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Expert Reviews

ID Commander Review

ID Commander is part of Ocenture’s employee benefit solutions. The service offers identity theft protection services exclusively through your employer or benefits provider. ID Commander subscriptions include advanced identity monitoring, fraud alerts, $1 million identity theft insurance, 24/7 lost wallet assistance and full-service identity restoration. Comprehensive plans are offered to individuals and their families empowering them to proactively manage the health and well-being of their identities.

What We Like ID Commander positives

The member dashboard and monitoring page offers complete visibility of monitoring and alerts, family commander, computer protection, etc. and is extremely easy to navigate.

Somewhat unique to ID Commander is their computer software that offers anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing and anti-spyware. This software blocks hidden activity tracking programs, filters online identity theft scams and blocks unwanted emails, among other things.

Ocenture, LLC has an A+ rating with the BBB is a recently BBB Accredited business.

What We Don’t Like ID Commander negatives

The ID Commander program is only offered through employer and benefits packages so it’s not available to the public at this time.

Most likely because the ID Commander services are offered only through Ocenture benefits, there is no public contact information for customer service. This makes it more difficult for members to dig up the information from their employer or benefits provider when they need to talk to customer service.

The Bottom Line

ID Commander provides advanced monitoring of personally identifiable information across the Internet. By scanning over 600,000 sites (including forums and chat rooms), 250+ social media feeds, 50,00+ malware samples and spam lists, ID Commander can provide early detection of suspicious activity and will alert members when activity is detected. Whether you are looking for the most comprehensive protection or premium advanced protection, ID Commander offers solutions to protect members’ identity and restore their good name in the event of identity theft.

If you can get ID Commander through your employer, then you’re in luck and we strongly recommend that you do. Unfortunately for those of you who cannot you’ll have to look elsewhere as the service isn’t open to the general public. For that reason we’ve limited their ‘Expert Review’ score.

How It Works

How ID Commander Works

ID Commander offers a comprehensive suite of detection, protection and restoration. Thier mission is the provide the highest level of protection and service possible. Their defense intends to detect and halt fraud before it becomes too damaging. By offering tools to proactively defend members’ identity, they guarantee restoration in the event of a breach.

Internet Surveillance Monitoring and Alerts
ID Commander scans over 600,000 sites (including forums and chat rooms), 250+ social media feeds, 50,00+ malware samples, and spam lists to proactively detect stolen information or compromised confidential data. ID Commander will alert members if suspicious activity is detected or if a member’s personally identifiable information is found being bought or sold online.

Additional monitoring and alerts include: Social Security Number, courts and criminal records, non-credit loan and sex offender monitoring and alerts.

Change of Address Monitoring Alerts
If a member’s mail has been redirected through the USPS, ID Commander will notify them that someone may be attempting to steal their identity.

Full Service Identity Restoration Services
Once the certified ID Commander agents determine the scope of the breach, they will assist in stopping further damage and repairing members name.

24/7 Lost Wallet Service
In the event of a lost or stolen wallet, ID Commander’s lost wallet service assists members in canceling and replacing credit and debit cards, checkbooks and important personal documentation (driver’s license, SS card, insurance cards, etc) that are often found in wallets and purses.

$1 million Identity Insurance
Covers lost wages and many other costs associated with recovering from identity theft.

Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Software
Blocks hidden programs that track activity on- and offline.

Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spam Software
This software blocks and filters online scams attempting to steal credit card data and other personally identifiable information. It also blocks unwanted emails.

Software Firewall
Provides security on members’ Internet connection and prevents unauthorized users from accessing their Wi-Fi network.

Digital Vault
Safeguards sensitive files from theft by locking up confidential files in an encrypted digital vault on the hard drive.

Plans & Pricing

ID Commander’s Plans & Pricing

ID Commander Premium Protection Plan:

  • Internet surveillance monitoring and alerts
  • Social security monitoring and alerts
  • Change of address monitoring alerts
  • $1 million identity insurance
  • Full service identity restoration services
  • Identity Theft Protection Resource Center
  • 24/7 Lost wallet assistance
  • Check with your employer or benefits provider for pricing.

ID Commander Ultimate Protection Plan:

  • Everything included in the Premium Plan
  • Court and criminal records monitoring and alerts
  • Non-credit loan monitoring and alerts
  • Sex offender monitoring and alerts
  • Anti-virus/anti-spyware software
  • Anti-phishing, anti-spam software
  • Software firewall
  • Digital vault
  • Digital file shredder
  • Check with your employer or benefits provider for pricing.

Additional ID Commander Products

The Family Commander Protection Plan provides a convenient solution for managing and protecting the wellness of family members. Enroll dependents and gain secure access to their own benefits that include several of the benefits in the Ultimate Protection Plan. Benefits include:

Simple Enrollment: Only the head-of-household needs to provide their data in order to create the family plan eliminating the need to provide dependents’ personal information.

Easy Family Management: Gain easy access to your family protection account and manage on a secure website.

Comprehensive Benefits for Each Family Member: Each family member has their own account and access to plan benefits.

Complete Visibility: The head-of-household will gain complete visibility of reports and alerts associated with each family member.

Member Services

ID Commander Customer Service

ID Commander offers its customers 24-hour member service access and 24/7 lost wallet assistance in case that unfortunate event occurs where your wallet goes missing.

Their services are accompanied by a $$1 million insurance policy to cover any out-of-pocket restoration costs or losses as well as full service identity restoration by a certified ID Commander specialist.

Members also have access to their member dashboard where all their personal information is housed and monitored. Users can also access alerts and contact member support directly through their dashboard.

More Info

ID Commander’s History

The business is a service of Ocenture, LLC, which was incorporated in 2000 and became a BBB Accredited business in 2015.


6440 Southpoint Pkwy. Ste. 300
Jacksonville, FL. 32216

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