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Eliminate ID Theft Identity Theft Protection 2023 Review

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Eliminate ID Theft provides a bundle of identity theft protection services designed to actively protect your good name and credit by offering triple credit report, triple monitoring and triple credit scores along with identity and credit restoration support. This service has been sold primarily through banking institutions and financial service companies in the past but is now offered to consumers and employers and is owned and operated by Murdock Capital, LLC.

What We Like

Members get unlimited access to 3-bureau credit reports in one consolidated report and unlimited access to 3-bureau credit scores. Unlimited access is a huge plus as many other companies do not offer this convenience.

We like that they offer a DIY approach to identity restoration along with a full-service approach at no additional charge. This allows members to decide to what extent they feel comfortable with Eliminate ID Theft managing their personal affairs if they fall victim to fraud.

We also like that this service is owned by the solid foundation of Murdock Capital which was established in 1991 and is a respected boutique merchant banking firm that offers financial advisory services.

What We Don’t Like

The public information they provide seems a little vague for our tastes. There is not a list of services per plan so consumers searching for protection might be put off due to the lack of information.

Eliminate ID Theft seems to be missing some of the helpful benefits that other identity theft protection companies are providing. Benefits like lost wallet protection, black market website surveillance, court records scanning, bank account alerts, etc.

They only offer one package (you can include a spouse for $5 more a month). Subscribers get what they get and don’t have the option to upgrade or downgrade. This lack of plan flexibility doesn’t sit well with us.

The Bottom Line

Investing in the safety of your personal information in any way is a plus. Whether you use Eliminate ID Theft or another identity theft protection company is a step in the right direction. While Eliminate ID Theft offers a solid foundation of protection and restoration, there are some features they are missing. Overall, with unlimited access to triple bureau credit reports and scores, you can monitor your credit more easily than with many other companies; however, that’s just your credit. What about your SSN, bank accounts and other personal information that could be circulating black market sites online?

We think Eliminate ID Theft is a solid company with decent pricing for their services. Just be sure of the features you can’t live without and make sure they are included in the plan you choose.

How Eliminate ID Theft Works

Eliminate ID Theft has a comprehensive suite of personal identity protection with monitoring, detection, restoration and coverage.


Members receive credit monitoring and detection services with the Eliminate ID Theft package. This includes daily email alerts to update members on changes that occur in personal credit reports. Alerts include fraudulent activity, new inquiries, new accounts opened, late payments, address changes, public records and other potentially negative information. If someone opens an account in your name, you’ll know. Get weekly activity alerts on changes to credit reports or monthly ‘all clear notifications’.

Also receive unlimited access to 3-bureau credit reports in one consolidated report and unlimited access to 3-bureau credit scores.


Eliminate ID Theft helps members who have become victim of identity theft reclaim their identity and straighten out their financial matters with their protection services. Gain free access to experienced professionals who help navigate the restoration process quickly and effectively. Members will be assigned a specialist who will work on their case assisting in organizing the details, providing education on the entire process and what steps need to be taken, and connecting them with the proper contacts needed to restore identity.

In addition, members can opt for complete restoration services at no additional charge. Along with free counseling, an identity restoration specialist will be assigned to manage the recovery process making it easier on the victim. With a limited power of attorney, they will work on your behalf to contact creditors, submit fraud alerts and fill out necessary paperwork.


Eliminate ID Theft protection services offers up to $25,000 of identity theft expense reimbursement insurance. This insurance could cover expenses like legal fees, lost wages, mailing costs, loan re-application fees, and other expenses. Insurance is underwritten by AIG.

Other services and benefits include Panda Antivirus & Antispyware Software, online guidance resources, MyESafeDepositBox Account, junk mail services and initial and extended fraud alerts.

Eliminate ID Theft Plans & Pricing

Individual Plan

Individual + Spouse Plan

Eliminate ID Theft Customer Service

Eliminate ID Theft customer support is available M-F 8am-8pm EST.

Customer Service:

For information on signup or enrollment, call 1-800-370-9510. To check on status of membership or questions about membership, call 1-866-440-0461