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Expert Reviews

Vivint Review

Vivint works with customers to provide the home security solutions that work best for them. The Vivint Smart Home Pros installs all alarm systems and makes sure they are properly synced to all devices. They also take the time to confirm all alarm equipment is working correctly. In addition, Vivint technicians will see to it that users feel comfortable with operating the control panel, app and other components. Consumer reviews of Vivint say it all when it comes to the attentive service this company provide.

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What We Like Life Lock review positives

We agree with Vivint reviews written by customers who say they have no idea how they were able to manage without this system before having it installed. The equipment is easy to use from compatible iOS devices such as a smartphone or tablet, and customers can log into their accounts from a computer. What is more, locks and surveillance videos can be checked even away from home not near the CCTV source. We especially like that it’s possible to keep an eye on a home halfway across the world using the Vivint Smart Home app by connecting via WiFi.

The equipment provided by Vivint is phenomenal, and so is the customer service. We like that Smart Home Pros provide thorough guidance from beginning to end during the installation stage. The professionals who install Vivint systems also make sure every customer understands how each part of a system works. Vivint makes household safety a priority.

We also like that this expert Smart Home alarm company has pre-packaged solutions to recommend to first-time home security users. However, they also offer the benefit of a la carte solutions, which is what ensures customers receive the protection they want. In addition, Vivint offers month-to-month payment options instead of long-term contracts, which allows customers to test a system without accruing astronomical cancellation fees.

What We Don’t Like Life Lock review negatives

Most of what we have to say about Vivint is positive, not negative. After all, this Smart Home security provider offers enough protection options to its diverse customer base. Again, they do not necessarily require a long-term contract and consumers can cancel before the start of a new service month. However, this short-term contract signup usually requires that customers pay up front for equipment costs, which usually is about $599. The good news is, financing is usually available and sometimes customers can take advantage of special deals that includes free professional installation.

The Bottom Line

Vivint is our number 1 choice for home security protection. The value they bring in both hardware, monitoring, and support is top notch. If you’re looking for a great home security provider and don’t like the idea of being locked into a long term contract, then Vivint is definitely the choice for you.

How It Works

Vivint Pricing Review

Vivant customizes each plan according to what a customer needs to cover the entire perimeter of their home. They also have home security features and service packages that provide protection inside the house. Three primary packages offer much of what is included in personalized residential alarm service plans, and several add-on subscriptions are also available.

Smart Energy

Quotes for this package vary according to location, but it usually is about $29.00 per month. This solution typically includes the following Vivant equipment:

  • Element Thermostat
  • Kwikset Smart Lock
  • Lamp Module
  • Smart Hub
  • Smart Home App
  • Smart Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Yard Sign and Light

Surveillance (a.k.a. Smart Video)

This Vivint plan includes Smart Lock and alarm equipment for prices averaging about $39.99 per month. Video and security components typically offered in this plan include the following pieces of technology:

  • Ping Camera
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Smart Hub
  • Smart Home App
  • Smart Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Yard Sign and Light

Safety & Security

This Vivint plan usually includes more than a dozen pieces of safety and security equipment. Cost varies according to location but may average about $49.99 per month. Some items offered in this subscription include the following:

  • Smart Hub
  • Smart Home App
  • Smart Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • CO Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Flood, Freeze and Heat Sensor
  • Yard Sign and Light
Plans & Pricing

Vivint Equipment Review

The Vivint home security system usually consists of three main parts if you request them when installing your system. They typically include The SkyControl Panel, 24/7 monitoring and video surveillance. It also includes any other equipment such as door and window sensors or motion sensors.

The SkyControl Panel and App

This is the Vivint control panel where users would arm and disarm the alarm system. The Sky App is used to control this panel from away from home using a mobile device. Both the SkyControl panel and app are also used to set home automation features. For instance, automatic alarm disarming and arming schedules can be set, and so can times for unlocking and locking doors.

Door, Window, Motion and Emergency Sensors

When a sensor is triggered, it tracks activity and motion. This is part of what would activate an alarm and a call to the police if a robber were trying to forcefully enter a home. It also may involve turning on outside lights to make it easier to see who is outside after dark. In addition, some sensors also detect carbon monoxide and smoke in case of a fire. Other sensors detect when flood water levels are rising.

Other Equipment

Additional technology available includes thermostats, locks, doorbells or lights. Further explanation is found in the “Vivint Plans & Pricing” section.

Member Services

Vivint Services Review

The Vivint team of Smart Home Pros stands by their customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They promptly respond to any concerns no matter how seemingly small in order to keep a household safe. Vivant professionals also only provide the unique sets of services and equipment needed and nothing more than that. Current customers who need help can call this number for billing, customer service, and technical support: 800-216-5232. Online support is also available.

24/7 Monitoring

This includes records of every action taken. For instance, it indicates who in a household may have come home and unlocked a front door. It also works in conjunction with optional video monitoring to keep an eye on who is leaving and arriving the premises. The 24/7 monitoring also works with the sensors and provides a way to know when Vivint specialists need to be called. This system also triggers law enforcement notifications when necessary after confirming it is not a false alarm.

Video Surveillance

This shows evidence of all unusual activity on a property. In the unfortunate case of an intrusion, it can provide leads as to who was trying to break into a place. What is more, it can show homeowners who and their families if danger such as a fire or flood is occurring. Surveillance also allows people away from home to check on the house any time they want.

More Info

More Info – Contact Vivant Home Security

Anyone who is ready to secure their home and provide the peace of mind that comes with Vivint Smart Home security equipment can call 855-616-6589.  Customers who want to inquire about available services before signing up can call 833-734-3364.


Vivint Reviews & Testimonials

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Latest Vivint Reviews

  • 1

    Megan's review of Vivint

    1430 people found this review helpful!

    I’m only giving 1 star because I have to give something. Do NOT get Vivint unless you really enjoy self torture. We’ve had massive issues with them over the duration of the contract we signed but most currently I am sitting at our house with our smoke detector going off and Vivint refusing to send a technician out because it ‘looks fine’ on their end. I have 3 animals at home stressed to the max because we can’t get it to stop beeping. The most they have offered is to mail us a different smoke detector that we then install ourselves. We’ve replaced the batteries and called them twice. I truly can imagine what this would be like if we had a baby or children in the house. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. I’m not the type to write a bad review unless it’s something that is egregious and has been consistent. Vivint has been both. Save your money and your sanity and go with someone else. We will be once our contract is up.

  • 3

    BIson W.'s review of Vivint

    1367 people found this review helpful!

    A Vivint salesman showed up at my door on a Friday afternoon. I had been thinking about a security system, so I was willing to hear his pitch. I have been in sales all my life and his pitch was the typical garb. He said he had to make sure I qualified…FIRST FLAG. Everyone qualifies. I had to sign up for a five year monitoring service at $60.00 per month for the equipment I would choose…SECOND FLAG. I had an option to purchase the equipment over five years by taking out a personal loan through Citizens Bank in Utah, where the Vivint HQ is located (more on this later)…THIRD FLAG. I indicated that I wanted to research the company before making the purchase. The salesman applied all the great reasons to sign up and told me I had the standard 3 DAYS to change my mind if I did not like the service and equipment…FORTH FLAG. I said that is ridiculous and he changed it to 30 days to cancel the contract. He said he had a tech that could install the equipment that evening…FIFTH FLAG. I agreed to the installation and the tech arrived around 7PM or so and did not leave until after midnight. Every salesman knows if they do not get the contract before they leave, the chances are less than 50% they will later.

    I broke my first purchasing rule…do your research first! Once I started researching, I found a very large number of less than positive reviews. Every company gets bad reviews, but each negative review seemed to reflect the same issues…equipment failures, salesman not being honest, customer service horrors, etc. Even the better reviews seemed to have negative issues as well…STRIKE ONE. I then researched the equipment. I found some of the exact items such as the door lock, Kwikset Smart Lock 888, and other items that were as good or better that what Vivint was selling. I chose the higher priced items I found for my comparison and discovered that over the five years of sending payments to Citizens Bank, it would cost me almost double the price…STRIKE TWO. The main issue that was very negative to me was that I was taking out a personal loan from Citizens Bank for the equipment. So in two years, my equipment fails and Vivint does not feel obligated to replace it, I am still responsible for the payments. I contacted Citizens Bank and they were not very knowable as to the situation. They did indicate that there is no interest on the loan and not even fees that they charge Vivint. I never heard of a back that would process hundreds of loans with no interest and no fees…STRIKE THREE.
    Once my salesman called me about these issues, he only went over his sales pitch and really did not address any of my concerns. He then said he would later contact me to talk about my trepidations. One week later, no call or even an email. Needless to say, I canceled my contract and had the equipment removed. The tech did a nice job of removing the equipment and seemed to understand my issues of cost and reviews.
    To sum it up…double the equipment cost, personal loan that has to be paid regardless if equipment works or not and the monthly monitoring service is very high. I liked all the equipment Vivint installed, but there uninvited. were too many negative issues for me to consider keeping the service. Just do your research before you purchase from this or any other company that shows up at your door

  • 10

    Shaun's review of Vivint

    1511 people found this review helpful!

    Love the Vivint system! I had it installed about 6 months ago and have become very accustomed to how it works and the home automation features.. simple to use and reliable. I love the feature of how it talks to you to tell you whats going on in the house, like doors opening etc.