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Deciding How Is The First Step.

Reviews of security providers to help you make the best decision on how to protect yourself and your family from today’s threats

Home Security Rating System is dedicated to helping consumers make the right choice when selecting a home security system. Not all homes and needs for a security system are equal so it is up to you, the consumer, to decide on what best fits your situation. ASR is here to help break down each company on all areas that are important to consumers making it easier for you to select the right protection. Our 6 point rating system is designed to evaluate each component of a home security system and rate them from 1 – 10. Scores are then weighted and combined to generate each companies overall rating (“Our Rating”). Companies are then ranked based on their “Our Score” rating where the higher the “Our Score” the higher the ranking. is NOT compensated by any company to guarantee or alter their rating or ranking position. Our proprietary rating system’s are designed to generate objective, unbiased ratings based on the components and quality of each company’s services. In some cases, is compensated by companies reviewed but in no way to impact how ASR rates them.

  • Price: 18%

    The first question most people ask when buying a home security system, or anything for that matter, is “what does it cost?” We know the importance that price plays when making a purchase and have made it a heavily weighted factor in our rating system as a result. “Price” accounts for 18% of a companies overall score making it the 2nd most important factor when ASR scores a home security system.

  • Equipment: 22%

    When it comes to home security, reliability and convenience are king. Customers want a system that is always “on” and one that doesn’t impose or cause inconvenience in their day-to-day lives. Equipment is the cornerstone to achieving each with your home security system. Not only does the equipment determine how well protected your home will be from intrusion, but it also provides the seamless, or not so seamless, integration with your daily life. We’ve weighted this category with 22% of a companies overall score making it the most important service component of a home security system.

  • Services: 12%

    No hassle is a big plus especially when buying an ongoing service or subscription. When it comes to home security, monitoring, installation, support, and consultation go a long way in taking the stress out of a difficult decision. ASR finds the “Services” category an important part but not a deal breaker when considering a home security system and has given it a 12% weight of the overall rating.

  • Contract: 13%

    No one wants to be tied down, but most security companies require a service contract that does exactly that. The terms of the contract determine your obligation as a customer and for how long those obligations are in force and to what extent should you choose to break the contract. Reviewing contracts is not fun, so we’ve done it for you and given it a rating weight of 13% of the overall score.

  • Customer Experience: 15%

    We listen to customers and take their input and feedback very seriously. After all, these are the people who have lived with a security system day in and day out. Customer review scores are weighed into the overall score as a 15% factor making it a mandatory factor for a home security company to receive a high overall score.

  • Expert Review: 20%

    Home security systems are our passion and we’ve been reviewing them for over 10 years. Our “Expert Review” is a culmination of the entire home security system experience and everything in-between which considers all of the factors into one collective rating. This element makes up 20% of a company’s overall rating.

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