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AT&T Identity Theft Protection Review

AT&T is a telecommunications company that became a household name because of its ability to keep up with the changing face of communication today. They service individuals and businesses alike, and specialize in creating sophisticated solutions for the tech-savvy world while still offering a variety of more traditional communication methods. Their identity theft information focuses on awareness and defense, but their formal identity services have been suspended.

What We Like AT&T identity theft protection review positives

There are updated alerts on AT&T’s website that give customers and the public alike information about the newest scams on the internet. AT&T deals with fraud on a regular basis across a variety of different mediums, so they have a direct line to what’s happening in the industry. Unlike some of the other companies who are more focused on the activity, AT&T may be more likely to understand just how the fraud was able to be committed in the first place — which is a plus for their customers. It’s to their advantage to keep the devices on their network from hackers, so at least everyone’s interests are in line.

They also offer tips for how to review bills, spot malware and watch for small warning signs before a massive identity attack, as well as provide resources for what to do if you’re an AT&T customer who suspects fraud.

What We Don’t Like AT&T Identity theft protection review negatives

There’s little transparency on the website, which is a tad alarming. You have to dig into their history to find out that they used to offer more elaborate services in a partnership with CSID. There is a public CSID website that still states AT&T is offering a full year of free identity theft protection to select customers, with $1 million in insurance and full restoration services. However, it doesn’t look like this website is valid anymore, and those who had wanted to continue the protection after the .year were likely just moved over to CSID’s plans without any affiliation with AT&T.

The Bottom Line

Even if you’re not an AT&T customer, it’s worth noting what they’ve seen when it comes to identity theft. Also, they do have extensive resources if you do happen to be a customer. You may be able to use this as your compiled go-to resource when it comes to figuring out what to do next in the never-ending battle to protect yourself. However, AT&T does not offer any paid plans or services to monitor your credit or data. If you’re interested in using the company that AT&T chose to partner with, you can take comfort in the fact that CSID has decent customer service ratings and a good reputation with the BBB.

How It Works

How AT&T Identity Protect Works

As stated, currently AT&T only offers information on their website.

Portal: Easily change your password if you think your network has been compromised.

Awareness: Find out more about the scams that are new and now with hackers.

Malware: Learn about what malware does, how you can spot it and how you can get it off your computer.

Email Fraud: Updates email users about what to look for in terms of scams and phishing attacks.

Business Fraud: Voicemail, Private Branch Exchange and Customer Premise Equipment fraud can hit any business at any time. Get the resources to fix it before it goes too far.

Calling Card Fraud: Provides resources and numbers for victims of calling card fraud.

Plans & Pricing

AT&T Identity Protect Plans & Pricing

There is no official plan offered by AT&T, and it appears they only offer educational resources. However, they used to offer the following services through CSID. The plan below was offered for free for a full year if you had an offer from AT&T with a special password, but that offer appears to be null and void now.

Protector Coverage

  • Credit Monitoring from TransUnion
  • Court/Public Record Offering
  • Non-credit Loan Monitoring
  • $1 Million Insurance
  • ID Restoration Specialist
  • Sex offender Monitoring
  • Internet Monitoring (Both legitimate and the Dark Web)
Member Services

AT &T Identity Protect Member Support

If you’re an AT&T customer, you have a number of resources to call upon if you have a problem depending on the device or service affected. Here are the numbers they list on their website:

For calling card fraud, use the numbers depending on the type of card you have.

SDN-NRA cards: 1-800-932-9792

BCCFM cards: 1-866-215-1329

LEC cards: 1-800-662-6214.

For Public Branch Exchange, voicemail or equipment fraud:

Global Fraud Support: 1-800.821-8235, prompt 1

Residential Customer Support: 1-800-286-7071

For Email fraud, there are two separate contact emails, depending on whether or not it was imposter email from AT&T or a scam unrelated to AT&T:

AT&T-Related Email Fraud: abuse@att.net

Non-Related Email Fraud: spam@uce.gov

If an AT&T account has been opened in your name without your permission, use the Service Fraud numbers.

Wireless/Mobile Accounts: 1-877-844-5584

Home Phone, Internet or U-verse TV: 1-866-718-2011

General Inquiries:


32 Avenue of the Americas
New York, N.Y. 10013

More Info

AT&T Identity Protect Additional Information

AT&T has been around since the 1800s and their company is as old as the telephone is. This communications company has made it a point to offer the latest in technology to their customers when possible. Their identity theft services may not have garnered much praise, but the company has won awards for their customer service and their buying experience. AT&T has thrived in part because they anticipate the needs of their customers and act on future trends.

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