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PrivacyMaxx Identity Theft Protection 2023 Review

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PrivacyMaxx uses advanced pattern detection across a variety of platforms to determine when and where a thief may have obtained a customer’s data before they have a chance to cause trouble. They look for the most common indicators of a breach, such as address discrepancies, and then send an alert immediately. PrivacyMaxx offers total family protection in both of their plans.

What We Like

PrivacyMaxx seems to have you covered from a variety of potential threats, depending on whether or not you choose the PrivacyMaxx plan or the PrivacyMaxx Protector plan. The concept of their Early Warning Detection search algorithm shows the proactive nature of the company, and the want to stop criminals before they even have a chance to make it past the first step of their plan. Considering they can pay out up to $1,000,000 depending on your plan, they have every incentive to make the system work for everyone’s advantage. They also allow you the opportunity to turn over your case to the company completely if you are a victim, and any busy person will know the value in this service. PrivacyMaxx Protector plans also include criminal monitoring, so if a thief is committing crimes in your or one of your family member’s name, you’re alerted through their reports. In addition, they

What We Don’t Like

This is not a BBB accredited company, and there aren’t a lot of consumer reviews online. The main complaints seem associated with customer service or the lack thereof, especially in cancelling the service after the 30 day trial. Also, you need to sign up for 6 months if you choose the basic plan. They do not offer Antivirus software in case there’s an attack on your personal computer which is a growing concern from overseas hackers. In terms of credit protection, according to their website, they will only walk you through how to get your free credit report, as opposed to monitoring and sending you the report instead. There’s also virtually no outside information about just how well their Early Warning Detection actually works. The fact that they do have PrivacyMaxx Labs, a division of their company, continuously working on finding the best innovations in monitoring does suggest again that their approach is proactive. Considering how creative hackers can be and the fact that they change their methods as fast as the software can update, it shows that their focus is on the right track. You may see some upgrades to the plans in the coming years as they work out which services they want to offer. They’ve also responded to online customer complaints and taken proper action.

The Bottom Line

This all comes down to whether or not you trust their particular monitoring systems, so you may want to wait to see if there’s more concrete evidence in the future. It does not look like there are enough people using this service to determine one way or the other. However, they are performing a service you likely wouldn’t be able to do on your own, and again, it does seem as though they’re looking ahead in terms of where identity theft might be headed. There is a lot of data out there, and if it continuously sifts through it all the way Privacy Maxx claims, then you do stand a better chance at stopping the problem before it starts.

How PrivacyMaxx Works

There are several main points stressed for their services, alongside a host of other protection methods for everyone in the family.

PrivacyMaxx Plans & Pricing

The PrivacyMaxx comes with a variety of features meant to protect your family before you ever have a chance to be affected by identity theft.


  • ID Early Warning Detection System
  • Credit Security Freeze
  • Reduction in Junk Mail
  • Child Protection Center
  • Online Reputation Search
  • Lost Wallet Service
  • $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance
  • PrivacyMaxx Labs
  • Insurance Reports
  • Fraud Alert Assistance

PrivacyMaxx Protector

The Protector plan offers the same features as the regular plan with several additions.

  • ID Early Warning System Premium
  • Criminal Background Report and Monitoring

PrivacyMaxx Member Support

Members receive access to a support line where they can request assistance or request that PrivacyMaxx perform the many tasks that come after a data breach. They can either walk you through the process, steps and guidelines of what to do and how to best avoid another even occurring in the future, or begin calling credit bureaus, financial institutions, utility vendors and more.

Customer Service Address:
3420 E. Shea Blvd., Suite #200
Phoenix, AZ, 85028

Phone Number: 1-800-854-6147