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Credit.com Identity Theft Protection Review

Credit.com offers credit reports for free from Experian, as well as a credit report card, action plan, advice and updates to its members. It’s meant to show you every angle of your credit so you can assess for yourself whether or not you’re experiencing any type of unauthorized activity. Through this website, you can also receive your FICO Score and constant access to your data at anytime. Get alerts when there are changes and enjoy theft protection as well for only $1.

What We Like Credit.com positives

The prices are certainly affordable, and can provide alerts and information to those who do not wish to pay the monthly fees of the higher rated plans. You can receive about the same level of protection from other companies for a much higher rate. it’s definitely better to have some awareness of your credit information, and this can increase a consumer’s protection for themselves and allow them to advise their loved one’s, all without paying out of pocket.

A score tracker is always helpful so you can see how your decisions have affected your number over time. Even without the threat of theft, you can start planning your payment schedules better with a tracker.

They also have education tools on their website that inform and update you about the risks and latest developments in identity theft, and you’ll get help should you need it from a specialist.

What We Don’t Like Credit.com negatives

Credit reports are already meant to be free, and there are other sites out there that perform similar checks in terms of your score and changes to your report card. What they may not do though is give you alerts, and those can be very valuable should you forget to check on your score for even just a few days. There is no assistance if you’re the victim of a theft with the free plan, nor is there any type of insurance for stolen funds from either of their plans. When you click on the Contact Us section, it only takes you to a list of Promoted Articles, though they do offer Social Media contacts through other means. Also, if you click on the Where We Are page, there’s an address and request form as well.

The Bottom Line

This could be an excellent solution for the person who’s concerned about their identity, but doesn’t want to pay for more elaborate services. There are few identity protection plans out there though with less to offer, so you would need to have a solid plan in mind for what to do should you suffer from a breach on your data. Their educational articles and basic tips and suggestions may only take you so far.

How It Works

How Credit.com Identity Protection Works

Again, these services are basic, and not all of them are included in every plan.

Free Experian Score: Access your score from this major credit bureau to see if there are any significant changes, so you can take action based on the discrepancies.

Credit Report Card: See what’s helping or hurting your credit score. Stay informed of the types of accounts you have, how many times you’ve had your credit run, and your payment history. Any and all of these factors influence how creditors and lenders of all kinds view you.

Credit Action Plan and Expert Advice: Receive customized recommendations based on your credit history and current situation. Chat via social media about the right mortgage or to ask questions about your statement. They provide access to the data you need so you can make progress.

Monthly Updates and the Credit App: Monitor how everything is going from your phone, and receive updates so you understand the latest in both your situation and the current climate of identity theft.

FICO Score: Check your dashboard to see your credit summary condensed in one simple to read report and get credit alerts as well.

24/7 Availability: Check your credit report at any time of day, anywhere you can access the internet. This will not lower your score and can lead to your catching fraudulent activity before it gets out of control

Alerts: When there are changes to your score that move you into a different risk level, you’ll get alerts that help you determine whether or not the charges and numbers are correct and what the next steps are if they’re not.

Fraud Resolution Agent: Go through the resolution process with help at your side when you have an agent assigned to get through it all.

Plans & Pricing

Credit.com Safety Solutions Plans and Pricing

Credit.com offers the following two plans. They do not appear to distinguish between the Experian Report and the Full Experian Report (listed below), so it’s unclear what the difference is. The charge of a dollar seems to be a one-time charge, and should you choose the second plan, you’ll need to sign up through Experian’s website.

Get My Free Score + Credit Report Card

  • Experian Report
  • Credit Report Card
  • Credit Action Plan
  • Expert Advice
  • Monthly Updates
  • Regular Price: Free

Experian Credit Report + FICO Score

  • Full Experian Report
  • FICO Score
  • 24/7 Access to Credit Information
  • Alerts for Major Credit Changes
  • Fraud Resolution
  • Regular Price: $1
Member Services

Credit.com Identity Theft Protection Member Support

As mentioned, the Contact Us page yields no helpful information. They do have links for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn, so those would likely be the best way to get in contact with them. There’s also a request form under the Where We Are portion of their website, along with the following address:

Credit.com, Inc.
160 Spear St. #1020
San Francisco, CA 94105

Should you choose the Experian Credit Report + FICO Score plan, there is the following number with hours in Pacific Time.

General Support: 1-877-284-7942

Monday to Friday: 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday to Sunday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

More Info

Credit.com History & Additional Information

Their website takes the time to introduce you to the major players in their organization with short bios and mission statements. CEO Ian Cohen has been at the company since 2010 and has many years of management experience behind him. He specializes in giving online tools to his customers so they can lead easier lives, and he aims to educate and inform all people about their credit scores. The initial promise of this website has much more to do with keeping your credit score from dipping too low, rather than setting up comprehensive identity protection.

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