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ID TheftSmart Review

ID TheftSmart provides a comprehensive suite of continuous credit monitoring and identity restoration to safeguard your identity. They offer identity theft prevention and protection through ‘Smart Credit Monitoring’ and ‘Smart Identity Restoration’ to members and their families. ID TheftSmart is brought to you by Kroll, Inc., a global leader in risk consulting, and Mercer Health & Benefits Administration, a world leader in talent, health, retirement and investments consulting.

What We Like ID Theft Smart positives

ID TheftSmart’s full-service comprehensive identity restoration service stands out to us. Instead of handing over a do-it-yourself restoration kit, ID TheftSmart’s licensed investigators do most of the legwork to save members from the stress of countless hours of time and frustration.

ID TheftSmart is an added benefit that several banks offer for a small fee. For example, First National Bank provides credit monitoring and restoration services for $5 per person/per month or only restoration services for as low as $2 per household/per month.

We like that the service is a product of Kroll and Mercer Health & Benefits Administration who both have a stellar global presence and reputation.

We also like the 100% satisfaction 30-day money back guarantee.

What We Don’t Like ID Theft Smart negatives

While both Kroll and Mercer Health & Benefits Administration are BBB Accredited businesses with an A+ rating, ID TheftSmart itself has a few hurdles to overcome with the BBB. They are not an Accredited BBB business and they currently hold a C rating. This rating is partly due to a failure to respond to one complaint filed against the business in 2014 leaving it unanswered.

Some of the other identity theft protection companies offer a more comprehensive suite of services with add-ons that further monitor and protect your identity like lost wallet protection, junk mail opt-out and more in depth monitoring services. In addition, the alert technology could use an update as there is no mention of the ability to receive instant texts if there is questionable activity nor is there a mobile app.

The Bottom Line

ID TheftSmart has a solid foundation as it’s backed by Kroll and Mercer—two global leaders in risk assessment and management. The company offers continuous credit monitoring, whether through one or all three credit bureaus (depending on the chosen package) and delivers members alerts as soon as there is questionable credit activity in their name. ID TheftSmart restoration services search local and national databases on members’ behalf and then work with affected agencies and institutions to assist in correcting the credit and noncredit issues in the identity theft case.

How It Works

How ID TheftSmart Works

Credit Monitoring

ID TheftSmart offers continuous credit monitoring with protection, detection and restoration services. With monthly credit monitoring of new account openings, credit inquiries, public records and change of address, ID TheftSmart can accurately detect potentially fraudulent activity.

Credit Monitoring Services includes:

  • New account opening alerts
  • Credit inquiries alerts
  • Payment delinquency alerts
  • Public records changes alerts
  • Change of address alerts

Alerts can be delivered online to your email on a daily basis or offline by mail in a newsletter on a monthly basis. ‘No activity’ alerts are provided on a quarterly basis.

Restoration Services

If a member falls victim to identity theft, ID TheftSmart has licensed investigators that will do the difficult work necessary to restore your name and credit to pre-theft status quickly and accurately. Members will be assigned a single licensed investigator for the entirety of the case, as long as the member signs a limited power of attorney allowing that investigator the legal rights to become an advocate to work on their behalf. They won’t close the case until restoration is complete and the member is satisfied.

Restoration Services include:

  • Confirm fraud and determine nature of incident/s and scope of damage
  • Assist in getting a police report
  • Obtain credit report (merged from 3 bureaus)
  • Perform full non-credit search
  • Work on your behalf until issues have been resolved
  • Place 7-year fraud victim statement with credit bureaus
  • One-on-one licensed investigator
  • Unlimited phone consultation
  • Reopen case if ever a victim again
Plans & Pricing

ID TheftSmart Plans & Pricing

ID TheftSmart offers a choice between three identity theft packages, each with a 100% satisfaction 30-day money back guarantee.

Bronze Package

  • Continuous Credit Monitoring (1-Bureau)
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Identity Theft Restoration
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner Coverage: $3.95/mo addtl.
  • Regular Price: $7.95/mo

Silver Package

  • Continuous Credit Monitoring (3-Bureau)
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Identity Theft Restoration
  • Credit Report (TransUnion)
  • Credit Score
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Benefit (excluding New York state residents)
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner Coverage: $8.95/mo addtl.
  • Regular Price: $11.95/mo

Gold Package

  • Continuous Credit Monitoring (3-Bureau)
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Identity Theft Restoration
  • Credit Report (TransUnion)
  • Credit Score
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Benefit (excluding New York state residents)
  • Non-Credit Internet Scans and Alerts
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner Coverage: $9.75/mo addtl.
  • Regular Price: $12.95/mo 

Additional Services

One-time restoration fee to non-members: $1,500

Member Services

ID TheftSmart Customer Service

ID TheftSmart offers ‘Smart Assistance’ by phone, email or snail mail.

Mercer Health & Benefits Administration
Paragon Office Park
12421 Meredith Dr.
Urbandale, IA. 50323


Hours: 8am-5pm M-F (CST)

Cancellation Policy

ID TheftSmart offers new members a 100% satisfaction 30-day money back guarantee.

General Support: 1-800-882-6036

More Info

ID TheftSmart History

Two industry leaders, Kroll Inc. and Mercer Health & benefits Administration LLC back ID TheftSmart. Kroll is a global leader in risk mitigation and response with 40 years of experience. Mercer consults companies on the health, wealth and performance of their employees and operations can be found across the globe.

Contact Information:

Principal: Francesca Wolf

ID TheftSmart address and phone number filed with BBB:
10776 Aurora Ave.
Urbandale, IA. 50322

Investor Info

ID TheftSmart is brought to you by Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies (NYSE:MMC).

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    Bob's review of ID TheftSmart

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    This is owned by Knoll. Knoll is used by other ID theft companies. This is the engine behind other products. So this is like cutting out the middleman.

    I did a lot of research before I picked this program. I feel like I went with the best at a very good price.

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