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Expert Reviews

Capital One ID Protection Review

Capital One has distinguished itself in the public eye for being generous with the rewards they offer with their credit cards, clever advertising and good customer service. They promote general awareness in terms of what’s happening with credit both today and tomorrow, and they place a heavy emphasis on using your devices to bank responsibly. While they don’t offer a specific plan for identity theft, they do have a number of safeguards in place to prevent credit card theft and give tips for how customers can better protect themselves.

What We Like Capital One identity theft protection review positives

It’s clear Capital One has its act together when it comes to promotion, and their relevant and timely content on the website is a really good start. They offer information about just how susceptible all of us are to identity theft, and how you can empower yourself to take steps against it. What we like most is that they give specific details about what they do protect their customers instead of vague promises. Their agents get annual security training, and they address their encryption standards on their page. They will verify your identity when you call before disclosing information, and continue to update their technology as often as unnecessary. Their FAQs are actually helpful, and they even have a separate section for business customers.

What We Don’t Like Capital One Identity theft protection review negatives

Capital One has done their homework when it comes to keeping their company and customers safe from thieves. However while Capital One benefits from catching fraud early, they will not be able to monitor medical, insurance or mail fraud. Also, as much as their tips are both timely and true, there really isn’t anything all that unique about it. The aftermath of identity theft can stretch on for months or even years, and you won’t get much help from Capital One besides help with the fraud charges. There is no insurance offered, and no help in terms of getting fraud alerts placed on your accounts.

Bottom Line

It’s always good to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible when it comes identity theft. It can give you the motivation to be more careful with data, and make you more aware in general of the dangers out there. Capital One seems to have their act together when it comes to providing accurate information on their website, but we recommend getting a plan that goes beyond just relying on your chosen credit card company. If you want real help, you should choose a proven identity protection company and an organization who has experience with restoring credit and identity back to the original status.

How It Works

How Capital One Identity Protection Works

Capital One gives you information about identity theft, and covers the following subject information.

Safety Training for Agents: All agents get annual training, and restricted access to sensitive information.

Alerts and Monitoring: Capital One automatically monitors your information for odd activity and alerts you immediately. You can also choose from a variety of safety features when you have an account with them (e.g., emails when your card has been charged for more than a certain amount, creating a passcode to your accounts, etc.)

Communication Practices: What to expect when you contact Capital One, such as their verification steps before disclosing anything.

Technology Information: 128-bit SSL encryption to protect data from being viewed in the event of a successful hack.

Data Breach: Tips about what you should do if you’re involved in a data breach, and how you should respond to the businesses responsible.

Tips for You: Capital One gives you a list of ways to protect yourself both online and off, from how to behave at an ATM to warnings against downloading free software. Learn how to spot a phishing (scam) email, and a list of steps to take if you become a victim.

FAQs: Detailed list of commonly asked questions for technical terms and what to do in different situations.

Commercial Accounts: If you’re a business who has an account with Capital One, find tips and solutions tailored toward risk assessment, auditing and employee safety practices.

Plans & Pricing

Capital One ID Protection Plans & Pricing

Capital One does not offer any type of plan to protect your identity, however they do provide general resources and information when it comes to keeping their data safe.

Identity Theft Protection Resources

  • Encryption Information
  • Verification Procedures
  • Data Breach Tips
  • Physical Information Safety Tips
  • Online Safety Resources
  • Commercial Safety
  • Additional Numbers and Resources
Member Services

Capital One ID Protection Member Support

Capital One lists the following numbers for support.

For Credit Cards:

General Customer Service (in USA): 1-800-227-4825

General Customer Service (outside USA): 1-804-934-2001

Fraud Support: 1-800-427-9428

For Banks:

Customer Service and Disputes: 1-800-655-2265

More Info

Capital One ID Protection & Additional Information

Capital One started in 1994, and has made a lot of headway for a company that is so young. For a long time, they had only one product to offer, but managed to stay afloat through innovation and customer service. The business has received awards in several categories, but their most relevant when it comes to preventing identity theft was hitting #1 on a list of 100 companies known for being Business Technology Innovators by InformationWeek.

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