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ID Shield Identity Theft Protection 2023 Review

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Expert Review

IDShield is a part of LegalShield which is meant to provide protection against a variety of situations. IDShield covers privacy and security monitoring and offers consultation services through its partner company Kroll Inc. Between the two of them, they take extra precautions so you don’t have to, and provide some of the best technology on the market to make it happen. From family monitoring to restoration, this is an affordable plan for those who want excellent protection. Consistently receiving good to excellent ratings by independent research reports, IDShield has an impressive array of features.

What We Like

IDShield’s website is professionally designed and masterful in communicating their dedication in supplying their customers with the best identity theft protection available. They’ve clearly taken the time to research the many ways that identity theft can touch someone’s life and have a variety of ways to alert you if something goes wrong. For the consumer who also wants to understand more about safe practices and what they’re doing to protect themselves when they sign up with IDShield, their unlimited consultations answer and address the many questions and concerns you may have. Shop online with total confidence or save yourself from a panic if you misplace your wallet when you choose IDShield. LegalShield has been accredited by the BBB since 1995. In addition, this company provides $5 million in coverage should you be a target which definitely separates them for other identity theft services. Customers say they feel reassured by their experiences with customer service.

What We Don’t Like

They’re partnering with Kroll, so you subject yourself to a middle man when you choose this option. You also receive credit reports from TransUnion rather than all 3 bureaus. Considering they all monitor differently, they’re missing out 2 crucial services that may have caught fraud earlier. Their mobile site has been rated as needing work by independent reviewers. The majority of the complaints about them on the BBB are typically about the product or the billing policies. However, the percentage of people who complain is quite small, and IDShield does seem eager to respond to harmful comments about the way they handle their affairs. The negative comments are likely to decrease over time.

The Bottom Line

There are few companies out there who compare with IDShield, and their experience in the field and mission statement is a testament to the type of care you’ll be receiving should something go wrong. LifeLock, the industry leader, might be a good comparison to IDShield based on their features. Whether you’re a conscientious consumer who wants to fully comprehend the many ways criminals might get ahold of your information or you just want to be able to browse online without worrying, this is definitely a plan worth considering based on its price and level of protection.

How IDShield Works

This company has broken it down by three categories, and each comes with a whole host of features and incentives. Their terms are easy to understand, the information is clear and the site is easy to navigate.

IDShield Plans & Pricing

There are 2 plans, depending on whether you want individual or family protection that include:

  • Consultation Advice
  • Privacy Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • $5 Million Insurance Policy
  • 24/7 Restoration Assistance
  • Private Investigators During Business Hours
  • Alert Notifications for Suspicious Activity
  • Collaboration Between All Necessary Parties
  • Monitors Both Legal and Illegal Websites for Your Info
  • Offline Surveillance for Court Records, Phone and Medical ID Numbers
  • Regular Price: $9.95/mo (for Individual)

The family plan features the following additions to the above.

  • Minor Identity Protection
  • Covers Spouse and Up to 8 Minor Children
  • Regular Price: $19.95/mo (for Families)

IDShield Member Support

There is no mailing address or hours listed, but there is a general customer support number.

General Support: 1-888-494-8519

IDShield History & Additional Information

The story of founder Harland Stonecipher is proudly displayed on both LegalShield and IDShield’s company pages. The company started because he was involved in an accident that wasn’t his fault, and ended up losing his savings having to get lawyers involved. Frustrated with this idea that justice was only available to the rich, he started IDShield to ensure no one else ever had the same problems. IDShield states you can get the same services LifeLock offers for up to 67 percent less on their site. Their site and reviews indicate they’ve found a way to offer something of true value to their customers, and in 2015 they were recognized as one of the leaders of their field by Javelin Strategy & Research in the direct to consumer market.