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CORE ID Review

Since 2011, Core ID offers both consumer and corporate identity theft protection and employee benefits. They assist companies in increasing security to reduce the chance of a breach, and they also help them stay compliant with current government and corporate rules. With full-scale coverage for people of all ages, including group benefit plans, they offer a variety of packages for different needs.

What We Like CORE ID review positives

During our CORE ID review we found that the company is transparent with their information, and the amount of benefits they provide is impressive. They’re upfront that no one can save you 100% from identity theft, and they even offer assistance to you if you’ve already been a victim of identity theft. This is truly a blessing to those who may not have even realized their identity had been compromised. Their proprietary system works to troll the dark web for your ID numbers at a variety of locations.

Our review of their prices shows that they’re in line with the most competitive of companies, and they ensure their employees meet the standards to become Certified Recovery Experts so you can count on expert advice and assistance. Core ID also offers recovery assistance to inform the credit bureaus and other organizations of the theft, and they offer many of their basic plan features to family members (a bit of a rarity in this industry.)

What We Don’t Like CORE ID review negatives

Core ID does not offer credit monitoring, which is often the first place people check to ensure their identity is maintained. They will alert you of when you need to check your credit report, but that’s as close as they get to addressing the problem. They only offer $25,000 in restoration fees as opposed to the more standard million dollars. They’ve also only been in business for a few years, which is not a lot of time to really understand the complex ins and outs of identity theft. Truly dealing with restoration means getting involved at a number of levels, and someone without that insider knowledge will have a harder time.

The Bottom Line

It’s hard not to like this company for the sheer reason that they help people when they need it the most, and actively help restore people’s identities who have already experienced theft. They receive limited power of attorney, which takes an immense burden off the victim to have to make all those calls. However, the lack of credit monitoring is a little alarming, and you may also experience some rookie mistakes from their customer service.

How It Works

How Core ID Works

For the purpose of this website, we will only be covering the consumer plans in our CORE ID review’s pricing section. However, we will briefly cover their benefits for corporations, so you can get a sense of their expertise.


Core ID will verify any affiliate partners that corporations choose to work with and ensure their members stay compliant and current with security regulations, documentation and privacy obligations. They also help with data breach prevention and response, so you can prevent further loss after an attack. Core ID also allows companies to include their identity theft protection under their own branding (white labeling) to promote to members or employees.


All plans include the ARX-ID system, which detects identity theft and also sends risk alerts based on activity associated with personal ID numbers.

Recovery Service: All communication is completed to various credit card companies, bureaus, police stations and banks (among others.) They’ll also replace your documents and provide personal victim support.

ID Monitoring: An ID CheckPoint™ is defined by Core ID as any time a company needs to verify your personal identity before giving you a credit card, bank account, membership, etc. ID CheckPoint Monitoring works so you know when this happens, on the chance it’s a criminal acting in your stead. IDTrack is another of their products which will investigate any changes or suspicious activity with your ID.

Dark Web Monitoring: Through CyberTrack and HackTrack, Core ID stays on top of underground website where your information might appear for sale or for fraudulent activity.

Alerts: RiskAlert™ gives you notification when events occur in real time, and can help you stop fraud in its tracks. They also have a RiskStatus feature which gives information about your risk of being a victim, and what changes you can make to reduce that threat.

Document Replacement: From birth certificates to insurance cards, there are a variety of documents you may need to replace when covered under Core ID.

Credit Report Reminder: Core ID will let you know via phone or email when you should request your annual credit reports.

Education: Get tips, news and notifications with relevant advice and updates about identity theft today.

Member Portal: Secure and easy-to-understand, you can check your status and information any time of day.

Reimbursement: Receive up to $25,000 for expenses during recovery process. Insurance offered through AIG with some restrictions, depending on location and circumstances.

Plans & Pricing

Core ID Plans & Pricing

Core ID offers three plans with increasing services for each level. Some services are available only to individuals in the first two plans as opposed to family, which we denote with a star (*.) Family is defined as spouse and any dependents in the household under the age of 26.

ARX-ID Essentials

  • Fully Managed Recovery Service
  • CheckPoint Monitoring*
  • RiskAlert*
  • Document Replacement
  • Credit Report Reminder
  • Education
  • Member Portal
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • RiskStatus*
  • Annual Plan Price: $99/year
  • Monthly Plan Price: $8.95/mo

ARX-ID Complete

  • IDTrack*
  • CyberTrack*
  • HackTrack
  • Annual Price: $149/year
  • Monthly Price: $12.95/mo

ARX-ID Complete Family

Receive all benefits on the ARX-ID Complete plan extended to your family.

Annual Price: $199/year
Monthly Price: $16.95/mo

Member Services

Core ID Member Support

Members of their protection can get ahold of the company several ways, and the company is upfront about their passion for customer service.


Core ID Services
P.O. Box 672922
Marietta, GA 30006

Phone: 1-855-262-7610

Email: sales@coreidservices.com

More Info

Core ID Additional Information

Core ID is both active in helping their customers protect themselves from threats of all kinds, and they’re involved in the community at large in different programs aimed to raise awareness. CEO Jeff Tuomi brings key organizations skills to the mix, while founder and president Dan Benish adds his experience of over a decade in identity theft recovery. While they haven’t won any official awards, they’ve achieved many certifications within the industry as well as partnered with companies across the US to further education and support.

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