Protecting Yourself is Important,
Deciding How Is The First Step.

Reviews of security providers to help you make the best decision on how to protect yourself and your family from today’s threats

  1. Identity Guard®

    • Excellent Protection & Monitoring Services
    • Valuable Additional Offerings
    • Competitive $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
    Latest Customer Review

    I have been with Identity Guard for several years and have been safe. I also like the ease of checking my credit score and the notices regarding new accounts as well as the monthly report

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  2. LifeLock

    • Our #1 Provider of Identity Theft Protection
    • Advanced Detection, Alert†, & Restoration
    • Up To 30% Off - Terms Apply
    Latest Customer Review

    Got a message on the 11th that my docusign account had been used on the 12th. How could you know on the 11th that my account was entered on the 12th. Tried off and on on the 11th to reach your customer service on the phone I never got to speak to a person but…..

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  3. IDShield

    • Elite Level Monitoring & Protection
    • $5 Million ID Theft Insurance
    • Part of LegalShield & Kroll, A+ BBB
    Latest Customer Review

    I had life lock since 2012 and it was excellent, then my wife go ID Shield through her job and put in as her spouse for ID protection, and everything went south my FICO scores went down as never happened to me in the past, their customer service sucks, they don’t give a monthly clear…..

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  4. Experian IdentityWorks℠

    • Great Detection, Alerts, and Resolution
    • Trusted Service Provided by Experian
    • BBB Accredited with an A+ Grade
  5. Credit Sesame

    • Great Credit Monitoring & Protection
    • Additional Monitoring Only Available With Highest Price Plan
    • Good Free Protection Option
  6. IdentityForce

    • Great Protection & Technology
    • Prompt Identity Threat Alerts
    • Excellent BBB Record
    Latest Customer Review

    Tried IdentityForce next after a poor experience with another provider. All seemed fine at first but found it impossible to contact IdentityForce over the phone and no response to requested call backs to ask about alerts, with 1 very important one being time sensitive with an unauthorized loan opened. I was not able to explore…..

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  7. Sam’s Club Identity Protection

    • Protection Provided by LifeLock
    • Great Prices for Current Sam's Club Members
    • Best-in-Class Protection & Recovery Services
  8. AAA Identity Theft Protection

    • Protection Provided Through Experian
    • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
    • Basic Plan Free with AAA Membership
    Latest Customer Review

    Its is good in VA.

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  9. IdentityIQ

    • Wide Variety of Plans and Pricing
    • B BBB Rating and Not Accredited
    • $25,000 - $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance
    Latest Customer Review

    The $1 sounds good but “DON’T FALL FOR THE FREE LUNCH” There is always a string attached…. I signed up with company in around end of August for the $1 and checked it out , when you call to cancel or pause in which I WAS going to resign up early 2020 , but instead…..

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  10. CSID

    • Trusted by MasterCard & Costco
    • Great for B2B Applications
    • A+ BBB Rating
  11. EZShield

    • Check Fraud Protection
    • Great & Affordable Pricing Options
    • A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau
    Latest Customer Review

    Buying the protection was simple. But there is absolutely no explanation about how it works and what is really covered.

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  12. Civic Identity Protection

    • Free Basic Protection - Tiered Plans Available
    • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
    • Detection Limited to Credit Inquiry Alerts
    Latest Customer Review

    I use Civic at a personnal usage since 6 month and I am looking to see what is coming in the next few month. Civic look like it will be the next big thing.

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  13. ID Watchdog

    • A+ BBB Rating and Accredited Since 2005
    • Broad Scanning Capabilities
    • Good Add-on Services
    Latest Customer Review

    ID Watchdog has been a great benefit for my husband and children offered through my employer. Every time I have a question about my account or alert and have called the 24/7 call center, I reach someone who is helpful and can resolve my issue promptly. Pricing is lower than listed here and they have…..

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  14. SafeIDLock

    • Well Priced Protection Plans
    • 24/7 Credit Report and Score Access
    • Scans Over 700 Billion Data Elements
  15. AARP Identity Protection

    • Protection Provided by TrustedID
    • Lessons Chance of Hospital or Health Insurance Fraud
    • A+ BBB & $1 Million Insurance
    Latest Customer Review

    very good info, i am shopping for all inclusive id theft protection

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  16. IdentitySecure

    • Good Overall Protection
    • Limited and Expensive Pricing Options
    • $1 Million Fraud Insurance
  17. Guardwell ID

    • A+ Grade with Better Business Bureau
    • 24/7 Fraud Specialists and Coverage For Whole Family
    • No Recovery Guarantee
  18. Identity Safety Services

    • Great Member Portal and Identity Risk Score
    • Does Not Provide Thorough Credit / Financial Monitoring
    • Low $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance Coverage
  19. Safe Identity

    • New Benefits Employer Offer Only
    • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
    • Free Legal Council
  20. AllClear ID

    • A- Better Business Bureau Rating
    • Claim 100% Success in Identity Restoration
    • Patented Technology in The AllClear Network
  21. PrivacyMaxx

    • Proactive Detection & Monitoring
    • No Bank Account Monitoring
    • A+ Better Business Bureau Grade
    Latest Customer Review

    Trustworthy and professional company, with stellar customer service!! Lori explained everything to me in a way that was easy to understand, and left me with a feeling of security and comfort i didnt have before!! The pricing is reasonable and the services provided are well worth it!! It was very pleasant experience!! High resolution quality!!

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  22. Geico Identity Protection

    • Anti-Spyware and Anti-Phishing Protection
    • Medical Identity Protection
    • Low $500 Emergency Cash Guarantee
    Latest Customer Review

    Billing scam. Today I was contacted by my bank of fraud charges. They questioned and stopped a charge coming from this policy. I have Geico for auto and home but have never taken out a I’D protection policy. When I look at my Geico homepage it says I have auto and home but not one…..

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  23. ID Commander

    • Good Overall Protection & Recovery
    • Only Offered as Employee Benefit Program
    • Includes Anti-virus Software
  24. Merchants Information Solutions

    • Business Identity Theft Protection and Consumer Protection
    • Credit, Internet, and Child Monitoring
    • A+ BBB Grade and up to $1 Million Guarantee
  25. Frontier Secure

    • A La Carte Products and Bundling Options
    • $9.99/mo Individual and $19.99/mo Family Plans
    • No Identity Theft Insurance
    Latest Customer Review

    I have been paying for ALL of Frontier’s … Frontier Secure Products for 9 years. It has been a battle every time I needed to use any of the services that I pay for. I have spent hours on the phone getting passed from one department to the next so many times I can;t count……

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  26. ID TheftSmart

    • Comprehensive Identity Restoration Service
    • 100% Satisfaction 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Credit Monitoring and Restoration
    Latest Customer Review

    This is owned by Knoll. Knoll is used by other ID theft companies. This is the engine behind other products. So this is like cutting out the middleman. I did a lot of research before I picked this program. I feel like I went with the best at a very good price.

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  27. GenGold

    • Included with Generation Gold Membership
    • Membership Includes Family Members at No Additional Cost
    • Limited Protection and Recovery Assistance
  28. TrustedID

    • Great For Families & Businesses
    • Inconsistent Customer Feedback
    • $1 Million ID Theft Insurance
    Latest Customer Review

    I have never had customer service like this. I received a text saying there was an alert on my account and that I had to call the number 1-888-548-7878 (“TrustedID detected activity needing your attention”). I called the number and was on hold for 8 minutes. I explained what happened and she said they had…..

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  29. Safe ID Trust

    • Limited and Pricey Protection Options
    • Great Identity Recovery Services
    • Reseller Options Available
  30. ScoreSense

    • Quality Credit Monitoring, Instant Scores
    • Very High Priced Compared to Competition
    • Too Many Complaints
  31. CORE ID

    • Certified Recovery Experts
    • Does Not Offer Credit Monitoring
    • A+ BBB Grade
  32. Costco Complete ID

    • Protection Provided by CSID
    • One Plan Option Available
    • Price Varies Based on Costco Membership Type
    Latest Customer Review

    I just signed on and get an error message when going to a screen. I called and the guy was unfamiliar with that screen or what I was seeing. That is just bad right out of the gate. I will probably pay more for someone else’s and cancel this.

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  33. Zander ID Protection

    • Trusted Insurance Agency
    • ID Protection Provided by ID Experts
    • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
    Latest Customer Review

    Zander has a great ID theft protection program that makes me feel more secure. Just like the review states, Zander can’t guarantee that you won’t become a victim… but who can? Even credit monitoring cannot stop it from happening. Where I get comfort is knowing that, if I do become a victim, they spring into…..

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    • Protection Provided by Equifax Credit Bureau
    • Websites Provides Helpful Information
    • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
  35. EverSafe

    • Identity Protection for Seniors
    • Good for Families to Help with Monitoring
    • No Insurance for Out-of-Pocket Costs
    Latest Customer Review

    I got Eversafe after the breach after researching all of the companies out there. It’s great.They monitor more than just credit reports (bank accounts and credit cards) and they do much more than look at financial activity. Also, they have special protection for the elderly but its good for people of all ages.

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  36. IdentityProtect

    • Protection Includes Dark Web Monitoring
    • $10,000 - $1MM Identity Theft Insurance
    • Password Encryption
  37. InfoArmor

    • A+ Better Business Bureau Rating
    • $14.95 Per Month For Individuals
    • $25,000 Identity Protection Insurance
    Latest Customer Review

    I have had account with them for years; the problem was I purchased the family plan and listed both of my children ONLY THEY REFUSED TO DO CREDIT MONITORING OF ONE CHILD. While they were out of state doing schooling, but permanent address was mine. Plus the whole 2017 EQUIFAX debacle I should have been…..

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  38. Equifax

    • Strong Credit Monitoring & Alerts
    • Lacks Features Other Providers Include
    • $1 Million Recovery Guarantee
    Latest Customer Review

    After seeing the adverts to check your credit score through Clearscore, I opened an account with them where they take all their information from Equifax. The information Equifax give to Clearscore to issue a score is so outdated and incorrect. They are a dangerous company when it affects your personal finances. Trying to contact them…..

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  39. Intelius

    • $1 Million Insurance
    • A+ BBB Rating
    • Overpriced
    Latest Customer Review

    I did not get many information that I couldnt have found myself online. I wanted information on myself. Divorce paper information. I should have just gone to the court house. I ended up paying for a membership I did not want and got nothing but old addresses and phone numbers

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  40. CyberScout (IDT911)

    • B2B Identity Theft Protection Solution
    • Not Available To Individuals
    • No Identity Theft Protection Guarantee/Insurance
  41. KeepMyID

    • Dedicated Lawyer Assignment at Time of Enrollment
    • No Credit Monitoring and Limited Protection
    • Not Currently Accepting New Members
    Latest Customer Review

    I never had any issues with KeepMyID.Org. They were very helpful and I had full information. Right now I have ID Watchdog, (since it was offered by my employer) now that I’ve switched jobs…I’m going back to Its cheaper and I had better customer service.

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  42. Eliminate ID Theft

    • Unlimited 3-Bureau Credit Report Access
    • Unlimited 3-Bureau Credit Score Access
    • Limited Detection Ability
    Latest Customer Review

    Worst customer service ever! No response from their customer service email for weeks and finally after getting in touch with them, they keep passing me off to someone else who cannot help me. No one over there gives a crap about you or anything you need help with.

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  43. Quizzle

    • Monthly Credit Reports & Scores + Some Protection
    • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
    • Good For Credit Score Focused Customers
  44. Identity Truth

    • Protection Provided by CSID
    • Confusing Website Experience with Limited Information
    • No Longer Accepting Direct Enrollments
  45. Privacy Patrol

    • Premium ID Theft Monitoring and Early Warning System
    • Limited Additional Services
    • $25,000 Fraud Expense Reimbursement Insurance
    Latest Customer Review

    Privacy Patrol has been nothing short of fantastic for my family and me including my friends. As customers, we were pleased with the service and pleased with the agent whom assisted us. I was offered ID theft protection for only $29.85 for my entire family including my children and husband. I was also entitled to…..

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  46. Discover ID Protection

    • Free With Discover Card Membership
    • Protection Limited to Credit Monitoring Only
    • Theft Insurance is on Industry Low End
    Latest Customer Review

    It isn’t free. I’m getting charged $12.99/month for it. How do I cancel it?

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  47. PrivacyGuard

    • Credit Monitoring and Tracking with Alerts
    • $1 Million in Identity Theft Insurance
    • Lacking in Protection Category
  48. My IQ Report

    • Protection Provided by IdentityIQ
    • Helpful Credit Report Simulator Tool
    • Service Emphasizes B2B Identity Protection
  49. Identity Lookout

    • White Labeled Protection Through ProtectMyID
    • Limited Information Related to Identity Lookout Directly
    • Recommend Subscribing Directly Through Provider
  50. ID Worldwide

    • Protection for up to 10 Children
    • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
    • High Prices Compared to Competition
  51. iSekurity

    • Full Credit Report & Score Monitoring
    • 100% Resolution Guarantee
    • No Identity Theft Insurance Available for Cost Coverage
  52. NationalCreditReport

    • Primarily Credit Reports & Scores
    • Very Expensive Service
    • Limited Recovery Services
  53. Mint Bills Credit Guard

    • Owned by Intuit Inc., Protection Provided by IdentityIQ
    • Complete In-App Services
    • Credit Monitoring and Alerts Only, No Additional Protection

    • Very Affordable Plans from Free - $1/mo
    • Solely Focused on Credit Reports and Alerts
    • Limited to No Recovery Support or ID Theft Insurance
  55. Solus

    • Comprehensive Protection
    • A+ BBB Rating
    • Legal & Emotional Care Offered as Part of Service
  56. Wells Fargo ID Protection

    • Credit Monitoring Only
    • Quality Credit Assist and Recommendation Engine
    • Limited Member Support & Assistance
    Latest Customer Review

    Impossible to reach by phone. You can call them at the primary number used for sales and issues, hit the correct buttons, put on hold, only to hear that they are closed–in the middle of the day! Another black eye for Wells, as usual selling products with renewable fees for a min-existent service.

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  57. IdentityHawk

    • Not Currently Enrolling New Members
    • Not BBB Accredited or Graded
    • Claimed $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
  58. 5LINX ID Guard

    • Minimal Protection, Does Not Monitor Credit Reports
    • A+ BBB Grade for 5LINX Enterprises
    • Pricey Services with Application Fee
  59. IDAvenger

    • Monitoring / Detection Limited to Dark Web Scanning
    • No Credit Score/Report Activity Monitoring
    • High Priced for what is Offered
  60. IdentitySweep

    • Monitoring Limited to Dark Web
    • Dedicated Recovery Butler as Licensed Investigator
    • Insurance Covers Lost Wages but Not Expenses
  61. MyLife

    • Limited Identity Identity Protection Capabilities
    • Good For Online Reputation Management / Insights
    • High Volume of Complaints
    Latest Customer Review

    deceptive and does not deliver advertised services.

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  62. Capital One ID Protection

    • Does Not Provide Active Identity Protection
    • Limited to Account Activity Alerts
    • Focus on Providing Customer Useful ID Safety Information
  63. ID Theft Assist

    • Partnership with Trans Union
    • Member Support Seems Non-existent
    • Current Enrollment Not Available
  64. My Privacy Matters

    • Subscription Not Currently Available
    • Extensive Resource Center
    • Not Accredited with BBB
    Latest Customer Review

    My Privacy Matters is a service that I got for signing up through eliminate ID theft. The main reason I signed up for the service is to pull my credit report and that was not working. I have contacted their customer service over 6 times and only received a response that they would get back…..

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  65. AT&T Identity Protection

    • Identity Protection Services Currently Suspended
    • Used to Provide ID Protection Through CSID
    • Currently Focused on Increasing Customer Awareness
  66. ID Watch Guard

    • Not Currently Accepting New Members
    • Pricing Information Unavailable
    • Customer Service Number Not Being Answered - Move Along
  67. BBT Identity Protection

    • Do Not Offer Active Identity Protection
    • Identity Protection Limited to Advice & Resources
    • Requires DIY Identity Protection - Not Recommended