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ID Watch Guard Review

ID Watch Guard gives statistics on their website of not only your odds of general identity theft but medical identity theft as well. Within any given year, up to a half a million people may have their medical benefits misused. This company claims to be the cure in giving you total protection against the many dangers you might encounter on a daily basis. They do this through watching and safeguarding your data, restoring your reputation and educating members about the best ways to keep identity theft at bay.

Their promise is to be responsive and effective whenever they’re needed. It doesn’t look like they’re allowing for new members to join their protection plans any longer though.

What We Like ID Watch Guard positives

The sheer name of this company alone implies they understand just how diligent a company needs to be to support the types of claims they’re making. You’ll receive alerts when there’s any type of undue activity on your accounts, a personal score of your likelihood of being a victim and restoration and insurance should there be a hack or infiltration of any kind.

Under their company name on the website, they have the words “Legal Network,” which could suggest your own personal assistance should you need an attorney on your side who knows the facts of your case.

Their privacy policy also mentions full compliance with the Gramm Leach Bliley Act which aims to limit shared information. ID Watch Guard states they won’t use any of your information without letting you know. Considering how many ‘legitimate’ companies there are out there who do buy and sell your information, this is definitely a plus for ID Watch Guard.

What We Don’t Like ID Watch Guard negatives

There’s almost nothing to this website, and there’s no way to sign up for services. Communication should always be a priority with any company, and we had to dig to understand anything specific about them. There is a number to call, and a way to sign in via your Group Number, Member Number and Zip Code. However, the questions we had far outweighed the answers. It would seem that they’re still offering their services to those who had originally signed up, but it’s unclear if you can sign up via the number on the website.

When we called it, the office was currently closed. They do give their hours, however they do not even give the name of the company. It simply states Customer Care. This business is not BBB accredited, and there is currently no rating. At one point, it looks like their rating may have been a C- due to complaints about their billing practices or problems with the actual service itself.

The Bottom Line

We don’t have enough information to go off of to really determine anything about this product. Its reputation leads us to believe that if it does begin offering sign-up options again, it will take a while before it can be a competitive player in the game. It may have been started by a lawyer who had white labeled other services, and was trying to make a name for themselves here based on their Privacy Policy and disclosure information. However, that’s pure speculation at this point.

If you’re serious about protecting your identity and personal information, which we’re sure you are, consider reviewing some of our top companies such as LifeLock, Identity Guard, or IdentityForce.

How It Works

How ID Watch Guard Works

There is no information explaining how each service works, however they do use standard industry terms. Here’s a general idea of what they offer based on those definitions and independent review sites and research.

Risk Scores: Based on your credit, location, income level and lifestyle, see how likely you are to have your identity stolen. According to ID Watch Guard, every 3 seconds it happens to someone, making it smart to know everything you can.

Identity Monitoring: Again, this doesn’t specify if this is both online and offline or if it includes credit reports or not. However, if they do offer the all-around protection they claim they do, then this would all be performed. Not only would public records be searched, but also private records, social security number usage and illegal websites (the Dark Web.)

Restoration: Receive restoration assistance in the form of discounted legal services. There’s a possibility you can have full legal service for different plans, but in no way confirmed by their website.

Insurance: There is no standard industry insurance, though you might see $1 million as the most common number. ID Watch Guard doesn’t actually give you a figure on their website. Through other means, we saw that one site stated it was $25,000 offered for various expenses associated with identity theft, though another stated $1 million.

Plans & Pricing

ID Watch Guard Plans and Pricing

At one point in 2015, it looks like this company was offering their plans at $24.44 a month and then discounting them to $11.95. Information from the BBB corroborates the $25 (or thereabouts) price. Should you have signed up when this discount was being applied, the company would offer lifetime pricing at that rate. At one point, they may have offered a 15-day trial period for the cost of about $4.

  • $25,000 Insurance From Premier Protection (According to Independent Research)
  • Legal Services at a Reduced Rate
  • Monitoring
  • Risk Score
  • Restoration of Reputation
  • Price: See Above for Details
Member Services

ID Watch Guard Member Support

These hours are not listed on their website, but are stated if you call the number. Phone number recording does not mention anything about ID Watch Guard, rather identifying itself as Customer Care. The website does advertise they speak Spanish. All hours are in Central Time.

General Support: 1-855-514-0991

Monday  to Thursday: 8 a.m – 6 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m – 5 p.m.

More Info

ID Watch Guard Additional Info

The only other real information they offer on their website is their Privacy Policy. There is nothing about how the company started, who started it or how their software works to monitor your identity. One good thing listed in this policy is that they state they will be entirely upfront with you about exactly how your information is being used — an interesting claim given there’s practically no other communication from them on the website. The policy is not well written, but does include information about encryption, cookies and visitor policies.

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