Tips for Staying Safe Online While Traveling

All Security Reviews Staff · July 9, 2022

Tips for Staying Safe Online While Traveling

Summer is here, which means it’s time to travel and enjoy vacations. But working or even just surfing the web while traveling often means using public Wi-Fi at hotels, coffee shops, or airports. As a result, travelers become an easy target for hackers to access sensitive information, resulting in an increased risk of fraud and identity theft.

In 2020 alone, about 330 million people across ten countries—including the U.S.—became victims of cybercrime, and 55 million of them were victims of identity theft. These statistics translate to a staggering number of cybercrime victims worldwide. 

In today’s interconnected world, it’s more important than ever to stay vigilant about cyber security. That’s especially true when traveling, as you may be using unfamiliar networks and devices. By following a few simple steps, you can help to ensure that your data remains safe and secure, no matter where you are.

Protection Against Public Wi-Fi

People use public Wi-Fi all the time; at a coffee shop, in a hotel lobby, or while waiting at the airport. However, many security dangers lurk on public Wi-Fi networks. Public Wi-Fi is open to anyone, making them one of the biggest threats to cyber security. Cybercriminals can easily infiltrate and intercept data sent through even a supposedly secured public Wi-Fi network. 

Cybercriminals and hackers can also use public Wi-Fi connections to distribute malware. They can plant viruses and other malicious software onto unsuspecting users’ devices via an unsecured Wi-Fi connection, causing severe damage to your computer and jeopardizing your personal information. 

Luckily there are ways to stay safe on public Wi-Fi. Follow these tips to stay protected while surfing on the go:

Enhance Social Media Security

Who doesn’t love flooding their Instagram feed with enviable travel pictures? Many of us today are in the habit of oversharing on social media. It is awesome to share your experiences online, but doing so may compromise your safety, including both on the web and off.

Here are five critical social media safety tips every traveler needs to know:

Protect Your Devices

When you are traveling, many things can go wrong with your devices. For instance, you can lose your luggage, get robbed, or have your hotel room broken into. Travelers are also vulnerable because they don’t have the backup drive that they might have at home or at the office. 

Here are a few tips to protect your devices when you are on the go: 

Invest in Protection

People spend a significant portion of their lives online today. From communicating through tweets, texts, and emails to shopping, playing games, banking, and planning travel, the internet has become a necessary part of our lives. Unfortunately, the mass adaptation of the internet also led to a surge in the number of hackers, cybercriminals, bullies, and troublemakers looking for negligent and vulnerable targets.

Sometimes even with the best security measures, you cannot prevent cyberattacks like unauthorized access to confidential data. So, travelers or not, everyone should invest in a robust digital security suite to prevent these risks and minimize the impact of a breach. 

Norton 360 is one of the best online safety platforms, with a wide range of security features. It offers other tools that can help protect your devices and personal information; these include online threat protection, anti-virus spyware, cloud backup, smart firewall, identity alerts, dark web monitoring, wallet protection, and much more. Invest in Norton 360 for complete protection against digital threats while on the go and at home. 

Staying Safe on the Go

The last thing you may want to do during your fun, relaxing vacation is worry about your cybersecurity. But making a few smart moves ahead of time, and following the tips outlined above, can save you a lot of time, money, stress, and hassle later on. Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, investing in online security can help protect your personal and work data while you’re on the go.

Nothing brings a fun trip to a halt faster than discovering that a cybercriminal has hacked your social media or bank account.  Don’t let cybercrime ruin your run! Get Norton 360 with LifeLock to stay safe online while on the go!

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