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5LINX ID Guard Review

5LINX Enterprises is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers their own form of identity protection known as 5LINX ID Guard. Based in NY state, they have basic protection against identity theft and fraud across the internet. Their philosophy is to make your home computer and network safe as a basis for protecting you from threats, and they provide personal support should one of their members fall prey to a hacker or thief of any kind.

What We Like 5Linx ID Guard review positives

5LINX uses a product called BitDefender which is a software that defends standard home computers. People often don’t realize just how vulnerable they leave themselves when they sign into a computer, so this is a great features. Dangers lurk behind the ether cables at every turn, and the basic home consumer has no idea what goes on behind closed doors. This is often the source of trouble, so we appreciate their proactive approach here along with the custom alerts based on activity regarding your information.

They also offer trained restoration specialists to help you take care of the messy details should you become a victim, and we definitely think that can be a lifesaver for those who aren’t familiar with the process of restoring their reputation both in the physical and virtual worlds.

What We Don’t Like 5Linx ID Guard review negatives

As you might expect, this MLM has a membership and you can only access their protection if you’re a current member. They also ask you to pay a $20 application fee, which seems exorbitant given you can get plans with about the same coverage for less money a month and with no application fee. Their program also doesn’t include credit monitoring, which is considered by many to be the best way to detect identity theft at an early level.

The company has also established a reputation for being pushy and omitting anything about the plans that could be construed as negative, which is a standard trademark of those who depend on membership sign-ups in order to meet their monthly goals in MLM companies. You also can’t sign up unless you know a rep of 5LINX, which means you’ll need to find a good one before you do anything else.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve already found a salesperson that you trust at 5LINX Enterprise and are thinking of expanding your services, then this might be a good plan for you to consider. Their home computer policy is definitely a plus, which gives some credence to their foresight and vision as a company. They also take into account how much turmoil the average person goes through after the suffer a security breach. However, there are other options out there that are better for the price, and do not come with an application fee. Plus, your opinion of the company will be heavily influenced by the rep you buy your services from.

How It Works

How 5LINX ID Guard Works

5LINX ID Guard breaks down their protection into three categories, with different services attached to provide total coverage.

Detection: The company provides ID monitoring which searches data points across thousands of sites. By employing different ways of data gathering, they can crawl through legal and illegal chatrooms and forums and then issue alerts based on the findings. They also provide change of address and social security monitoring so if your number turns up with incongruent information attached, you can take the proper action.

Protection: BitDefender Internet Security Plus is the software used to keep your home computer safe from viruses, spam and hackers (without slowing down the rest of your online activity.) You get parental controls and firewall protection with this system, and blocks anything you don’t want on your computer across all processes. They correctly point out that many viruses go undetected until your computer system is at its most vulnerable (say on an insecure network) before attacking.

Restoration: 5LINX ID Guard provides up to $1 million to those who fall victim to identity theft and need help reimbursing their costs. Possible approved costs include lost wages, travel costs, attorney fee costs and document replacement fees. They also offer personal support as well from trained staff. With identity theft often taking hundreds of hours to resolve over months, they also assign a case expert to you so you can receive more than just a packet of information about who to call and what to do. They’ll perform follow-up tasks when necessary and send out alerts to companies and organizations affected by the theft. They also offer 24/7 lost wallet help for when you need to cancel or replace the sensitive information in your wallet. They can cover ID cards, passports, all debit and credit cards and traveler’s checks.

Plans & Pricing

5LINX ID Guard Plans & Pricing

While you can’t actually access their plans unless you’re referred by one of their independent distributors, the company does list their prices for customers to see. They offer one plan with the following benefits

5LINX ID Guard

  • Social Security Monitoring
  • Change of Address Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring (Including Illegal Pages)
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Malware Software
  • Spam and Parental Controls
  • Firewall Protection and Virus Detection
  • 24/7 Lost Wallet Support
  • Personal Fraud Recovery Assistance
  • Up to $1m in Reimbursement
  • Monthly Plan Price: $34.95 then $14.95/mo + $20 application fee*
Member Services

5LINX ID Guard Member Support

There is no contact information for the company given, and you would need to input a representative ID number before you were able to view anything else besides what’s listed on the general website.

More Info

5LINX ID Guard Additional Information

5LINX Enterprises started in 2001, and they identify as a company dedicated to improving their customers’ lives through an array of services and products. Named one of the fastest-growing companies in the US for many years by Inc magazine, the company continues to show an aptitude of providing people with independent sales positions who can then supply customers with goods and services they want at a price they can live with. They’ve also been named in the top 100 largest direct sales companies.

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