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BB&T Identity Theft Protection Review

BB&T is a financial services companies that has more than $180 billion in assets, and serves customers in 12 states with loans, securities, asset management and insurance. While they don’t offer paid identity theft plans, they do offer information about how to protect yourself as well as resources to call if you’re a customer and suspect you’ve become a victim.

What We Like BBT identity theft protection review positives

Banks end up losing a lot of money due to fraud, between man-hours, reimbursements and security upgrades. They have every incentive to ensure their customers do not wind up on the losing end.

Hackers are extremely clever, and no one knows this better than the people who have to deal with them on a daily basis. The information they provide is straight-forward, easy to understand and actionable. It gives clear steps for what you should do if you get a call from BB&T, so you don’t fall prey to a telephone scandal.

What We Don’t Like BBT Identity theft protection review negatives

The company makes no promises in terms of helping their customers with identity theft, nor do they provide any advanced protection. Their information does not appear to be updated on a regular basis, making much of their advice generic. In fact, they don’t really acknowledge very much about how complex networks are a breeding ground for fraud, and their website in general seems somewhat old-fashioned.

Also, they direct you to other companies for more information about identity theft, and they don’t recommend buying additional protection either. Presumably, they have algorithms to catch fraud for their customers, but that isn’t enough to count on either before or after you’ve been affected. In the end, BB&T is really just a financial institution without clear ties to advanced knowledge of identity theft.

Bottom Line

If you’re planning to do the work yourself when it comes to identity theft, you can use their information and resources as a launching point. However, there are more thorough guidelines out there on company’s websites that specialize in identity theft protection. Call them to ask more questions about what specifically you should know about doing business with their company when it comes to identity theft. If they can’t give you information about how exactly your data stays safe, you may want to take that into consideration when banking with them. We would recommend getting more protection through another company if you want to fend off identity theft.

How It Works

How BB&T Identity Protection Works

There are no official identity services offered besides the educational information listed on their general company website. They cover the following topics.

General Information: Defines what identity theft is, and the ways criminals go about obtaining information (email, phone, physical theft, going through trash, hacking into websites.)

Preventative Steps: BB&T provides a number of recommendations you can take to prevent theft, from verifying phone calls from BB&T reps with your local branch to general financial and credit safety tips.

Actions: BB&T recommends you call one of the 3 credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) to put a fraud alert on your personal file. The bureaus are in contact with each other, so just one call will do. Your local BB&T branch should be made aware, as well as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the police. You will have to request that nothing else be issued without your approval.

Additional Information: BB&T recommends you call either of the credit bureaus or the FTC for general tips.

Plans & Pricing

BB&T ID Protection Plans & Pricing

The following resources are available on BB&T’s website for free.

Identity Theft Protection Resources

  • Definition and General Information
  • Preventative Tips
  • Actions Steps When Fraud Is Suspected
  • Additional Numbers and Resources
Member Services

BB&T ID Protection Member Support

BB&T lists one number for general inquiries. There are no hours listed on their website.

General Customer Service: 1-800-226-5228

More Info

BB&T ID Protection & Additional Information

BB&T began with Alpheus Branch. After the Civil War, he collaborated with several other businessmen and created a bank in 1872. The business continued to grow and expand, and managed to weather recessions and depressions throughout the century. The company has received awards for its customer service and financial literacy efforts.

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