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Expert Reviews

CSID Review

CSID provides comprehensive identity protection products to businesses, their employees and consumers on a global level. With a full suite of identity monitoring services, fraud detection technologies, insurance and full-service restoration, and breach mitigation and resolution, CSID is a leading provider of B2B and individual identity services. The company has recently been chosen by The Office of Personnel Management, which suffered a security breach, to provide Federal employees identity theft coverage.

What We Like CSID positives

Unique to many identity protection services is CSID’s social media monitoring service which helps protect subscribers’ online reputations while watching out for fraud and identity theft. The service will alert subscribers of instances where they are sharing personal information on social sites that may put them at risk. It will also alert subscribers if they are posting content that might damage their reputation. The CSID Social Media Monitoring service covers the four main social media networks allowing subscribers to get more comprehensive protection than ever before and securing their online privacy and reputation.

CSID holds an A+ Rating with the BBB.

Global companies like MasterCard and Costco have partnered with CSID to help their customers detect and resolve identity theft. MasterCard offers the service at no extra cost to cardholders. Costco ID Protect provides the service at a discounted price to their members.

Supported by a proprietary content management system, CSID’s IMC Admin tool allows businesses to create a customizable white label identity protection portal solution without in house IT resources. The tool offers a visual presentation of identity protection data integrated with your brand with an optimized mobile browsing experience across smartphones and tablets.

What We Don’t Like CSID negatives

While CSID has a stellar BBB rating, the company is not yet an Accredited BBB business and does have quite a few complaints filed with the BBB regarding problems with product/service. The good news is that 10 of those complaints have been closed and the company is quick to respond to any negative reviews.

The two consumer individual plans don’t seem to offer much customization.

The Bottom Line

CSID offers a comprehensive array of identity protection and fraud prevention services to individuals and organizations across the globe. CSID covers every angle of monitoring, prevention and resolution with identity protection, credit data, enterprise and data breach services. CSID powers 80% of the retail identity protection industry, according to their website. Their high level of cyber security and risk mitigation is a good choice for any organization. While the two individual plans don’t offer much customization, they have solid coverage.

There is no shortage of CSID content and resources on consumer insights, research and industry trends on their website that include white papers, webinars, stats, marketing support, news, firewall chats podcast and blogs.

How It Works

How CSID Works

CSID’s primary platform centers around integrating their premium product into businesses. With a suite of custom identity protection services and a fully hosted identity management center, CSID allows users to stay connected to all aspects of the CSID technology suite. Whether businesses offer the service to their employees or customers; or general consumers select one of the two plans offered, CSID has a comprehensive suite of identity protection services that include:

CyberAgentⓇ: Internet surveillance technology that proactively detects stolen personal identifiable information designed for cyber detection online. CyberAgent monitors thousands of websites and millions of data points looking for compromised personal information and alerting customers if something is found.

Non-Credit Services: In addition to credit report activity monitoring, CSI Offers monitoring of non-credit identity elements such as SSN trace, child monitoring, court records checks, bookings monitorings, non-credit loan monitoring, change of address reports, sex offender monitoring and social media monitoring.

IMC Identity Management Center: CSID offers a fully managed and hosted white label identity protection portal.

Child and Family Protection: Safeguard the identity of children and other family members with the help of CyberAgent Internet surveillance, SSN trace monitoring and full-service restoration if a child’s identity has been stolen.

Identity ChekⓇ Service Alerts: Monitors high-risk banking and credit card activity and alerts subscribers of new bank account openings, bank account takeovers, credit card applications and credit card openings.

Social Media Monitoring: Alerts subscribers of over sharing of personal information that might put them at risk along with sharing of information that might damage their reputation.

Score Tracker: a new service that offers an intuitive graph that tracks members’ credit score month-to-month.

Plans & Pricing

CSID Plans & Pricing

For corporate pricing, contact CSID directly. Individual plans are as follows:

CSID Protector Plus

  • Credit Monitoring (3-Bureau)
  • Credit Report (1-Bureau – TransUnion)
  • CyberAgent Internet Surveillance
  • Court and Public Records Monitoring
  • Non-Credit Loan Monitoring
  • Change of Address Monitoring
  • Sex Offender Report
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Identity Restoration Services
  • $1 Million Insurance Policy
  • Regular Price: $9.99/mo

CSID Protector Plus Family Plan

  • Credit Monitoring (3-Bureau)
  • Credit Report (1-Bureau – TransUnion)
  • CyberAgent Internet Surveillance
  • Court and Public Records Monitoring
  • Non-Credit Loan Monitoring
  • Change of Address Monitoring
  • Sex Offender Report
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Identity Restoration Services
  • $1 Million Insurance Policy
  • Child Monitoring
  • Regular Price: $11.99/mo

Additional Services

If an individual’s identity has been compromised, CSID offers the following service options:

  • Self-Service Identity Restoration with step-by-step instructions and an interactive restoration portal.
  • Assisted Identity Restoration offers an assigned restoration specialist who provides instructions and helpful tips to restoring an individual’s identity, along with a follow-up assist.
  • Full-Service Identity Restoration offers robust case knowledge in non-credit restoration saving compromised consumers time and effort.
  • Lost Wallet Assist: Get assistance with terminating and re-ordering wallet contents.
Member Services

CSID Customer Service

Whether you’d like to learn more about CSID’s technologies and solutions or just need immediate help, they are available through dependable support 24/7 via phone, chat and email. CSID’s in-house call center complete with Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists provides bilingual, multilingual and hearing-impaired services that offer general, product and credit support.

Cancellation Policy

See CSID’s terms and conditions for cancellation policy.

General Support: 1-855-568-2999

More Info

CSID History & Information

CSID incorporated in 2006.

Contact Information:

President: Joe Ross
Marketing Coordinator: Alina Adame
Customer Contact: Morgan Grevey

1501 S. Mopac Expy. Ste. 200
Austin, TX 78746

Investor Info: CSID is a privately held company.

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