AllClear ID Identity Theft Protection 2023 Review

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The AllClear ID Alert Network provides products and services that help protect people and their personal information from identity theft. With an AllClear Guarantee, customers can be secure in knowing that if their identity is stolen, AllClear ID will fix it – guaranteed. The patented technology offers alerts including Identity Theft Monitoring, Credit Monitoring and ChildScan (a free child identity theft report). Two of the three plans are primarily for businesses to provide to their employees, while a third plan allows anyone to sign up for protection.

What We Like

Anthem chose AllClear ID as their trusted identity theft protection provider after their January 2015 data breach where cyber attackers acquired private information, including names, birth dates, Social Security and health care ID numbers, addresses, income data and employment information of potentially 80 million Americans. We like that AllClear ID provides identity theft protection, identity repair services, and peace of mind to those affected for two years at no charge to them. Sony, Home Depot. P.F. Chang’s, Dairy Queen, Albertson’s and the UPS Store also trusted AllClear ID with their recent data breaches.

They claim a 100% success rate in resolving financial identity theft and we like the free 30-day trial and that AllClear ID affords customers the opportunity to run a demo call allowing them to rehearse for worst-case scenarios. We also like that AllClear ID holds an A- rating with the BBB and has been a BBB accredited business since 2010.

What We Don’t Like

Even though AllClear ID holds an A- rating with the BBB, we are a bit weary of the 44 complaints filed against the business and the six negative reviews.

In addition, AllClear ID’s service seems to simply focus on unusual activity on members’ credit reports in lieu of trolling sites where stolen information is sold. It doesn’t monitor bank account or credit card activity, public records, loan data or criminal records, either. Members are not offered credit scores or credit reports.

Since they primarily seem to cater to businesses, their customers and employees, there is only one plan offered to non-employees and their families who are looking to use their services. Coverage is limited if an individual is not tied to a business.

The Bottom Line

Although the service doesn’t monitor a good majority of a person’s personal information or provide them with credit information, it does monitor financial information, which is the area most commonly targeted for identity fraud. AllClear ID is currently in good standing with the BBB and they offer a $1 million insurance policy and service guarantee so members don’t suffer financially if they become victim to identity theft (even unsubscribed members can benefit from AllClear ID’s services for a one-time fee).

Customers who experience identity theft will be assigned a personal investigator who can be reached at any time and help resolve the situation and ease their fears. AllClear ID is a trusted source for many large corporations in identity theft repair.

How AllClear ID Works

Designed to protect their customers, AllClear ID offers an AllClear Guarantee of 100% theft resolution. This program allows companies to provide their employees and customers with automatic identity theft protection coverage, protection that goes where they go, and identity theft resolution at no cost to them and little cost to the business. In addition, the AllClear ID Pro Plan allows individuals to purchase a plan as shown below.

AllClear ID specializes in building trusting customer relationships. The AllClear Network is a patented technology of secure phone alerts that delivers critical information faster so members can respond immediately to identity theft threats. Another unique feature, Intelligent Activity Reports, allows a company to track, log and deliver detailed information on the damage of a breach.

AllClear ID Plans & Pricing

AllClear ID has been monitoring credit for 11 years. Along the way they have built relationships with business and retailers to protect the businesses customers from fraud. Here is a review and breakdown of each identity protection plan they offer:

AllClear Secure & Guarantee

  • Identity Repair & Restoration
  • Available from participating Businesses

AllClear PLUS

  • Identity Repair & Restoration
  • Identity Theft Monitoring (Fraud Detection, does not include credit monitoring)
  • Fast & Secure Alerts by Phone
  • Receive secure and quick alerts by phone with their exclusive, patented technology if your
  • personal information is threatened
  • Hear detailed information so members can take fast action to protect their identity
  • A secure Voice Key confirms AllClear ID calls are legitimate, not a phone scam or thief
  • Immediate Connection to AllClear Investigator
  • Identity Theft Insurance Coverage of $1 Million
  • ChildScan: Detect & Repair Child ID Theft – Annual Monitoring
  • Available from participating businesses

AllClear PRO

  • Everything included in AllClear PLUS
  • AllClear Credit Monitoring
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • ChildScan: Detect & Repair Child ID Theft – Ongoing Monitoring ($4.95/month extra)
  • Additional AllClear ID Products
  • AllClear ID and Trans Union (one of the three national leading credit bureaus) have
  • partnered to offer ChildScan, a free program that protects children from identity theft.
  • Regular Price: $14.95/mo (with a free 30-day trial) available from participating businesses
  • The ChildScan Report scans databases searching for fraudulent use of a child’s Social Security number and it repairs a child’s identity if fraud is detected. AllClear ID offers a free ChildScan to anyone with a click of a button.

Regular Price: Ongoing monitoring costs $4.95/month with the AllClear Pro Plan.

AllClear ID Customer Service

Rewarded for outstanding customer service several years over, AllClear ID seems to put a heavy emphasis on their customer support program. With identity theft protection and resolution experts available to answer questions, offer reassurance, and explain the protection benefits, professional agents are skilled, calm and well-informed.

If fraud strikes, a member from a team of licensed investigators will be assigned to the member and work directly with them to fix the issues and repair the damage. The website touts that they won’t stop until the customer’s identity is ‘AllClear.’

Customer Service: 1-855-434-8077

AllClear ID History

AllClear ID is headquartered in Austin, TX. and has been in business since 6/01/2004 (originally founded as Debix). In 2012, AllClear ID became the official name of the company.