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ID Watchdog Identity Theft Protection 2023 Review

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Find it. Stop it. Fix it. That’s ID Watchdog’s mission in identity theft protection. With their service, subscribers gain identity awareness through ID Watchdog’s continuous monitoring of thousands of personal information databases. Customers will be alerted as soon as new questionable activity occurs allowing fraudulent activity to be detected and handled right away. And, ID Watchdog touts their subscribers will have peace of mind because they will 100% resolve any fraud that occurs.

What We Like

ID Watchdog holds an A+ rating with the BBB and has been a BBB accredited business since 2005. In addition, they have been recognized as a valuable ID theft protection service by the Consumer Federation of America. We like their longevity, good reputation and stellar customer reviews.

Another positive attribute is that ID Watchdog constantly monitors account holders’ information by searching for unauthorized use. Not only are the three credit bureaus being monitored but ID Watchdog provides a more indepth data monitoring service that scans other online databases that would indicate if a member’s information is being sold or traded, if their social security number is being used, if their info comes up in non-credit loan (payday loan) databases, and if they show up in the National Change of Address database.

In addition, they have a user-friendly online personal information dashboard that informs subscribers how their information is being used at all times.

We also like that ID Watchdog can restore damage from a pre-existing identity theft occurrence for an additional cost, and that they offer medical ID theft resolution, which is a service often overlooked by other identity theft protection companies.

What We Don’t Like

The ID Watchdog’s Plus plan, their entry level service, is lacking in our opinion. It’s an effective tool to monitor and protect, but offers limited protection with no reimbursement insurance. While $14.95 is reasonable price for ID theft protection in most cases, this plan offers less coverage than other similarly priced plans. This service falls short in bank account protection, credit card activity monitoring and insurance record protection. In addition, customers can not view their credit reports with this plan.

The Bottom Line

ID Watchdog has a comprehensive identity theft protection program that offers an extensive data monitoring service and theft resolution guarantee. They don’t just check credit reports; they are a full-service identity theft protection agency that monitors and protects by scanning thousands of databases using their patent-pending fraud monitoring technology. They won’t stop until the problem is resolved.

How ID Watchdog Works

ID Watchdog identity protection services include a three-tiered approach — Find it. Stop it. Fix it. The service features comprehensive monitoring, detection and resolution for identity theft. Their proactive approach can detect problems at their source and provides immediate resolution services.

Find it

ID Watchdog performs regular monitoring of thousands of databases and keeps members informed of any changes to their information. Their service searches virtually every record compiled on you – credit records, court records, social security and utility records, internet surveillance, DMV records and real estate records.

Stop it

If any transaction is questionable and there is cause for concern, ID Watchdog will take action to stop it.

Fix it

If a member falls victim to identity theft, the ID Watchdog’s team of Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists work diligently on the customer’s behalf to clear up fraudulent records and restore a person’s identity. The company guarantees results.

ID Watchdog Plans

ID Watchdog has been monitoring credit for 10 years. Here is a quick breakdown of each plan they offer:

ID Watchdog Plus Plan:

  • Secure Personal Information Dashboard
  • Basic Identity Monitoring (limited to one of the three credit bureaus)
  • Advanced Identity Monitoring
  • Cyber Monitoring
  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Full-Service Identity Restoration
  • Credit Report Monitoring
  • NPI Monitoring
  • 24/7 Live Service and Support

ID Watchdog Platinum Plan:

  • Everything included in the Plus Plan
  • Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Tri-Bureau Credit Reports and Scores

Enrolling in the Annual Plus or Platinum Plan will save money.

Additional ID Watchdog Products

Employee Benefits: A voluntary benefits program helps businesses minimize the threat and damage of identity theft to their employees.

Minors’ Services: Active customers in good payment standings may enroll their minor child in the ID Watchdog Plus plan.

ID Theft Insurance: From insurance company subsidies or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. Refer to Terms & Conditions for more information.

ID Snapshot: If previously-existing conditions/threats exist, consumers can enroll in this plan for $99.95 to gain access to ID Watchdog’s identity theft protection services.

ID Rehab: Along with the ID Snapshot service, consumers may purchase rehab services. Prices range from $79.95 to $279.95 depending on the type of service needed and the extent ID Watchdog will need to work on their behalf. See their Terms & Conditions for further information.

ID Watchdog Customer Service

As a subscriber of either ID Watchdog plan, members have access to customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Should a member fall victim to identity theft while under the protection of ID Watchdog, a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist will be assigned to them to work on their behalf in order to resolve fraudulent records and clear the member’s name. This is a 100% guaranteed identity theft resolution promise.

Personal Information Dashboard (Member Portal)

ID Watchdog has set up a secure way for members to have 24/7 access to their important personal information being used by government, financial and other institutions. When logging in, members will find the following information:

If for any reason, a customer is not satisfied with the service, they can discontinue their monitoring membership at any time by calling the customer service department.

General Support: 1-800-970-5182
Member Services: Access Via Secure Personal Information Dashboard

ID Watchdog Information & History

ID Watchdog is headquartered in Denver, CO. and has been in business since 7/01/2005.

Alternate Business Name: Identity Rehab, Identity Rehab Corporation, ID Watchdog

Investor Info

ID Watchdog Inc is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol IDW. Find out more information about IDW investor information here.