricing

The company offers two plans, with the main difference being the amount of monitoring and information you get from the different credit bureaus.

Deluxe Coverage

  • Daily Credit Monitoring
  • Experian Credit Scores and Reports
  • Stolen Card Assistance
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
  • Norton Security Software 6
  • SSN Monitoring and Alerts
  • Credit and Debit Card Number Monitoring and Alerts
  • 24/7 Identity Support
  • Credit Simulator
  • Information Hotline
  • Internet Fraud Monitoring
  • Advice and Reports to Fight Medical Fraud
  • Regular Price: $16/mo
    • Add Spouse: $8/mo
    • Up to 10 Children: $4/mo (each)

Premiere Coverage

Includes Deluxe Coverage Plus:

  • All 3 Credit Bureaus Reports and Scores
  • Regular Price: $20/mo
    • Spouse: $10/mo
    • Up to 10 Children: $4/mo (each)
Member Services

ID Worldwide Member Support

ID Worldwide only gives numbers related to general questions available, with the emergency number being shared upon signing up for their services. Contact member support if you need assistance with any of the services above and account services if you need to change your plan in any way (cancellations, billing questions, etc.) Hours are in Eastern Time.

Member Support: 1-877-893-8758 or service@members.IDWORLDWIDE.com

Monday to Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Account Services: 1-800-297-1548

Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Physical Address:

6 High Ridge Park
Stamford, CT 06905

More Info

ID Worldwide Additional Information

ID Worldwide’s mission is to access as much data available using the best technology today. They use their leverage as an identity theft company with the different financial institutions they work with for better results. Their goal is to empower their customer with as much information on their side as possible, and be there for them should a data breach occur.

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