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Expert Reviews

AAA Identity Protection Review

AAA offers roadside assistance as well as insurance to its members, but it does more than just insure your physical property. You can also choose one of their plans to help protect your identity through credit monitoring, fraud resolution support, email alerts and lost wallet protection. You can also receive financial assistance should something happen to you. AAA identity theft protection has partnered with Experian’s protection services (Experian Identity Works Review) to maintain your reputation for an extremely reasonable price. They’ve taken Experian’s services and imprinted their branding and trusted name. However, it should be noted that AAA has a number of different branches across the USA, and the information about how the plans work in which states is not entirely clear.

What We Like AAA Identity Theft Protection positives

Basic AAA identity protection is free for members. Considering a membership is around $50 and you also receive help if your car breaks down on the side of the road, this is a truly valuable addition. Any monitoring is definitely better than no monitoring at all. With 51 million members, chances are you already belong to AAA, so there is every reason to take advantage of additional detection, resolution and assistance. They offer a more advanced plan too which covers internet scanning and children’s data as well. It’s also generally cheaper than purchasing a plan directly through Experian. The fact that the information is coming from Experian though does make it more likely that you’ll have an easy time resolving issues with the credit bureau directly before it spins out of control.

What We Don’t Like AAA Identity Theft Protection negatives

AAA identity protection may only have little control over what happens when there’s a problem, considering their services are from a third party. It’s also confusing to see exactly who is eligible for which plan. Every branch appears to run slightly differently. On the AAA Auto Club Group site, you can enter a California zip code which then tells you that only Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Puerto Rico are serviced. It then redirects you to a general list of AAA’s services (without identity theft readily appearing as an option.) If you put in a Florida zip code, it takes you to the general information about Experian Identity Works services. Also, there seems to be additional confusion based on what type of policy you have (e.g., whether or not only homeowners can sign up, etc.) Some sites say all members are eligible but others may have different specifications. It would mean calling your local branch, and it seems unlikely you’d get a clear-cut answer quickly so you can easily make a decision based on the facts. In addition, even the Deluxe version doesn’t offer credit freezes or fraud alerts to financial institutions.

The Bottom Line

AAA has proved itself to a success for many years when it comes to helping people who are in a jam. Whether that’s through sending a qualified repairman, replacing people’s valuable property or helping to protect identity, it’s clear that the standards are high when it comes to giving people a service they can actually use. We absolutely recommend signing up for the free services if you’re eligible as you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain. However, if you want protection from every angle then you’re likely better off choosing a different company with more coverage. Consider taking a look at our LifeLock review.

How It Works

How AAA Identity Protection Works

AAA has basic services that are an excellent start for those who want to take steps in terms of protecting their information, but don’t want to break the bank to do it.

Credit Bureau Monitoring: Detects key changes in your credit report that could point to fraud.

Insurance: Provides monetary reimbursement for a variety of costs associated with identity theft. Normal costs include wage losses, document fees or even legal costs to fight inaccurate reports from creditors for charges you didn’t make.

Email Alerts: Receive a notification if there are changes to your report. It should be noted that while you receive an alert, it does not appear the credit bureaus and creditors receive it too. However, Experian will obviously be involved and they also offer fraud support, suggesting they’ll be able to assist once they hear from you directly.

Fraud Support: Receive a specialist to help answer your questions and assist with all the tasks necessary to clearing up the identity theft. Completing all the steps and taking the proper precautions can mean less chance of this happening in the future.

Wallet Assistance: Receive help should something happen to your ID, credit or debit cards. Cancel everything quickly before there’s a chance a thief can use the information.

Internet Monitoring: Carefully scans major sources that criminals use to reap your information. Browse and shop online without worrying about who’s watching.

Change of Address Notification: Criminals will try to get your mail by signing you up for a postal change of address. This service ensures you’re notified before anyone gets their hands on your letters and bills.

ChildSecure: Unfortunately children are often targeted by thieves, and this service carefully keeps their credit and demographic information from falling into malevolent hands.

Plans & Pricing

AAA ID Protection Plans & Pricing

There are 2 plans offered with different services. The main Identity Works plan is listed as a $79 value for one year or services. The services are broken down below with all the basic services being offered on both plans.


  • Monitors Experian Credit Report
  • $10,000 Identity Theft Insurance
  • Email Alerts
  • Fraud Resolution Support
  • Lost Wallet Help
  • Regular Price: Free for AAA Members (Though Restrictions May Apply)


In addition to the Essential Plan services, you’ll also receive the following. It should be noted the fine print states that if you pay the annual cost on the Deluxe plan, you’ll receive 2 months free.

  • Credit Monitoring from All 3 Bureaus
  • $1 Million in Identity Theft Insurance
  • Internet Scanning
  • Change of Address Notification
  • Child Secure
  • Regular Price: $8.95/mo
Member Services

AAA Identity Protection Member Support

The AAA website does not specify whether they offer 24/7 assistance, but neither do they list hours or time zones for their numbers. To sign up with AAA, there’s the following number or you can log into your AAA account. You at least need to have the basic AAA membership for either of the plans.

General Support: 1-877-440-6943

More Info

AAA Identity Theft Protection Information

AAA used to use CreditCheck Select instead of Experian, and it should noted that you can still log into your account online if you originally bought with CreditCheck. There are few consumer reviews about the specific services listed here, however AAA has been servicing drivers since 1902. Their name is synonymous with help during emergencies.

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    Alan O.'s review of AAA Identity Theft Protection

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    Its is good in VA.

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    R. Broadnax's review of AAA Identity Theft Protection

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    After locking all my reports, I recently signed up for this monitoring service. I received an alert and have been trying to access my account for six days via website and phone. NEITHER IS WORKING. I HAVE BEEN ON HOLD TODAY FOR OVER AN HOUR listening to a recording suggesting i log in to my account online! @#$%!$@

    Clearly they are having serious systems/communications problems now in light of all the Equifax hack issues. However, Customers should be able to access our accounts. after receiving alerts from them. Otherwise what’s the point in having their service.

    i will deginitely be cancelling this.

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