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EZShield Review

EZShield is the pioneer and patent holder of check fraud protection (according to their website). Over the last 14 years, the company has educated over 10 million small businesses and consumers on check fraud prevention. In addition, they offer identity theft protection and prevention services, check cashing protection systems, and credit card protection services.

EZShield primarily offers fraud services through financial institutions and partners with employer benefits, payroll, warranty providers and insurance organizations. EZShield is an identity theft protection service that fights identity crime through strategic partnerships. However, there are nice plans for consumers and their families as well.

What We Like EZ Shield positives

EZShield has been an Accredited business since 2008 and has a stellar BBB rating of A+. There have been zero complaints filed with the BBB and that alone is unique to many of the other identity theft protection agencies. We like the longevity of the company as it has been around since 2001.

We like that members have the ability to mix and match plan features. There is a low base price and then subscribers can add the protection they want most and can pass on what they don’t think they’ll need. This structure fits any budget.

If you’re a check writer, this is the protection for you. The EZShield Plus plan offers check fraud protection of funds up to $25,000. If someone forges your signature or alters your checks, EZShield will advance funds that are fraudulently obtained within 72 hours. It’s often included in upgraded checking account plans at participating banks.

What We Don’t Like EZ Shield negatives

While EZShield does offer a suite of identity theft protection and resolution services, they are rooted with check fraud protection. With the rise of digital technology, the use of paper checks has rapidly declined by consumers and businesses. In 2013, they represented only 10 percent of all U.S. payments, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Due to processing delays, lack of efficiency, environmental consequences and fees, paper checks are on their way out..fast. Today, many people don’t use them and would not benefit from this service.

The Bottom Line

EZShield has been a trusted source for fraud prevention and identity protection for over a decade. With a buffet of protection options, their services can fit into any budget. If you are an avid check writer, this is probably the company for you. If you are not a check writer, you will want to look deeply at the other services they offer and compare them to other identity theft protection agencies before you make a decision. EZShield does have one of the best BBB ratings in the business which indicates they are a solid choice.

How It Works

How EZShield Works

EZShield’s secure, monitor and restore three-tiered approach focuses on identity and fraud protection by providing expedient personal assistance to not only secure and monitor a consumer’s identity but to restore it if something goes awry. In addition, they provide consumers with necessary tools and information to safe handle personal data. EZShield’s approach offers:

  • Online identity vault
  • Digital wallet
  • Activity reports
  • Breach & fraud news alerts
  • Internet monitoring
  • Daily monitoring of personal information
  • Certified resolution specialist with End2End Defense 32-step recovery

To keep up with the competition, they have added other identity theft protection services like:

  • Identity restoration
  • Online document and password storage
  • Checking account protection
  • Business security services

EZShield offers security fraud services that cover the following identity fraud sources:

  • Online hacking
  • Mail fraud
  • Credit cards
  • Checks
  • Public records
  • Memberships


Plans & Pricing

EZShield’s Plans & Pricing

EZShield offers a high value, low cost base product with additional products that can be upgraded. All services are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If used a business service, the financial partner will select a base for which their customer can choose from an extensive suite of fraud protection products depending on their needs and budget.

ID Restoration Pro

  • Personalized online dashboard with visible account status.
  • Education and preventative measures to help safeguard consumers and businesses.
  • Secure online wallet and vault to store personal information.
  • Activity report and newsletter communication with up-to-date account info.
  • Certified resolution specialist that offers assistance in the event of fraud or identity theft issues.
  • Breach and threat alerts by email.
  • Black market scan of Internet chat rooms, website and databases.

Family ID Restoration Pro Plus Insurance

  • Everything ID Restoration Pro offers
  • Insurance coverage up to 25,000 reimbursement

ID Protect

  • ID Restoration Pro Individual
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Regular Price: $4.99/mo

ID Protect Plus

  • ID Restoration Pro Individual
  • Internet Monitoring
  • 1-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Regular Price: $7.99/mo

Family ID Protect Plus

  • ID Restoration Pro Family
  • Internet Monitoring
  • 1-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Regular Price: $8.98/mo

Family ID Protect Platinum

  • ID Restoration Pro Family
  • Internet Monitoring
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Quarterly Credit Score
  • Public Records Monitoring
  • Regular Price: $20.97/mo

EZShield Personal/Customer Upgrade Solutions

  • Family ID Restoration Pro: Family members can be added to the plan.
  • Identity Theft Insurance: Reimbursement for expenses related to identity theft can be recovered up to $25,000.
  • Internet Monitoring: Daily Internet monitoring of any personal information that might be sold on black market sites.
  • Quarterly Credit Score
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Report
  • Public Records Monitoring
    • Payday Loans Monitoring
    • Names and Address Monitoring
    • Change of Address Monitoring
    • Court Records Monitoring

EZShield Business Upgrade Options

  • Offers the same options as Personal Upgrade
  • Business Protection Security Assessment
  • Consumer Protection Breach Security Consulting
  • Employee Protection Discounted Employee Fraud Protection
  • Business Breach Prep Toolkit
  • Business Ops Toolkit
Member Services

EZShield Customer Service

EZShield offers 24 hours of live support, 7 days a week. They offer web, email and mobile support and work with businesses to provide collateral to effectively communicate the value of the products.

General Support: 1-877-339-0027

More Info

EZShield History

The business started in 2001 and was incorporated in 2009. EZShield has 50 employees and is a privately held company.

415 Williams Ct. STE 110-116
Baltimore, MD. 21220-2893


Contact Information:

COO: Angela Murphy
CEO: Dale Dabbs
CFO: Mike Catanzarita
Product Manager: Jason Wagner
Customer Contact: Terese Brown


2013 & 2015

Javelin Strategy & Research – Best Overall Identity Protection Service Leader

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  • 5

    Lou C.'s review of EZShield

    1219 people found this review helpful!

    Buying the protection was simple. But there is absolutely no explanation about how it works and what is really covered.

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  • 3

    Sandra's review of EZShield

    1131 people found this review helpful!

    I signed up . I paid 17.00 . they sent me a welcome letter then they sent me a pass code to sign up on there website . it took less than 2 weeks I went to log in it said no account found I complained I got my money back but I kept getting bogus emails they took my money and no protection . they make it look like your being protected . I do not recommend them . there fraud a scam .

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  • 9

    Benonia T.'s review of EZShield

    1124 people found this review helpful!

    Joined on 7/12/17, on 7/13 – EZ Shield notified me of possible identity theft. Spoke with Customer Service on 7/13, got advice and reassurance. Thanks EZShield!!

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  • 10

    Walter's review of EZShield

    1557 people found this review helpful!

    EZ Shield is a great site to protect what you have worked so hard for… They send you an email every week with updates on your credit…. This is awesome

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