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Privacy Guard Identity Theft Protection 2023 Review

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Maintain control over your most critical personal information with PrivacyGuard’s comprehensive credit reporting, credit monitoring and identity theft protection service. PrivacyGuard offers assistance and resources necessary to help customers restore their credit and name. Benefits include: Triple-bureau credit report (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax), triple-bureau credit scores. daily credit monitoring, credit simulator, identity fraud support service.

What We Like

PrivacyGuard has solid credit monitoring from all three reporting agencies and offers a credit score tracking tool called Score Tracker, which sends alerts to members if there are dramatic changes on their credit reports (like a drop in credit score).

We also like the tools – credit score simulator and financial calculator suite – PrivacyGuard offers that show how making a few changes in payment habits can help credit standings.

The $1,000,000 identity theft coverage helps ease the stresses that come with potentially detrimental financial burdens. This insurance covers financial obligations that happen from loss of identity and assists in coverage of expenses associated with restoring members’ ID. Keep in mind though, this liability is limited by federal law. See PrivacyGuard’s website for complete details.

What We Don’t Like

There are scores of customer complaints filed with Consumer Affairs.

While the monitoring service is stellar, the protection plan itself is lacking. Their main form of protection is credit monitoring so customers are alerted of potential risks, but it’s up to the customer to resolve those risks thereafter. PrivacyGuard does offer assistance along the way, but it’s ultimately up to the member to take care of their identity theft.

Their website is redundant, and it’s hard to figure out what exactly is included in the PrivacyGuard plan and what is extra.

The Bottom Line

This is a solid credit-monitoring service that includes data and reports from the three credit bureaus. Credit scores are calculated through the CreditXpert model and are more thorough than other identity theft companies that only work with one bureau. If there is threat of fraud on your credit report, the credit score service will scan the web for your SS number and credit card numbers to see if anyone is trying the sell them.

How PrivacyGuard Works

Credit Monitoring: PrivacyGuard protects your sensitive personal data from identity thieves with daily credit monitoring by the three major credit reporting agencies 24/7/365.

Credit Report Monitoring: Because the majority of stolen information is used to open new accounts (checking and savings, phones, loans, credit cards, etc.), PrivacyGuard members have access to their updated credit report every month allowing them to be made aware of any new activity (opened account). A notification will be sent to the member if an account is opened and if there is a discrepancy, PrivacyGuard will help with the investigation.

Credit Score Monitoring: Members have complete access to their combined information from the three reporting agencies in an easy-to-read comprehensive credit report. In addition, members get their credit scores averaged from the three major reporting agencies with a description of how to enhance them in the future.

Identity Fraud Support Service: Members receive benefits along with a dedicated FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) trained caseworker that will assist them every step of the way of their identity resolution. These steps include:

Privacy Guard’s Plan & Pricing

PrivacyGuard offers only one identity theft protection plan which is primarily just credit monitoring with identity theft insurance. With just one plan to choose from it removes the customers ability to pick and choose the level of protection they want which we think is a big advantage most other competitors like LifeLock have over PrivacyGuard. Their plan includes:

  • Tripe-Bureau Credit Report (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax)
  • Triple-Bureau Credit Scores
  • Daily Credit Monitoring
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracking
  • Toll-Free Hotline Staffed by Real People
  • Identity Fraud Support Service
  • Identity Theft Coverage

PrivacyGuard Customer Service

PrivacyGuard customer service is available to help subscribers understand their credit and protect their identity. They also have a section on their website dedicated to identity theft education but it is much more a self promoting channel to drive sales of PrivacyGuard than a way to educate users on the topic.

Customer service is available in Spanish, as well.

General Support: 1-800-374-8273
Email: service@privacyguard.com