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Privacy Patrol Identity Theft Protection 2023 Review

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My Privacy Patrol offers identity theft protection for individuals, families, organizations and groups. Privacy Patrol is not primarily a ‘credit’ monitoring service. Insead, their Premium ID Theft Monitoring and Early Warning System scans hundreds of online data sources at various intervals throughout the day/month looking for early signs of identity fraud from billions of records inside your identity profile.

If a member falls victim to identity theft, Privacy Patrol offers an insurance protection policy to cover up to $25,000 of expenses lost during the process. In addition, they offer an array of other identity theft prevention and response products like online reputation monitoring, lost wallet services and junk mail reduction services.

What We Like

We like the Premium ID Theft Monitoring and Early Warning System, which is Privacy Patrol’s proprietary system that scans the web at random daily, weekly and monthly intervals for a specific set of identity theft indicators and alerts members of possible fraudulent activity.

We also like that their recovery and restoration service either assists victims of identity theft to handle the resolution process themselves (eliminating the need for extra expenses like attorney fees) or they will completely take over and handle it for them with a limited power of attorney.

What We Don’t Like

According to the Terms and Conditions, it could take up to 4 weeks for the time a member agrees to terms for services to become fully activated.

Members do not have access to their credit scores or reports throughout the year, which most of the other identity protection agencies offer. Privacy Patrol only offers a “Free Credit Reports Reminder Service” where they remind members to get their free annual credit report from the credit bureaus.

In addition, they only offer fraud alert and credit security freeze assistance to help members place a free fraud alert or freeze on their credit report files if their identity is suspected of being compromised…but they won’t necessarily do it for them.

The Bottom Line

Privacy Patrol offers a comprehensive suite of identity theft monitoring and restoration services. They don’t offer much in the area of credit monitoring going but they do seem to provide solid Internet monitoring through their unique Premium ID Theft Monitoring and Early Warning System service.

Founded in 2012, Privacy Patrol is one of the newer players on the scene. This could be good and bad. The good is that they will have the latest, up-to-date technology for scanning online data offering early detection and warning signs of potential identity fraud in progress. The bad is that they are so new that their experience with the details and customer service might be lacking.

How Privacy Patrol Works

Privacy Patrol proactively monitors thousands of public and private data sources on the Internet for your personal information and will alert you of any possible security threat. The Internet monitoring program will look to black market sites where sensitive information is often sold and traded and alert you if there is activity using your bank account numbers, SSN number, driver’s license number, phone number, email address, etc.

Privacy Patrol also offers a fully managed identity theft restoration program, fraud reimbursement insurance for up to $25K, lost wallet service to help identify lost cards and get them canceled or replaced and junk mail list removal.

Privacy Patrol Services

Identity Restoration

Should a member become a victim of identity theft, Privacy Patrol aids in the recovery process by assisting members to correct identity theft problems themselves removing the need for an attorney, or they will assume the recovery process on the member’s behalf minimizing the time and hassle involved. Privacy Patrol uses PrivacyMaxx Protection Services.

Privacy Patrol also offers educational recovery assistance materials in the form of an ID Theft Recovery Kit, which includes a pre-written correspondence to send to creditors, a step-by-step manual to guide in avoiding future identity complications, and a toll-free victim assistance number where trained experts will offer support in information collection, creation and maintenance of case file and support in notifying credit bureaus, banks, merchants and creditors of identity theft.

The steps Privacy Patrol will take when your identity is stolen: