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GenGold Review

Generations Gold, Inc or GenGold is a company that provides discounts across a variety of platforms, from travel to movie tickets to health benefits. The identity theft services they offer includes fraud alerts, junk mail reduction, restoration services, lost document recovery and child protection. Their services have been around since 1992, and they take the time to scout the best deals so their members don’t have to.

What We Like Gen Gold positives

GenGold has not only been around for a while, but they also have more than a million members. Their services are offered through more than 100,000 banks and other businesses. It’s not easy to organize and thrive on such a high level, which gives us hope that the identity theft services they do offer will be valuable to those who purchase them. It appears that the coverage can be purchased, in part, with different plans they offer based your area. We were not able to find standard pricing.

They offer anti-virus software under their Consumer Protection tab which shows their concern for the many hackers out there. Their specific details are unfortunately not listed on their website unless you are a member, but independent research has shown they put their effort into the restoration process.

While monitoring is extremely helpful and definitely recommended, it’s difficult for any company to keep pace with the seemingly infinite amount of criminals trying to reap the benefits of identity theft. They also protect family members for no additional fee. A restoration process that is responsive and immediate is a wonderful perk to have. They also offer basic credit and fraud monitoring, depending on whether or not you open a checking account with one of their partners — even if you’re not a member of GenGold itself.

What We Don’t Like Gen Gold negatives

In our opinion, you shouldn’t need to sign up as a member to see what they offer, and it’s difficult to find information about exactly how much it is to even join GenGold. You’d need to submit a form for more information which raises questions of transparency. Many of their features are simply resources to help you combat against identity fraud, rather than measures on their part to fight on your behalf before anything happens. Their insurance is limited (possibly as low as $5,000 total) if you do lose money during the recovery period as well. Also, with all the members out there, it’s hard to find reviews or real consumer opinions of how the services actually work.

The Bottom Line

If you’re not already a member, it’s worth it to see everything they do offer. This could wind up being a package deal that saves cash on all kinds of goods and services you already use. Those who don’t love the process of bargain hunting will be thrilled to have a skilled company do it for them, and you’ll also have someone to turn to if your identity is compromised. However, you should not expect an exclusive or particularly advanced system to protect you. Most of this is their attempt to do what you could just as easily do on your own in terms of replacing what’s lost and recuperating your good name. You need to decide if their assistance is worth it you, or if you need higher level services that do more intense monitoring.

How It Works

How GenGold Works

It’s difficult to tease out exactly how much you’re paying for and how their services operate due to the nature of their site. Here is what we could find based on other businesses that list their services.

Restoration Rescue: GenGold provides you with Limited Power of Attorney who will have the option of making decision in your stead. They will also pay for document recovery fees (passport, license, etc.)

Family Coverage: For no additional cost, you can get your spouse and children covered for identity theft as well. This service is generally not offered through most providers as additional people means a significant amount of extra resources going to other members of the family. Considering children can be just as easily targeted, this makes for a compelling feature.

Mail List Removal: Immediate hassles are generally given more consideration than distant disasters. Having the option of receiving less junk mail can make you less stressed with less sifting to find the real letters and bills.

Fraud Alert Notifications: Receive communication when there’s a problem so you can immediately take action and lessen the chances of wide-spread impact across all of your accounts.

Assistance Ordering Credit Reports: Get total information and help in finding your credit scores. Having GenGold could make you more aware of your state of affairs and therefore less likely fall prey to a hacker.

Plans & Pricing

GenGold Plans & Pricing

If you go sign up through the website, there appears to be just one plan. If you go through a bank or other business, you could receive selected basic services like fraud alerts and junk mail reduction. It should be noted that GenGold simply state Credit Reports on their site with no additional clarification, but most affiliate sites describe it as some type of assistance when ordering. Here are the tabs on GenGold’s website under their Identity Theft section.

  • Restoration Rescue®
  • Your Child Is Covered
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Credit Reports
  • Junk Mail Reduction
  • Credit Card and Personal Information Form
  • Regular Price: Included in Cost of GenGold Membership
Member Services

GenGold Member Support

Non-members need to fill out a form online, or call the following number. You can also email their general information address. It should be noted that none of the contact methods have any type of response guarantee or hours. It does not appear that those who are victims of identity theft enjoy full 24/7 access to GenGold or any other partner company’s representatives.

General Information: 1-800-428-6686

Or email the following address.


More Info

GenGold History & Additional Info

The president of GenGold is Greg Golnick, and the philosophy of the company is to go beyond normal research methods to find the best discounts. With so many offers available both online and off, GenGold does everything in its power to find the ones that will better the lives of their customers for less money. For all the ways we enjoy leisure time, this company provides more opportunities to have meaningful options so we can have more options to enjoy. They also offer discounts on prescriptions, roadside assistance and pet insurance, among other deals. This company strives to be creative when it comes to locating and implementing offers to their members for a well-rounded experience.

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