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IdentityProtect Identity Theft Protection 2023 Review

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IdentityProtect appears to have it all together when it comes to patrolling the internet to find wrong-doers of all kinds. They offer high-level services using advanced technology to keep your money and information from criminals. However, upon further inspection there seems to be some discrepancies in what they say they offer and what they actually offer.

What We Like

Anytime someone mentions the Dark Web, it’s typically a good sign that they understand the real dangers out there. Hackers are continuously finding more and more places to hide online through a heavy abundance of cheap and readily available devices. The claim that they can use encryption for your login and information plus monitoring is a bold one. They’re essentially trying to tackle all of the illegal activity happening across the virtual and physical world, but if they’re effecting it, it can make your risk of being a victim plummet. They also offer one million dollars in assistance on their most expensive plan as opposed to the $25,000 standard rate with the potential to go higher depending on your situation and subscription choice.

What We Don’t Like

The consumer information out there isn’t all that good and even the testimonials on their site are somewhat disjointed and scarce. IdentityProtect also offers services that aren’t clearly defined on their website. There’s also little information in general about the company anywhere. Independent research states that this is a white labeled company, meaning they don’t actually offer these services but rather resell them from other companies with their own branded information stamped on the service. Sometimes this works out well because the company that’s reselling them actually has better customer strategies and organizational structure than the original inventors. In this case, it’s possible that the people who actually created the dark web trolling system are happy to improve upon the existing algorithms — not hire marketers and deal with customer calls. However, white labeling is still new and is still in development, meaning the quality is not guaranteed by any means from company to company. It’s normally a rule that it’s easier to deal with the company that supplies the services directly without a middle person.

The Bottom Line

They do appear to offer some valuable services to stop a problem before it starts, but if something bad does happen, your resolution process might end up being a big hassle. After you’ve been targeted for identity theft, any additional stress can be too much to handle and make you feel like you’re not getting anywhere. It’s our recommendation that you need a company to be consistent and transparent about the services they offer.

How IdentityProtect Works

IdentityProtect has 3 main words on their main page: Guarantee, Defense and Offense. We’ll look at what those mean to the company exactly.


Identity theft sucks a lot of resources away from you, and while you can’t put a price on some of them, you can at least have the opportunity to file with IdentityProtect for most of them. Travel expenses, child care, stolen physical purses or wallets and income lost are just a few of the major costs they’ll cover. Plus, if you choose the one million dollar guarantee, you can likely argue your case pretty easily for additional coverage.


Thieves can and will get through a lot of security barriers, and encryption works in such a way where it’s practically impossible to crack your password. You might be surprised to know just how much theft is done just by people using the wrong password. Using the same algorithm as the government, they set you up properly so you don’t make a mistake when filling in any of your personal and financial information. They don’t make you remember the long string of characters either, they simply fill it in for the sites your on without you’re having to worry about it.


The Dark Web is set up in such a way where you need a personal invitation (typically from a fellow criminal.) Unless you want to devote a lot of time to the matter, there is really no way for you to monitor what’s happening there on your own. Credit card numbers are bought and sold like candy. IdentityProtect has software that infiltrates this community and continuously prowls around to stop people from targeting you specifically from the many types of scams out there.

Additional Services

In addition to these services, they also offer standard help for all the paperwork and steps you’ll have to take should something happen.

IdentityProtect Plans & Pricing

There are 3 plans available so you can choose the right one for you and your family. It should be noted that the prices are broken down per month, but in small print informs you that its billed as an annual fee.


  • Credit Monitoring and Consultation
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Change of Address Monitoring
  • Dark Web Surveillance
  • Loan Matching Concierge Service
  • Recovery Specialists and Help Filing for Missing Documents
  • $10,000 Insurance Coverage
  • Social Security Trace Report


The Protector plan offers the same features with the following additions.

  • Credit Score Tracker and Report from Trans Union
  • Password Encryption


Their most advanced plan offers everything under basic and advantage and the following.

  • Add Your Spouse and Children to Plan for Free
  • Social Media Reputation Monitoring
  • Investment and Checking Account Monitoring and Warnings
  • Reduction of Junk Mail and Email Spam
  • A Simulator from Trans Union (to give you more information about your credit)
  • Court and Criminal One Time Report and Monitoring

IdentityProtect Member Support

Members and prospective members can call the following Customer Service line. There are no hours listed on their main Contact Us Web page, only a promise that you’ll receive highly qualified customer support. However, there are hours listed under their cancellation policy. There is no physical address listed for this company.

Phone: (888) 907-1913

There are no terms and conditions listed for canceling, but they do have the following information for who and when to call.

You can either call the Customer Service phone line listed above or if you’re outside the US, you can call (702) 224-2725 during the following hours (Eastern Time.)

Monday to Friday: 9 AM – 9 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: 1 PM – 6 PM

IdentityProtect Additional Information

There is little more information on their website besides stock photos, and buzz words about their services. Their information is extremely generic without even so much as a single name or an About Us section.